Computer Support of San Diego launches High Capacity IP-PBX for the city’s VoIP service

San Diego’s VoIP provider Computer Support recently announced the launch of the IP PBX HiCap500. The new unit allows up to 500 extensions with up to 100 simultaneous voice conversations.

"So far, the only solutions for large customers of VoIP cost tens of thousands of dollars per location," said Tim Doscher of the support team of San Diego. "The support team brings the quality of HiCap500S to San Diego, reliability and savings to customers with larger offices," he continued.

The HiCap500 joins the other models in San Diego’s line of computerized VoIP. The HiCap250 can easily connect up to 250 extensions and 50 simultaneous VoIP calls, while the Lite20 can connect 20 extensions and 10 calls. Except for their different abilities, all three models share a set of features and interface management. The HiCap500 can be used as a direct replacement for customers who have outgrown their smaller PBX systems.

An IP PBX or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a business telephone system designed to carry voice or video over a data network and interoperate with the normal Public Switched Telephone Network. Such IP PBX solutions are an integral part of the innovative mixed architecture in San Diego City, which uses a blend of on-premise and hosted "cloud" high reliability components for enterprise-class call quality through standard Internet connections. Computer Support of San Diego also offers customers multiple options for decisions in the case of a power outage or the Internet.

In line with its corporate mission, the HiCap500 StarBox is packaged in a 1U rackmount chassis. It uses a solid state disk (SSD) for quiet operation, reliable and consumes just about 100 watts of power. The company said the HiCap500 is ready for delivery for anyone interested in acquiring their services.

About Computer Support of San Diego

Computer Support of San Diego specializes in providing unique enterprise-class solutions for small and medium businesses throughout Southern California in the U.S. From simple desktop support to large-scale complex projects, the company’s core team of experienced and certified professionals is always ready to help their clients. The company offers customized solutions for every VoIP environment, ensuring that the communication technology supports the business and works with existing processes. Because it focuses on providing solutions to small businesses, they are very able to offer unprecedented flexibility and pricing.

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