IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 19 2001

Skanova to Deploy Arelnet’s VoIP Equipment in Sweden
Skanova, a Swedish wholesale network provider within the Telia group of companies, reported that it is planning to deploy Arelnet’s VoIP infrastructure platforms in the initial phase of the VoIP network that it is developing throughout Sweden. According to the terms of the agreement, Arelnet will supply the VoIP backbone core infrastructure equipment including trunking gateways, SS7 signaling interface units, gatekeepers, network management servers, and terminal adaptors for both voice and data at customer premises. The network is being designed to replace a Class 5 solution, supporting VoIP over broadband directly to the home. Arelnet’s Sweden based partner, UpGrade Communication AB, is expected to join the project to assist in the installation of the equipment.



Global Network Deploys Cirilium’s Technologies
Global Network Telephone (GNT) said that it is deploying Cirilium’s Power-Suite VoIP technologies in various Eastern European markets. GNT is using Cirilium’s Media Gateways, Gatekeepers, Call Managers and Back-Office Billing Packages to develop support for point-to-point services, which will be designed to route calls from an origination gateway, through an IP network, to another gateway located at the termination point. GNT is also in the process of deploying Cirilium’s technologies in similar configuration in various markets throughout Africa, with plans to deploy additional equipment in select markets throughout the Europe, the Far East, Middle East and the U.S.

Global Network Telephone, which can provide termination to 246 countries via its infrastructures and/or alliances, offers both wholesale and retail services such as wholesale termination, international PSTN, 800 and co-location space. It has facilities in Hanover (Germany), Lome (Togo), London, Los Angeles, Milan, Miami, New York and Frankfurt, and plans underway to develop additional operations in Lisbon and Beirut. Last month, the company indicated that it is planning to deploy net.com’s ShoutIP systems to develop long distance packet based telephony services.

Global Network Telephone



Vanion Launches VoDSL Services in Colorado Springs
Vanion said that it has just successfully launched a VoDSL service in Colorado Springs, and is providing a high speed data/VoDSL service bundle to SANDIA Advertising in the market. Late last year, the company reported that it was teaming with CopperCom to deploy CopperCom’s VoDSL technologies and softswitch systems to develop services in various Colorado markets including Alamosa, Aspen, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Denver, Grand Junction and Pueblo.



SS8 Networks to Integrate NetNumber’s ENUM Technology
SS8 Networks announced that it is that it is teaming with NetNumber to integrate NetNumber’s ENUM Services for IP communications technology into its IP signaling product, SS8 SignalingSwitch, to develop number resolution and call routing to IP phones and multimedia device capabilities for the IP platform. The SignalingSwitch is an IP signaling transfer point that provides end to end signaling, switching and routing for voice communications on IP networks. It combines a high-density SIP Proxy, SIP Redirect and SIP Registrar functionality with H.323 compliant gatekeeper capabilities. It also offers real time, end to end call management via an intelligent switching system that can distinguish between various SS7, SIP and H.323 based services and signaling protocols. In addition, it can support a variety of services/applications such as one number dialing, unified communications, voice VPN, IP based call center, conferencing and fixed mobile integration.

The ENUM service/technology is an IETF specification for enabling an IP-based communications application, such as an IP-PBX or VoIP gateway, to use a traditional 10-digit phone number to query and locate other IP-based communications applications, and complete calls directly over public or private IP communications links.


SS8 Networks

Broadband Gateways Teams With Tdsoft to Develop VoDSL System
Broadband Gateways reported that it is teaming with Tdsoft to develop interoperability between its line of EVOLO Intelligent Premises Gateway products and Tdsoft’s VoNGATE Voice Access Gateway solution to offer end-to-end VoDSL solutions in international markets. The firms have already developed interoperability between the products based on the ATM Forum’s LES specification and CAS technologies.


Broadband Gateways

NetVoice Integrates Support For SIP Technologies
NetVoice Technologies has announced that it has integrated support for SIP technologies into its nationwide IP network. The provider is now able to simultaneously run both SIP and H.323 compliant services over the network, and it has also recently implemented support for SS7 technologies.

NetVoice Technologies

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