IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 17 2003

1. Zultys Unveils IP Phone with 4 Ethernet Ports
Zultys Technologies has introduced Zip 4×4, a SIP phone that runs over Linux. The technology supports line rate Ethernet switching, voice encryption, and five way conferencing. It has four Ethernet ports, allowing devices such as laptops and PDAs to gain line-speed connectivity to a LAN through the phone.

Other phone features include QoS at the Ethernet and IP layers; Here I am, which allows multiple guests to share a phone by logging in to receive calls to their extension; Power over Ethernet support; full duplex speaker phone with acoustic echo cancellation; dial by URL or by phone number; a standard 2.5 mm headset jack; multiple LEDs including message waiting indicator; access to last 32 incoming calls and 32 outgoing calls; address book supporting 100 entries; built-in calculator; and four call appearances for support of four simultaneous calls.

The phone retrieves its software and configuration from a TFTP server and locates SIP servers using DNS-SRV.

The Zip 4×4, available in black or white, goes for $400. The price includes software, ac adapter, headset, and Ethernet cable.


Zip 4×4

3. Atlantic ACM Releases Study on Wholesale LD Market
Atlantic ACM has released Wholesale Long Distance: Carrier Report Card 2003-2007, a study that provides market data for the traditional wholesale marketplace as well as for IP telephony. The report tracks wholesale providers’ market positioning in billing, provisioning, network, customer service, products and pricing. Carrier profiles are included along with details on each of their product offerings. The report also includes a quantitative study of the size of the wholesale voice and data markets and their projected growth.

The 150-page publication goes for $1,950.

Atlantic ACM

5. GigaWave and ANI Providing Cisco VoWireless Training
GigaWave Technologies and Advanced Network Information (ANI) have launched a Cisco authorized curriculum that will prepare students to install, configure, maintain and secure wireless IP telephony networks. The program will provide knowledge of Cisco Aironet and CIPT architecture, hardware, software, and security practices.

Program registration will be available this month.

Advanced Network Information (ANI)


7. US Sonet & IT Partners to use VocalDataís Platform
VocalData has announced that US Sonet and IT Partners are using its VOISS application server to develop services. US Sonet, a Salem, IL based ISP, is deploying the platform to expand its offerings to include high-speed Internet, online gaming, and local and long- distance voice and video using fiber-to-the-home access. The services will enable both enterprise and home-office users to access basic IP telephony services as well as IP Centrex capabilities. IT Partners, a Dallas based system integrator, is planning to combine the solution with its voice and data integration experience to develop a suite of hosted PBX capabilities for businesses.

In other news, VocalData reported that it has enhanced its VOISS server solution to deliver virtual PBX, voice VPN, business trunking, IP Centrex, and residential services as well as to support Swissvoiceís MGCP based phone, and SIP based phones from Cisco, Iwatsu and Sanyo.

VocalData has also announced that it is using SS8 Networks’ Xcipio SSDF to comply with CALEA.


US Sonet

IT Partners

SS8 Networks

9. Anritsu Using Network Associate’s Decoding In Test System
Anritsu has introduced the MD1230A-04, a decode module that combines Network Associatesí Sniffer technology and its MD1230A Ethernet/POS Test System. The product is designed as a self- contained, portable Ethernet/IP and SONET test instrument that can analyze up to 40 10/100 or five 10 Gbps ports. It also supports the decode of more than 400 networking protocols via the Sniffer application, for applications such as 10 Gb Ethernet, MPLS, IPv6, MPEG video and VoIP. The technology enables users to determine, pinpoint, and analyze network performance and QoS problems. The system also provides data capture capabilities that allow data to be stored for offline analysis.

Network Associates


11. VegaStream Introduces BRI VoIP Gateway
VegaStream has unveiled Vega 50 BRI, a SIP and H.323 VoIP gateway. The technology offers 4 x 2B+D ports, providing capacity for 8 simultaneous calls. It can also be configured to operate in NT or TE mode simultaneously.


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