DSP Group chips power Gigaset DECT IP phones

Wireless chipset maker, DSP Group, announced today that its XciteR chipset solution designed for converged home communications is powering the base station of the recently launched Gigaset flagship phone SL910 / SL910A as also the DX800A high end IP phone developed and manufactured by a European DECT cordless phone maker, Gigaset Communications.

The XciteR chipset is also being used by Gigaset for its other phone models – DX600A and DL500A as well as for the DECT IP devices C610 IP/ C610A IP.

DSP Group execs say the new chipset is a comprehensive and scalable solution, enabling the quick and cost-efficient development of high-performance, fully featured IP and multi-function phones. The chipset complements the DX800A IP phone targeted for the small/medium business and small office / home office markets.

The DX800A is a flexible, all-in-one multi-line desktop IP phone with DECT and Bluetooth support. Already launched commercially, it delivers outstanding high-definition (HD) sound quality and superb full-duplex, hands-free acoustical echo cancellation (AEC), significantly boosting the user experience.

The XciteR chipset covers all of the processing needs of the Gigaset SL910 and also of the Gigaset DX800A, as well as its DX600A and DL500A derivatives, through a high-performance ARM926 application processor running Linux operating system, and a strong DSP processor.

The DSP Group said in a press statement the comprehensive XciteR hardware/software solution enables high voice quality and clarity, improved acoustical performance, and best-in-class DECT coverage – highly scalable and integrated.

Chief Operating Officer of Gigaset, Martin Streb said, “As a company unwilling to compromise on good quality, Gigaset works with only the leading DECT and VoIP technology vendors. Our collaboration with DSP Group in defining the XciteR chipset is another example of that commitment to high quality. Usage of the company's VoIP chipset solution in our feature-rich DX800A is helping to bring our IP phone offering to a better level. We are leveraging the power and scalability of the XciteR platform to release more VoIP and high-end fixed-line telephones at the top end of our portfolio."

"Gigaset's integration of XciteR for several of its high-end office IP phone models reflects the growing strength and success of our chipset solution in the burgeoning enterprise IP phone market," said Oz Zimerman, Corporate VP of Marketing and Business Development at DSP Group. "The XciteR platform significantly reduces bill of materials, making it the preferred solution for more and more IP and office phone manufacturers worldwide."

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