IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 16 2001

India to Allow Internet Telephony Next April
India’s Federal Communications Minister Ram Vilas Paswan reported that the Indian government is planning to allow Internet telephony services into the country as early as April of next year, as opposed to earlier decision of holding off until 2004. A panel advising Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on economic issues recently suggested that the government should consider allowing IP telephony to bring down consumer costs, with the government’s recent economic study revealing that the country’s Internet access market is expected to increase from 2 million users to approximately 15 million subscribers by the end of 2003.

India’s Ministry of Communications

Indian Prime Minister’s Office

Nortel to Deploy TollBridge’s Gear in IP Voice Over Cable Network
TollBridge Technologies said that Nortel Networks said that is planning to use its TB200 broadband voice gateway solution to fulfill a network upgrade contract that Nortel has entered into with an undisclosed German based cable operator. Nortel is reportedly upgrading the cable network to support DOCSIS 1.1 compliant high-speed interactive communications services including voice, high speed data and video. The company plans to initially begin deploying the new technologies in July, with the entire project, which is expected to be able to support services offered to more than 4.2 million homes, scheduled to be completed sometime in 2003.

TollBridge Technologies

Nortel Networks

Candle Corporation to Deploy Centra’s Collaboration Technology
Candle Corporation, a developer of software based e-business solutions, reported the it is planning to deploy Centra’s real time, collaboration software, eLearning, to support the delivery of online training to employees and customers throughout the world. The eLearning web/software-based technology supports an array of real time, group-oriented learning and business interactions, over intranets and/or the Internet, including virtual classrooms and web conferencing applications that can support up to 250 simultaneous users. In addition, the system features VoIP capabilities, online collaborative workspace and application sharing technologies.

Candle Corporation


StarVox Introduces VoIP Business Trunking with VPN Solution
StarVox has announced the introduction of the VoIP Business Trunking with VPN, an application that allows broadband service providers to become licensed IP-based telephony carriers without investing in a Class 5 switch. The application, which is based on open, scalable IP platform servers (UNIX-based), is designed for the mid to large size corporate market, facilitating the interconnection of multiple branches, remote offices and/or telecommuters utilizing the same managed IP network to form a single private phone system. It offers seamless integration with the PSTN as well as support for PBX functionality and H.323v2-compliant IP PBX services, and voice private networks. The VPN component can fuse legacy TDM-based and IP-based PBX systems from different vendors into a VPN, allowing multi-site businesses to maintain a seamless system with private network dialing capabilities as the network is migrated to support VoIP. In addition, users can switch to VoIP mode for outgoing calls and continue to use the PSTN for incoming calls, or completely switch off TDM connections to allow the managed IP network provider to become the telephone company.


Mediatrix Introduces MGCP Stack
Mediatrix Telecom has announced the introduction of its MGCP stack. The product, which supports the NCS profile, is an object oriented ANSI C++ module that implements the MGCP functionalities of a media gateway. It features a modular, scalable, network layer independent architecture, and is designed to be both operating system and platform independent, as well as to support the use of any MGCP technologies.

The company also offers an SIP based stack solution.

Mediatrix Telecom

GlobalNet Secures $6 Million in Financing Commitments
GlobalNet announced that it has secured $6 million in additional financing from Crescent International. According to the terms of the one-year deal, an initial investment of $2.25 million will be transferred immediately, with the company reserving the right to determine the amount and timing of additional funding installments.

Last month, GlobalNet reported that it is planning to deploy VSYS’ softswitch technologies throughout its IP network and network access points to develop support for a variety of softswitch based services. It currently offers international voice, data and Internet services over a private, managed IP network, which has operations throughout and Latin American and U.S. markets, and interconnects with various affiliates to facilitate the termination of traffic to more than 240 countries.



ADTech Launches VoIP Security Applications
ADTech s.a. has reported the introduction of its various Smart Card based VoIP security solutions. The technology is designed to add security features such as authentication, (voice) encryption, access control, telephone profile roaming to an array of IP telephony applications.

ADTech s.a.

Quarry Technologies Secures $38 Million in Financing
Quarry Technologies, a supplier of IP services equipment, announced that it has secured $38 million in a series C round of financing with 3i Group, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and Corvis Corporation as well as various previous investors. The firm intends to use the proceeds for product development, marketing and sales, and to subsidize additional staff.

Quarry Technologies

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