Emergency call management solution for enterprise IP telephony now globally available

911 Enable, the leading provider of VoIP emergency management, announced today that its revolutionary application Emergency Gateway (EGW) is now available worldwide. This expansion helps companies to provide access to emergency calls for help when needed.

"Companies that use IP-PBXs often find it difficult to ensure that, in times of crisis, accurate location information of the caller is provided to security personnel, as callers could be located within a large campus or at another location complete. And as IP phones offer a high degree of mobility, callers can easily change the location of one moment to the next, which also compromises the reliability of the location information of the caller, "said Lev Deich, director of 911 Enable. "EGW solves this vital safety issue. Ensures that security personnel at the site knows exactly where to send emergency aid, even if the caller is unable to speak, does not know its precise location or is disoriented."

EGW automatically discovers the precise locations of IP phones in the enterprise network, and includes a robust range of security tools desktop notification. When a user performs an emergency call, EGW can route the call to the premises security personnel, sending an alert that includes the exact location of the caller and the callback number. Security personnel can then send help to callers appropriately. The location information may also be used to call the deployment route the call to public emergency services.

UK organizations that deploy EGW can use the Emergency Routing Service (ERS) of 911 Enable in order to deploy emergency calls and detailed location of the caller to emergency networks Public Emergency Control Center. This is to help organizations ensure that their private telephone networks comply with policy guidelines, in addition to complying with the legal obligation to minimize risks to health and safety.

911 Enable has a current certificate of the major IP-PBX vendors, including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, ShoreTel, Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent and Genesys. 911 Enable solutions and its staff acknowledge that emergency calling is one feature that keeps landline users loyal to traditional phones. By providing this service, there’s no reason to keep subscribing to your landline.

About 911 Enable

911 Enable, a division of Connexon Telecom Inc., is the leading industrial emergency solutions for IP-PBXs, and has deployed its solutions in organizations of all sizes around the world. The company provides location management technologies for the main revolutionary IP-PBX current vendors, including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and many more.

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