IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 10 2002

1. Sentito Introduces Switching Solution
Sentito Networks has introduced New End Office , a switching solution that consists of a SIP switch, a SIP/SS7 proxy, and a network management system. The voice, video and data platform supports CLASS features such as complete E911, CALEA, and ESA capabilities. Service and support capabilities include virtual centralization, software based provisioning and restoration, and integration with carriers’ existing OAM&P processes, OSS and billing systems.

NEO will be available this quarter. Pricing will start at $30,000.

Sentito Networks

3. IPVoice to Acquire VergeTech
IPVoice Communications, a supplier of VoIP products, will acquire Dallas based VergeTech, a developer of defense and security related software. The combined company will develop IP software products for the healthcare, security and telecom industries.

IPVoice Communications


5. Andrea Issued Patent for Noise Canceling
Andrea Electronics has been issued a patent for technology that studies, estimates, and attenuates the interfering ambient noise environment around a desired speech signal. The technology eliminates stationary and ambient diffused noises such as those generated by computer fans, electrical interference, and air conditioning systems.

Andrea Electronics

7. Brooktrout Unveils Media Gateway Development Kit
Brooktrout Technology has introduced a MGCP softswitch media gateway development kit that includes media gateway sample code, a call agent utility, and the company’s TR2020 VoIP platform. The kit utilizes Trillium’s MGCP protocol stack.

TR2020 is an open systems platform for developing media gateways that feature voice compression, PSTN signaling, IP packetization, voice play/record capability, and real-time call quality monitoring.

Brooktrout Technology

9. NetIQ Introduces New Mgmt Modules for Cisco AVVID
NetIQ has extended its suite of tools for managing Cisco’s AVVID with the introduction of two new modules including Cisco Unity and Cisco Personal Assistant. Other modules within the company’s VoIP Manager Suite are available for Cisco CallManager, Call Performance, H.323 Call Setup, Compaq Insight Manager, Dell OpenManage, Connector for Micromuse, and Connector for HP OpenView.

Pricing for a typical pilot starts at approximately $5,000.


11. BuddyPhone Introduces VoIP Business Services
BuddyPhone has introduced VoIP services for carriers and service providers including SIP based wholesale domestic and international calling.


13. Empirix Introduces TDM/IP Test Platform
Empirix has introduced Hammer NXT, a platform for TDM and IP call generation and analysis. Users can isolate and test network edge devices of a system with mixed configurations of TDM, IP and signaling capabilities. Multiple NXT platforms can be combined to generate more than 250,000 simultaneous calls. The technology supports TDM over DS-3 interfaces, SS7 and ISDN signaling, IP signaling and media streaming.


15. ipDialog Introduces Low End SIP Phone
ipDialog has introduced SipTone, a low end Ethernet phone that supports SIP with authentication and session timer, RFC 2833, DHCP, DNS, URL address resolution, DTMF tone generation, and G.711 A/U Law and G.729A audio. The phone provides a web server interface for installation and LAN-based directory management. Functionality includes Caller ID, full duplex speaker phone, LCD-display based features menu, Do Not Disturb, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, voicemail indicator, and tracking for missed, outgoing, and incoming calls. The product has an Ethernet bridge with two RJ-45 10/100 Mbps ports, each with a LED activity indicator. External power is available in 120 and 220V options.

The SipTone is utilizes STMicroelectronics’s Stradivarius STLC1502 ASIC.

The phone is currently available. Pricing is $150 in quantities of 1,000. Delivery is quoted at 8 weeks ARO.


17. Wind River Unveils Sigtran Protocol Suite
Wind River Systems has added a Sigtran protocol suite to its WindNet line of networking protocols. The suite comes with development tools and a set of other protocols including SS7, ISDN, SIP, Megaco, and MGCP.

Wind River Systems

19. Atlantic ACM Releases VoIP Market Study
Atlantic ACM has released IP Telephony: Sizing, Case Studies and Overview 2002-2007, a study that provides market analysis and profiles for Verizon, SBC, Qwest, and AT&T. The firm finds that North American IP telephony minutes are expected to reach almost 100 billion by 2007.

The report goes for $950.

Atlantic ACM

21. Eastern Mgmt Group Releases VoIP Market Study
The Eastern Management Group has released a VoIP market study that provides vendor market shares and comparisons with the TDM market. The firm finds that in Q’4 of 2001, IP phone systems accounted for 20% of the total U.S. market for business telephone systems. The company also states that Nortel was the market leader in IP phone systems in the final quarter of last year with a 23% market share, unseating Cisco, the former industry leader.
Eastern Management Group

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