IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 09 1998

Mockingbird Introduces IP Telephony Switch

Mockingbird Networks has announced the introduction of its Nuvo100 IP
Telephony switch. The Nuvo 100 is a four processor, UltraSPARC II-based,
NEBS-compliant, fault tolerant system. The Nuvo100 features field
replaceable service modules, N+1 48 volt power supplies, and remote
monitoring and control. Its DSP based engines are capable of supporting up
to 96 or 120 simultaneous channels of voice or fax. The DSPs use GSM
compression for full duplex voice.

In addition, the Nuvo100 offers intelligent network SS7 provisioning which
will interface directly with PSTN voice switches while enabling PCM voice
or fax to be converted into IP packets. The SS7 services will enable IP
telephony calls to be routed instantly without two stage dialing common to
Internet telephony services. Network management is performed using either
SNMP or TNM network protocols, and billing will be managed via intelligent
network CDRs.

Currently, the Nuvo100 SS7 call control engine offers ISUP to ISUP
signaling. Mockingbird plans to add H.323 to ISUP call control
capabilities to enable connectivity with H.323 clients.

Mockingbird Networks


Phylon Adds High Density VoIP to Chameleon

Phylon has announced the availability of the Chameleon platform, a high
density VoIP solution. The Chameleon platform is a PCI adapter card. The
card extends the functionality of Phylon’s recently announced platform by
adding software modules for VoIP, messaging applications, and a Windows NT
driver. It provides 60 ports of dial access, digital modem, ISDN or voice
using less than 300 mW per port. It will enable OEM customers to build a
240-port gateway in a single PC chassis.

Phylon plans to develop a compactPCI version of the Chameleon for
industrial grade applications. It also intends to provide a TAPI-3/H.323
solution to support Windows NT 5.

Phylon Communications is a communications company that designs,
manufactures and markets software upgradeable, standards-based, high
density dial access technologies for the network access servers and
concentrator market.

Phylon Communications


Hypercom to Introduce IP telephony Bandwidth Allocation Product

Hypercom Network Systems has announced the introduction of Dynamic Rate
Change, a technology that reallocates bandwidth between voice and data
calls during peak periods of network utilization. Dynamic Rate Change is
accomplished via variable rate compression performed by the DSP software in
Hypercom’s IEN devices. The DSP software will adjust the amount of
bandwidth given to each call in accordance with user-defined priorities and
in response to network congestion. For example, a voice call may be
allocated 9.6 Kbps of bandwidth when it is initiated. During the call, if
the network becomes congested, the IEN device will scale back on the
bandwidth allocated to that call in increments of 800 bps. It will
continue to monitor and distribute available bandwidth among active calls
during peak periods to prevent any calls from being dropped.

Dynamic Rate Change will be available for IEN users in May.

Hypercom Network Systems


Ericsson Teams with iGlobal and Computer City to Offer IP Telephony

Ericsson has announced partnerships with Internet Global Services
(iGlobal), a Dallas based ISP, and Computer City to offer Internet
telephony services. According to the terms of the agreement, iGlobal will
install and maintain POPs to provide the service and Computer City will
offer the Phone Doubler software as either a stand-alone product, or
bundled with iGlobal’s Internet telephony services.

Ericsson’s PhoneDoubler is a software product that enables users to make
and receive telephone calls while connected to the Internet using a single
telephone line. iGlobal has integrated the Phone Doubler technology into
its infrastructure to provide Internet telephony. The service will enable
users to make local calls or calls to cities where iGlobal has POPs
installed for 5 cents per minute. It will also allow users to make calls
to locations outside of iGlobal’s POPs for 17 cents per minute (domestic
U.S. calls only).

Currently iGlobal offers the service only in Dallas, with plans to expand
the service to include all 50 Computer City store markets by winter. The
service has a one time $29.95 set up fee and a monthly charge of $9.95.



Internet Global Services


Computer City


AT&T to Provide Internet Telephony Interconnectivity Service

AT&T has launched AT&T Global Clearinghouse, an Internet telephony
interconnectivity service. With the service, AT&T will equip local ISPs
with Clarent IP telephony gateway products to enable them to offer Internet
telephony. AT&T will then provide connectivity between the new ITSPs’
networks and other networks including the PSTN. AT&T will then offer the
ITSPs wholesale rates for routing calls over its network and will resell
time on other carriers networks. Settlement services for the
interconnectivity service will also be provided by AT&T.





Telogy Teams with RADVision to Develop Embedded Software for H.323 VoIP

Telogy Networks has announced a marketing and interoperability agreement
with RADVision. According to the terms of the agreement, RADVision’s OnLAN
H.323 protocol software will be integrated with Telogy’s Golden Gateway
VoIP software. Telogy also will modify RADVision’s software to enhance its
scaleability in high density DSP based applications. The companies will
market the solution to equipment manufacturers.

Telogy’s Golden Gateway software enables customers to develop
interconnectivity between products that send real-time voice, fax and data
over packet networks.

RADVision provides core technology components for the development of H.323
multimedia internetworking solutions.

Telogy Networks




Netrix Provides IP Products to TeleVideo for IP Network

Netrix has announced that it will provide its Network Exchange 2210 Vodex
Voice gateways to TeleVideo for a voice/fax over IP network. TeleVideo
plans to build a network of gateways, IVR products, and IP transport
services to support worldwide connectivity. TeleVideo will market the
services to carriers, corporations, and service retailers.

The Network Exchange 2210 Vodex Voice Gateway will deliver voice over IP
and/or voice over frame relay. The gateway will utilize Netrix’s
proprietary Vodex compression technologies to compress voice traffic from
64 kbps to 5.5 kbps. The gateway is capable of supporting 180 voice
channels. It can be clustered with other 2210s to form a single node
capable of supporting more than 2000 voice and fax channels. In addition,
each 2210 node has the ability to interoperate with as many as 4096 other

Netrix has plans to incorporate H.323 support into the Vodex software.



TeleVideo Global


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