IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 11 2002

1. SJ Labs & ViewSonic Developing VoIP to PDAs
SJ Labs and ViewSonice are jointly developing technology that will allow ViewSonic’s ViewPad 100 SuperPDA and ViewPad 1000 Tablet PC products to support VoIP communications. The ViewSonic products are being integrated with SJ’s H.323/SIP Windows CE and Windows 98/NT/2000/XP VoIP software clients. The VoIP capable products are expected to be available later this quarter.

SJ Labs


3. Tangerine Introduces Softswitch
Tangerine has introduced Tangerine Connect, a softswitch that supports SIP, H.323 and TPNCP IP. The softswitch includes a full SIP proxy server, billing, and web-based administration. When combined with AudioCodes’ gateways, a full prepaid billing application is included. The softswitch is available in 3 call density configurations including support for 8 simultaneous calls (pricing starts at $1,250), 24 simultaneous calls (pricing starts at $3,750), and 600 simultaneous calls.

Tangerine uses SIPCOMM’s proxy server.


5. ISC Creates VoIP over Wireless Working Group
The International Softswitch Consortium has created a wireless working group to promote a softswitch model for use in 2G and 3G wireless networks. The group is currently working on a white paper and a wireless service provider survey. Future activities will likely include interoperability testing, the creation of test scripts, interface requirements and gap analysis of various standards. The group is open and meets every other week.

International Softswitch Consortium

7. NACT Using teleSys’ Signaling Platform
NACT is using teleSys Software’s MACH7-iSTP software to develop a H.323 signaling interface for its switching gateways. teleSys’ technology is a signaling platform that supports interworking between SS7 and H.323 networks.


teleSys Software

9. Data Access Deploying Juniper’s Servers
Data Access has deployed Juniper’s M-series Internet routers to carry STM-1 traffic from Mumbai to New York, ultimately supporting international VoIP services. Data Access’ network currently includes PoPs in Mumbai, New York, London, and Hong Kong. Plans call for the network to expand to Asia regions and other cities in the U.S. The company has entered into agreements with more than 12 tier 1 carriers and has a MOU with Bharat Sanchar Nigam for origination and termination in India.

Juniper’s routers offer ASIC based rate limiting, filtering and sampling features.

Data Access is a joint venture between SPA Enterprises and Hong Kong based Pacific Century Cyberworks (PCCW).

Juniper Networks

11. Trinity Adds G.722.2 AMR-WB to Framework
Trinity Convergence has enhanced its VeriCall VoIP software framework with the addition of the G.722.2 AMR-WB speech coder. The coder supports 9 encoding modes with bit rates ranging from 6.6 to 23.85 kbps. It is applicabe to a broad range of applications including packet telephony, videoconferencing, 3G communications, and audio conferencing.

VeriCall is an architecture consisting of media processing, packet processing, data transport, system management and control, telephony signaling, and gateway control. The open architecture allows for integrated third party algorithms and protocols.

Trinity Convergence

13. Spirent Introduces SIP Testing
Spirent Communications has introduced Abacus VoIP, a new element to Abacus2 that provides SIP call generation, testing, extensive diagnostics, voice quality measurements via PSQM or PESQ, and full specification protocol analysis. The technology, which generates TDM traffic, SIP signaling and RTP traffic, can simulate more than 8,000 simultaneous calls.

Spirent Communications

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