ESET Launches Mobile Security for Android

ESET announced the launch of ESET Mobile Security for smartphones with Android operating systems. Their solution for smartphones is now available for Android OS computers.

The solution for mobile devices ESET, previously only available for computers running Windows Mobile and Symbian, can now run on Android operating systems and is capable of protecting 70% of smartphone users against known and unknown threats.

According to the latest report from Gartner, sales of smartphones reached the 115 million units in the third quarter of 2011, representing an increase of 42% over the same period in 2010. In addition, 26% of mobile devices around the world purchased smartphones.

For its part, the operating system Android has doubled its market share, with sales growth of 52.5%.

"With this release, ESET Mobile Security protects 70% of smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2011. Smartphone users understand that a good user experience goes hand in hand with the best protection and that is why we think the best solution to protect their computers, "said Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of ESET.

"ESET Mobile Security for Android offers a comprehensive set of security features for users of one of the most popular platforms on the market, including proactive detection of known and unknown threats, spam protection, remote locking and cleaning equipment, as well as the location GPS device and an anti-theft security system, "said Sbampato.

Among the features of ESET Mobile Security for Android can be mentioned:

• Proactive threat detection: warns against suspicious activity on your phone. All applications, files, folders and memory cards are continuously analyzed for emerging threats.

• SMS / MMS Antispam: Allows the user to define reliable contacts through a classification in black and white lists or simply block unknown numbers. An additional layer of security block anonymous calls.

• Call Blocking: Block unwanted calls and outgoing. Particularly suitable tool to keep control of expenses of a team.

• Audit of security with integrated Task Manager: Provides information on all vital functions of the phone, including the battery, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth status and visibility of the device, among other.

• New User Interface: Graphics and visualization tailored to enhance the experience of usability Android operating systems.

• Security system Anti-Theft: Multiple levels of security allow users to maintain perfect control over the information stored on the phone if lost or stolen.

• GPS Location: Locate lost or stolen phone via a remote command.

• Remote Lock: Lock your phone remotely to prevent unauthorized access to data from the device.

• Remote Wipe: Removes all data stored on the phone remotely via a simple SMS command.

• Protection against removal: Protects your smartphone from unauthorized uninstallation of ESET Mobile Security.

• Confidential Contacts: Contact or phone number can receive an SMS alert in case of an unknown SIM card is inserted into the mobile device. The trusted contact can change the password if you forget or necessary.

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