Interoute signed a strategic alliance with Microsoft to offer SIPCOM Lync Server 2010 in Europe

Interoute, owner and operator of the largest cloud services platform in Europe, has signed a strategic alliance with Microsoft to offer SIPCOM Microsoft Lync Server 2010 to companies and organizations throughout Europe. This host Interoute platform unified communications cloud SIPCOM will provide organizations with new ways to connect employees, regardless of physical location.

By resorting to SIPCOM, companies can move their global communications inbound and outbound VoIP through a single interface, without having to face the complexities of combining multiple software architectures or engage in costly migration projects. Furthermore, with the additional capabilities of the new license agreement with Microsoft (Result of the License Mobility Through Software Assurance), organizations can simplify the move to a cloud environment and be hosted free of charge.

At the same time, the sharing of SIPCOM with Interoute hosted environment allows companies to buy Microsoft Lync based on the number of users, which provides flexibility to business and higher returns on investment. With this model, organizations can benefit from the full range of integrated solutions for Interoute, which includes connectivity, communications and computing platform.

"We are pleased to announce our partnership with Interoute," said Daniel Allen, CEO of SIPCOM. "With the scope of our pan-European platform hosting packages we can offer to more organizations than ever before and their experience in the SIP Trunking perfectly complements our range of Lync 2010."

"Microsoft continues to lead the great opportunity that is hosting unified communications. Unified Communications combine the power of Lync 2010 with the best partners and we believe that Interoute systems, through its significant pan-European network and its cloud platform, can provide the best user experience for enterprise customers, "said Andrew Lund, Director B2B Channels, Hosting and Cloud Partners Microsoft EMEA.  "By combining all these elements, Interoute can offer businesses unified communications solutions and Enterprise Voice (enabled by SIPCOM) under the service model."

"There is a real need for business organizations to complete unified communications services that help them meet their changing communications needs," said Matthew Finnie, Interoute's CTO. "By joining with SIPCOM, we are helping organizations across Europe to improve their communications more than ever."

One year ago, Interoute was the first European supplier to qualify its SIP Trunking service to work with Microsoft Lync Server 2010, enabling unified communications (UC) enterprise quality and economical alternative to the use of traditional PBX.

Last October, Interoute received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award Supplier of the Year for Unified Communications Services in Europe, the European ICT Awards. Interoute was selected for leadership in making the services available to companies within the 'Nube'.

2 thoughts on “Interoute signed a strategic alliance with Microsoft to offer SIPCOM Lync Server 2010 in Europe

  1. so far there have been a
    so far there have been a number of intriguing Microsoft Lync case studies that claim huge savings, so it will be interesting to see how europe receives the product.

  2. Lync in Europe

    I think Microsoft is having success in its traditional 'Microsoft shops' but I am curious how well the adoption is going overall in markets that it traditionally doesn't have. It would be an interesting statistic to see if Lync is going into any networks that are Unix/Linux based – and displacing cisco et al.

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