IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 22 2004

1. Cinergy to Deploy VocalData and Integral Access’ Technology
Cinergy Communications, an integrated communications provider serving 4 U.S. states, has deployed VocalData’s application server and Integral Access’ switching solution to offer converged voice and data services to small to mid-sized businesses and hosted PBX solutions for mid-sized to large enterprises.

VocalData’s application server will be used to deliver hosted VoIP services to enterprises. The server supports on-demand conferencing, click-to-dial calling, find-me/follow me, visual voicemail and voicemail message archival.

Integral Access’ PurePacket system will be used to offer local, long distance, hosted PBX, VoIP, high-speed Internet acces and VPNs to small to mid-sized businesses. PurePacket uses a label switched architecture to route, transport and switch voice, video, and data. Support is provided for domestic and international circuit-switched networks, global softswitch networks, and next generation digital loop carriers.

The switching solution consists of a packet based aggregation platform, a multi-tenant unit aggregation platform, CPE, and a management system. PurePacket supports 3rd party IADs.

Cinergy will launch its new suite of IP based business services in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Cinergy Communications


Integral Access

3. IPN Names New Resellers in Vietnam and the Middle East
IPN Communications has gained two new resellers including VASC Software and Media and Unitel.

VASC, a state-owned subsidiary of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications, will resell IPN’s VoIP solutions to residential consumers and business customers throughout Vietnam. The deal calls for VASC to initially distribute a minimum of 20,000 IP phones. IPN will receive revenues from phone sales, licenses, and airtime usage.

Unitel will resell IPN’s IP phones, licenses and servers to 6 countries in the Middle East. The agreement includes an initial order of 3,000 IP phones, licenses, and 11 servers, each capable of supporting up to 2,000 subscribers. Unitel will have exclusive distribution rights for its area.

IPN’s product suite includes USB and Ethernet based IP phones, videophones, and turnkey servers that support in- network VoIP calling and VoIP switched calling to the PSTN.

IP Communications


5. Spirit Introduces VoIP Conferencing Solution
Spirit, a DSP software supplier, has introduced a VoIP conferencing solution that supports narrowband connections as low as 1200 bps. The technology features embedded echo and noise cancellors, advanced FEC, a proprietary procedure for corrupted speech frame processing, and a management tool that allows users to control the device, monitor data streams between control layers and port the software to other platforms.


7. ADC Shipping DOCSIS 2.0 Module for Its Cuda 12000 CMTS
ADC is now shipping its DOCSIS 2.0 module for its Cuda 12000 cable modem termination system. The new module, based on Broadcom’s chipset, is capable of providing throughput of 500 Mbps, enabling greater support for delivery of voice, video and data over cable networks.

More than 1000 ADC CMTS units have been deployed worldwide.


9. Telution Enhances Order Mgmt & Service Assurance for VoCable
Telution, an OSS firm, has enhanced COMX Cable, its order management and service assurance software platform designed to complement a cable operator’s existing subscriber management and billing system. The platform consists of modules for order handling, service control, service assurance and business reporting for voice services.

Features in the new release include a flexible workflow and business rules engine for management of multi-service orders; a single view dashboard across disparate and multiple workflow tasks; management tools for reporting and monitoring exceptions and jeopardy items; process management of all service fulfillment points including carrier and softswitch provisioning; and product management capabilities that enable cross product bundling and discounting of services.


11. Nuvio Extends Hosted IP PBX Offering to 1,200 U.S. Cities
Nuvio, a VoIP service provider offering business and primary line residential voice service, has extended its NetCentrex hosted IP PBX solution to small to mid-sized businesses in 1,200 U.S. cities. The service supports direct incoming phone numbers, extension dialing, conferencing, auto- attendant, voicemail, caller ID, unified messaging, follow me transfers, and remote access.


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