Dialog Semiconductor acquires VoIP technology for VTech desktop phones, the S-Series

Dialog Semiconductor, a provider of highly integrated, innovative semiconductor solutions for power management, audio and energy-efficient wireless communication at close range, announced that chips of the power-saving Green VoIP chip series are now being used by VTech, a world leading provider of cordless and corded telephones.

According to the agreement, VTech VoIP SC14452 and SC14461 processors and Rhea software platforms are found in a series of cordless and corded VoIP phones. First, there are the single-and dual-line telephone systems, the S-series, which is designed for the hotel industry.

In addition to a variety of modern hotel phone systems that have features of the VoIP phones, a S-series of VTech call is multi-functional and can be operated with multiple handsets. They also have a hands-free function, the Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af standard and a USB charging function. In addition, the VTech cordless SIP desktop phones with DECT, CAT-iq and DECT 6.0 technology, will provide a variable range of improved voice quality and ease of installation.

CH Tong, President of VTech Telecommunications Ltd., said: 'Telecommunications is increasingly using IP telephony. With our VoIP telephony products, we want to exceed the expectations of users and offer reliable communication solutions with high voice quality. With the S series phones of VTech, the audio quality and user friendliness are excellent. With the VoIP chips and the software of Dialog Semiconductor, we can achieve excellence now. '

Dr. Jalal, Chief Executive Officer of Dialog, added: "VTech is one particular phone market in the world's leading brands and iis already using digital ICs for DECT phones. Our close collaboration is to expand our business relationship in this second installation of our product line and to the Green VoIP processors in the latest models contributed by VTech. 'The SC14452 of Dialog is an award-winning VoIP IC with integrated DECT support and offers a high degree of flexibility for the diverse needs of users and manufacturers. With its 16-bit CompactRISC processor and two user-programmable DSP processors Gen2 he brings it to a processing performance of 240 MIPS. Due to its lower clock frequency, the circuit achieves the industry's lowest power consumption – it will save each desktop phone full 2W compared to other solutions. Integrated in the 32-kHz wideband audio codec, class-D amplifier and the PAEC echo cancellation (Perfect Acoustic Echo Canceller), which provides excellent audio quality. The SC14461 from the same chip family has all the features of the SC14452, but offers no support and DECT is designed for corded desktop devices.

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