IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 15 2004

1. Kagan to Host 1-Day Summit on VoCable in NYC on 4/21
The Kagan VoIP Summit is scheduled to be held in New York City on April 21st. The one-day event will consist of four sessions that address the emergence of VoIP over cable.

The sessions will cover the status of VoCable trials and deployments and various strategies for deployment; opportunities for offering enterprise voice and data services; the marginal economics and returns associated with VoCable; and opportunities for offering advanced IP services over cable such as unified messaging and video.

The event will include a preview of Kagan’s latest study of the economics of offering enterprise voice and data over cable.

The keynote will be delivered by Dallas Clement, the Sr. VP of Strategy and Development at Cox. Other speakers will include representatives from Liberty Cablevision, Rogers, RelevantC, Oppenheimer, U.S. Cable, Net2Phone, Sprint, Arris, Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, Nortel, Cidco, Worldgate, Vonage and IP Unity.

Pre-registration is $895. On-site registration is $795. Group rates for associates from the same company are available.

The IP Pulse is a media partner for the event.

Kagan VoIP Summit

3. Skype’s VoIP Service Now Supported in WLANs on Wi-Fi PDAs
Skype has launched PocketSkype, a version of its peer to peer VoIP service that can operate in Wi-Fi based WLANs using PDAs running the Microsoft PocketPC OS. The service features free Skype-to-Skype subscriber calling, instant messaging, access to the global directory, online presence and contact lists.

The software client can be downloaded from the company’s web site. The company’s site also sells headsets.


5. TMC Offing Online Courses in SIP, IP PBX & IP Contact Center
TMC University, a subsidiary of TMC, publishers of Internet Telephony Magazine and host of the Internet Telephony Expo, offers online courses that provide attendees with certifications in multiple fields in the VoIP marketplace including SIP development, IP PBX, and IP Contact Center.

The SIP Developer 101 course is scheduled to be held April 21-22. The course material covers the basics of the protocol; security, NAT, and firewalls; service creation; and an overview of SIP applications. Registration is $1,295.

The IP PBX 101 course is scheduled to be held May 19-20. The course material covers vendor approaches; interoperability issues; network traffic management; building fault resilient systems; a business case; application options; day to day operations; and implementation. Registration is $1,295. An early registration discount still applies. Early bird qualifiers pay $995.

The IP Contact Center 101 course is scheduled to be held June 16-17. The course material covers building a contact center; applications; web-connected contact centers; and implementing click-to-talk. Registration is $1,295. An early registration discount still applies. Early bird qualifiers pay $995.

TMC University

7. Soyo Launches Phone to Phone VoIP Service
Soyo has launched a prepaid phone to phone VoIP service that provides broadband users with international calling termination at various rates. For calls terminating in the U.S., Canada, UK, China, and Taiwan, the rate is 3 cents per minute. The calls can originate from anywhere. Incoming calls are free and IP phone to IP phone calls are free. There is no monthly service charge.

Subscribers can opt to have a U.S. based phone number associated with the service. Calls are connected using the traditional Internet infrastructure.

Subscribers must purchase a stand-alone Soyo IP phone, which goes for $120. The phone features 2 10/100M Ethernet jacks, a LCD display, a handset, a speaker, adjustable volume control, a speakerphone, and memory for up to 100 programmable speed dial entries.

Currently, the service does not support standard calling features such as call waiting and Caller ID.


9. Vonage Files Suit Against AT&T over CallVantage Service Name
Vonage has filed a lawsuit in New Jersey against AT&T, claiming AT&T’s VoIP service name CallVantage is too similar to Vonage and that the company intentionally is using the name to confuse consumers. Vonage claims AT&T has purchased several web domains with the word vontage in it, such as callvontage.com. Vonage uses the domain callvonage.com.

AT&T has not filed a reply with the court but a spokesman stated the suit was without merit and that its company would likely prevail in court.

AT&T and Vonage are both primary line residential VoIP service providers.



11. VDC to Use Net2Phone’s Solution to Offer VoIP in Vietnam
Vietnam Datacommunications Company (VDC), a state owned data services provider, will use Net2Phone’s hosted SIP-based VoIP solution to offer corporate and residential telephony services throughout Vietnam. Net2Phone was largely awarded the contract because it was able to provide billing in the Vietnam currency and web based account and management tools in the Vietnamese language.

The contract was facilitated through Net2Phone’s channel partner, VITC, a U.S. based firm with operations in Asia.

VDC provides data services to more than 1.6 million customers and maintains a 65% share of the data services market in Vietnam.

Net2Phone’s portfolio of solutions include residential broadband telephony, calling cards, enterprise voice, prefix code dialing, and VoIP services for Internet cafes and public call centers.




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