IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 21 2005

1. AudioCodes Introduces New Analog VoIP Media Gateways
AudioCodes has introduced 3 new analog VoIP media gateway models including the MediaPack 112, 114, and 118, supporting 2, 4, and 8 ports of FXS and FXO connectivity, respectively. The gateways support a wide range of applications such as converged access, IP Centrex, fixed mobile convergence, and IP PBX. The technology features simultaneous mixed interfaces of FXS and FXO, survivability, guaranteed QoS, security, and standard billing interfaces.


3. Spirent Unveils Distributed VoIP Assessment Solution
Spirent Communications has introduced Distributed Abacus IP Telephony Rollout Platform, a network readiness assessment tool that can emulate real world traffic from multiple points on a pure IP or hybrid IP/TDM network. The system provides reports measuring jitter, delay and packet loss, and call setup time. Other data generated includes call completion ratios, call termination reasons and voice quality metrics such as MOS, PESQ and R value.

Spirent Communications

5. Alpha Introduces DSP-Less Analog Terminal Adapter
Alpha Networks has introduced ATA 1001, an analog terminal adapter that uses a MIPS based processor and D2 Technologies’ vPort software to perform the DSP functions within the device. In lieu of a DSP, the processor and software provide voice signaling, packetizing, jitter smoothing, and networking and telephony drivers.

The terminal adapter includes G.711, G.726, G.729AB, voice activation detection, packet loss compensation, silence compession, G.168-2000 line echo cancellation, DTMF detection/generation/relay, call progress tone generation, fax/modem tone detection for fax pass through or T.38 fax relay, 3-way calling, dynamic/adaptive jitter buffer manager, RTP/UDP/IP and an embedded SIP call control stack.

The ATA 1001 measures 7.5cm x 8 cm. It includes one RJ-11 jack and one RJ-45 port.

Alpha Networks

7. Nuevatel to Offer VoIP over GSM in Bolivia
Viva GSM de Nuevatel S.A. will offer VoIP over its GSM network to consumers in 6 cities in Bolivia. The provider also plans to introduce prepaid phone card services. The services will be driven by net.com’s Shout media gateway platform, which provides the integrated functionality of a media gateway, call control component, SS7/C7 signaling point, H.323/SIP interworking device and a media server, in a single chassis.

Viva GSM de Nuevatel S.A.


9. Asia Netcom Deploying MediaRing’s Session Controllers
Asia Netcom, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Netcom, based in Hong Kong, is deploying MediaRing’s VoIzBridge, a session controller based on a distributed architecture. The session controller will be providing NAT, topology hiding, and protocol interworking throughout Asia Netcom’s network.

Asia Netcom


11. VocalNet Introduces IP PBX for SOHOs
VocalNet has introduced iPBX SOHO, an IP PBX solution targeting the SOHO market that offers up unlimited North American calling for $49.95 per month. The service features voicemail, call forwarding, and unified messaging.


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