IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 19 2004

1. Myrio Releases New Version of IP Video Platform
Myrio has released version 3.2 of its IP Video Platform, which is a suite of set top box and back office software applications that allow set top box developers to create IP video solutions for broadband service providers. In addition to providing technology for vendors to market, Myrio also markets its IP video solution directly to broadband service providers.

Enhancements to the set top box software include remote management of set top settings and the ability to boot the set top, color coding within the program guide to separate program genres, and parent control tools that allow channels to be completely removed from the program line-up.

Enhancements to the back-office software include new capability to assign products to packages directly from the product section; to view transaction based reports such as VOD and PPV rentals, and access to more detailed subscriber information associated with the set top. The software also supports multiple makes of VOD servers in the same network.

Other enhancements to the IP video solution incude new capability to define and create multiple network locations for VOD servers, ability to create unique vendor entries, and the ability to modify system and network settings such as DHCP and DNS configurations, view system logs, and view application logs via a web interface.

Amino Communications has ported Myrio’s platform to its IP video enabled set top box.

Myrio has just over 20 broadband service providers that employ its IP video technology in true commercial deployments.


3. Wainhouse Releases Study on Cisco’s Market Strategy
Wainhouse Research has released Cisco Systems and the Battle for the Enterprise Collaboration Desktop, a 60- page report that explores how the different technology camps are aligned; defines Cisco’s market strategy; names Cisco’s partners; describes the company’s complete IP voice, video, and web conferencing portfolio; and analyzes the company’s market and product strengths and weaknesses. The publication concludes with an opinion of Cisco’s probability for success in the marketplace.

An electronic copy of the report goes for $2,495. A hard copy is $1,495.

Wainhouse Research

5. AllStream Launches Managed LAN Service in Canada
AllStream has launched managed LAN services throughout Canada using Cisco’s AVVID solution. The service will feature monitoring, performance reports, hardware and software maintenance and configuration and change management. The company will design, build and operate the service as well as offer a suite of optional professional services.

AllStream also offers managed WAN services.


7. Cox Using VeriSign for CALEA in VoCable Deployment
Cox Communications, a major cable MSO, has employed VeriSign’s NetDiscovery service to meet CALEA requirements. The service includes provisioning, access, and delivery of call information from the provider to all LEA facilities. VeriSign worked with Cox’s infrastructure vendors to integrate the solution.

Cox has been providing IP-based telephony services over its cable system in Roanoke, Virginia since December of last year.


Cox Communications

9. Telco Systems Introduces Residential/SOHO Media Gateway
Telco Systems has introduced Access211, a residential/SOHO media gateway that supports SIP and MGCP. The CPE features 2 FXS phone lines, 2 10/100Base TX Ethernet ports for WAN and PC, embedded routing capabilities (such as a NAT server and DHCP server client and relay), PSTN bypass for lifeline support, voice activity detection, an integrated web server for provisioning, and auto provisioning and configuration with TFTP for large installations.

Telco Systems

11. Veraz Releases New Version of Softswitch
Veraz Networks has released version 5.5 of ControlSwitch, its centrally managed, fully programmable softswitch. The technology enables service policies and service logic to be customized independently.

The softswitch includes the Service Introduction Framework, a tool that combines programming for the mediation layer, service logic, and the policy layer.

The service logic layer is available with service templates. One template integrates two-stage dialing, media gateways, third party announcement servers, and in-switch network policies. Another service template available features in-switch toll-free translations and VPNs with account code authorization, enabling service providers to deliver services that combine in-switch network services using the ControlSwitch and traditional intelligent networks. With the use of service templates, new services can be instantly added to the network. The new services will interoperate with applications from third parties.

The policy layer includes nearly 100 parameters for advanced routing and screening, announcement treatment, re-routing decisions, and call tracing.

In the latest release, the mediation layer has the ability to provide mediation between internal services, multiple SIP application servers, and service control points. The technology provides support for TDM trunk group routing in combination with IP routing for both SIP and H.323v4.

The softswitch supports open settlement protocol implementation, facilitating interconnection billing; call authentication; and routing, rating and usage information within many VoIP networks.

Recently, Bnet, Turkey’s telecom service provider, deployed ControlSwitch and Veraz’s I-Gate 4000 media gateways.

Veraz Networks

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