The company focuses on development of new products in the VoIP industry, with a number of architecture and functionality of the patent, and the industry first developed in line with the MGCP protocol Gateway (Gateway). The voice for the actual quality of customer needs, ease of use requirements, simple installation and maintenance requirements, the installation of the product line without Gatekeeper or Call Agents can be used.

At the same time the company’s product lines have been successfully interconnected with the Cisco Call Manager to complete the test, access to leading global communications company – U.S. TOLLBRIDGE company selected as strategic partners in Asia, with major equipment vendors interconnect Softswitch.

Our products have more than 12 ISP and thoUnited Statesnds of companies. Overseas distribution network throughout many countries, including the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., to achieve effective service all major ISP / ITSP / CLEC / ILEC, multinational customers, small and medium enterprises, SOHO and personal family the needs of users. Mission to become the market leader in VoIP communications industry brand, committed to providing people in any place and time, can enjoy the lowest rates and multi-functional global network communication services.