Emcali announced IPTV service in Colombia

The possibility of IP subscription television in Colombia is almost a reality. Currently, Emcali is testing the technology and the structure packages to be launched. Soon, the company will begin offering the subscription television packages through the IP system. The offer will be 90 channels in standard and high definition.

According to Edwin Lopez Bouzas, telecommunications manager of the company, this will be possible "in a month and a half because in addition to the tests, we are closing negotiations with the companies that provide the programming."

This is one of the actions being conducted by the company to strengthen the telecommunications business and compete in the market with more supply of services.

Bouzas Lopez said the company has made significant investments in existing telecommunications network.

Emcali expected to begin by offering 90 channels and six high definition channels. The customer does not necessarily have to subscribe and have access to all these channels. "The difference between the current subscription TV service and IPTV is that the client will not seek to do between 50 or 100 channels but will access the program that you choose. Pay for what you like, "Lopez said Bouzas. The monthly service payment will be through telephone or internet bill.

What is IP TV?

It is an Internet protocol television subscription. This new product will use the same networks that Emcali currently has to supply broadband services and local telephony.

However, the service is provided independently. This means that if for some reason there is a failure or suspension of internet service or landline for maintenance, the client cannot run IPTV service because although they share networks, platforms are different.

How it works

You need a decoder like device, called STV in this type of technology, whose function is to allow the playback of content to your TV. You do not need a TV to use the latest STV. "It's like connecting a DVD," said Lorena Diana Vivas, an official of the Telecommunications Management in Emcali. You will also have a remote control used to manage content menu the client contracted with the company.

Emcali sells television service in the form of IP packets. That is, the client must necessarily have or acquire another product of telecommunications as local telephone and internet broadband. The company will roll out the service for existing customers with telecommunications services. According to figures from the firm, they have 90,000 subscribers and 450,000 broadband internet users in the municipalities of Cali and Yumbo Jamundi.

Local talent

The company aims to support local talent. "We know there are an important supply of local productions of TV series and movies as well as singers and orchestras up their content to services like YouTube. We want to support them by offering our customers the ability to see or hear what is done in Cali, "said the manager of Telecommunications, Edwin Lopez Bouzas.

"It is a service that will differentiate us from the current subscription TV," added the manager.

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