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Skype users are in luck this week. Skype, the popular company that allows voice calls over IP (VoIP) today announced the immediate availability the new edition of Skype 5.8 – A version that comes with major improvements, especially on two fronts. It must be said, first, that the issue is available to users of Windows. So, you should expect a good number of users that will begin testing its benefits immediately.

First, we will try to explain the two improvements Skype made in supporting computers to work with your operating system.

As there are some additional features that will undoubtedly enhance the experience for users who use the VoIP calls to interact professionally with co-workers or even customers away.

One of the most important features, without doubt, is the possibility of videoconferencing in high definition. To do this, we must have a good quality webcam that supports this format, plus a fast Internet connection that can support this amazing feature.

According to the requirements of Skype, the user must have a camera to Full HD broadcast or HD quality and a good connection to Internet that allows a minimum 2 Mbps upstream and downstream.

The same version of Skype for Windows includes the possibility that Facebook users make video calls within the user interface itself, so you do not have to open another Skype window to chat with your Facebook friends, colleagues or family.

To start a video call, simply select the name of each person and click on the option "Video Call". The advantage of this solution is that non-Skype users can even participate in conversations.

As if this were not enough, users can also do screen sharing through group calls, which will become beneficial to users who use this video call service in work-related issues.

In this way they can show their files and other documents to be presented to their peers. Another interesting feature is related to the new "push to talk" that users can enable and disable just like a walkie-talkie.

In any case, you can visit the download section of Skype’s to get Skype and you can check the list of technical services and integrated changes in this new update. You also can make any comment on the Skype support page and you can share your experiences in their comments section.

Many users are saying that the added features has been long overdue.

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