DrayTek achieves a milestone in developing reliable IP network

DrayTek Corp, a network solutions provider located in Taiwan, today announced that the well-known Italian IT magazine PC Professional has made great reviews to the DrayTek Vigor solution IPPBX 3510 through the testing of its scalability and feature-rich IPPBX including its extensive security. Simone Zanardi, IT professional copywriter PC Professional has said that "the solution provided by the design of DrayTek Vigor IPPBX is perfect for extending the functionality of an existing PBX PSTN installed in a small office."

In addition, DrayTek has successfully completed testing in-situ from the combination of centralized management DrayTek VigorACS IF and broadband router DrayTek Vigor, as Vigor2920 series , Vigor2830 ADSL2 + series , Vigor2850 VDSL2 Series routers and DrayTek Vigor Fiber designed to FTTx. Therefore, users of the Vigor routers TR-069 can subscribe to http://acs.draytek.eu hosted by DrayTek GmbH.

Vigor routers provide a fast broadband connectivity for residential users can use the bandwidth for HDTV and IP telephony. Thanks to the rugged and versatile firewall VPN routers DrayTek highly integrated service, business users can achieve greater productivity and safety through the implementation of VDSL2 affordable and / or optical fiber.

IPv6 has been implemented on the platform DrayTek Vigor2130 for home users. The integrated service router Vigor2850 Series VDSL2 for the segment of small businesses will soon be ready for future upgrades to IPv6 (version 3.6.0).

The development has been seen as a major milestone of the operating system DrayTek recognizes, "Dray" is compatible with IPv6, thus follows the industry trend.

"For example, the U.S. government has launched the USGv6 Test Program to count all government agencies in 2012 with IPv6 and DrayTek is ready for that," said the CEO of DrayTek, Calvin Ma

For medium-sized enterprises, the central site VPN gateway DrayTek Vigor 3900 is perfect for multiple VPN connections as well as VPN concentrators. In addition to various balancing / failover WAN, LAN IP different subnets, along with VLAN function and strengthen the management of user access to the CRM / email / FTP / Streaming server, key issues for business operations. The high availability reduces the risk of downtime.

The implementation of IPSec VPN GRE can launch VPN connections in different offices without having to assign multiple subnet addresses. That is, each office VPN tunnels to Vigor3900 can have the same IP address without problems.

The DrayTek VPN router has integrated IP video surveillance care unit for premature babies. The VPN connection provides parents of preemies secure remote access via a Smartphone children's hospital.

DrayTek's broadband IP networks solutions provide a reliable for home users and offices, which use a fast broadband connectivity.

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