IP Telephony news wrap-up for Apr 18 – 2007

Intel has introduced the CE 2110 media processor, a single chip SoC architecture that consists of a 1 GHz XScale CPU, MPEG-2 and H.264 hardware video decoders, DDR2 memory interface, and 2D/3D graphics accelerators.

The chip is slated to be used in a myriad of applications. Chunghwa Telecom, a service provider in Taiwan, is planning to use the technology to expand its HD video content, karaoke, e-banking and e-learning services. ASUS, Oki, and ZTE will use the chip within their respective set-tops. Amino plans to employ the chip for its IPTV client software stack. Verimatrix will use it to deliver content protection software and Radvisision has plans to use the CE 2110 to deliver VoIP and video conferencing.

The product was introduced Monday at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.

The Vonage drama continued in full swing last week, as the company accepted the resignation of its CEO, within a week of the courtroom melee that determined the immediate repurcussions of Vonage’s infringement of three of Verizon’s patents. Ultimately, an appeals court for the federal district enabled Vonage to continue operating as usual until the appelate court has had time to hear the case. Arguments in the appelate court will begin on April 24.

With the resignation of Michael Snyder as Vonage’s CEO, the provider’s Chairman, Jeffrey Citron, has temporarily assumed the role of CEO. In a statement and during an investor conference call, Citron vowed to cut costs and operating expenses to compensate for the financial burdens the company has taken on recently. He specified that 10% of Vonage’s staff will be cut and marketing expenses will be reduced by $110 million, which is about 25% of its projected annual marketing expenditures for $2007.

Investor confidence has been relatively strong over the last two weeks (at least from insiders), with the share price consistentely trading above $3, only about a quarter down from its share price before the initial infringement ruling.

Verso Technologies will acquire Sentito Networks in all stock transaction valued at just over $7 million. The agreement includes escrow provisions, warrants, and an earn out incentive. Sentito will provide Verso with a large scale switching solution for providers and carriers as well as established distribution channels in Eastern Europe.

Verso Technologies
Sentito Networks
SPEC, a non-profit benchmarking organization, is introducing a new SIP benchmarking methodology for comparing performance of SIP servers. The methodology will employ SPEC’s SPECjAppServer2004 and SPECweb2005. The first version will be based on a SIP proxy server modeling an enterprise VoIP deployment.

Current SPEC member companies include Communigate, HP, Intel, IBM and Sun.

Vendors across the SIP community are invited to join the new subcommittee that will develop the benchmarking standard.

The IMS Forum will host the 2nd IMS Plugfest at the University of New Hampshire InterOp Lab in Durham from June 4-8th. The event will test interoperability for IMS voice, VoIP, and FMC services including IP PBX functionality, features management, billing and operational testing. Plugfest is open to both members and non-members of the IMS Forum.

The current line-up of participants include Amdocs, Argela, Aricent, CopperCom, Ditech, Empirix, Ixia, Mu Security, Reef Point, Starent, Sonus, Tekelec, and Tektronix.

IMS Forum
iBasis has interconnected its network with Nuevatel Bolivia in a deal that will enable the two providers to exchange voice traffic.

Empresa de Telecomunicaciones Nuevatel PCS de Bolivia S.A.
Insight Communications, the ninth largest U.S. cable MSO, will use Incognito Software’s Broadband Command Center device provisioning solution for its VoIP and cable modem subscribers. Additionally, the service provider will use Incognito’s Address Commander to allocate address space for commercial services customers and produce IP address utilization reports for the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).

Insight has 1.4 million customers in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

Insight Communications
Icognito Software

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