IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 09 2004

1. Microsoft’s New Windows CE to Feature Expanded VoIP Support
Microsoft has introduced Windows CE 5.0, a real-time embedded opeating system that features expanded support for VoIP in 32- bit smart, connected, and small footprint devices such as consumer electronics, gateways, industrial controllers, mobile handheld devices, set-top boxes, phones and thin clients. The new release will include expanded componentization, new integrated collaboration features and an advanced application programming model. 5.0 will integrate with existing infrastructure, support sophisticated call functionality, as well as provide a configurable telephony user interface.

The operating system will support multi-party audio- conferencing, Exchange Server integration with search and calendar functionality, and unified messaging. The technology enables automatic provisioning and user identification.

Manufacturers planning to employ 5.0 within their VoIP devices include BSM Computers, Casio, Hitachi, Samsung, Symbol, Tatung, Atrium C & I, Bast, Itermec, Inter-Tel, LG, Mikasa Shoji, NEC Infrontia, Netsys, Reddline, RV, Uptech, Wooksung, and ZTE. VARs and systems integrators already set to carry 5.0 driven devices include BSquare, HCL, Datacraft Asia, Net2Com, TabletMedia, and Zinwell.


3. Senator Sununu Introduces VoIP Deregulation Bill
Senator John Sununu has drafted a bill entitled the VoIP Regulatory Freedom Act that proposes that VoIP services be treated as information services – exempt from state and existing Universal Service Fund taxes as well as from CALEA requirements. The bill directs the FCC to act within 180 days of its passage to work out an alternative plan for access fees and a flat fee mechanism for collecting Universal Service Fund fees.

Sununu’s bill does not exempt calls that originate on the PSTN, connect with an IP network, and then terminate on the PSTN.

5. Sylantro Feature Server Supports Both IP Centrex & Consumer VoIP
Broadvox has expanded its use of Sylantro’s feature server from offering only IP Centrex to offering primary line residential VoIP services. This month, Broadvox launched consumer VoIP services in 3 midwest cities in the U.S. The company plans to launch services in 87 markets by the end of 2004.

Broadvox has been offering hosted IP Centrex services since 2002.

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