IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 23 2001

Terra Lycos Deploys NetSpeak Internet Call Waiting Solution
Terra Lycos Mexico reported that it has deployed NetSpeak’s Internet Call Waiting (ICW) solution to develop a service, dubbed E-line, that enables its Mexico City subscriber to place and receive calls while surfing the Internet without interrupting the Internet connection. When an incoming call is received, it is automatically forwarded to the ICW program, which notifies the subscriber of the call via a pop up window that includes call ID information, and provides the surfer with several options including answering the call using NetSpeak’s PC based WebPhone VoIP client, sending the call to voice mail, or refusing the call entirely.

Terra Lycos


VIPC and Jiabin Renegotiate Network Interconnect Agreement
VIPC Communications reported that it has renegotiated a reciprocal co-operative agreement with Chengdu Jiabin Electronics (Jiabin), a China based ISP and VoIP provider, to include a new revenue/profit sharing arrangement based on integrating and expanding Jiabin’s Mainland China network and establishing POPs in select markets around the world such as Moscow, New York and Hong Kong. Jiabin currently routes approximately 4 million minutes of VoIP call traffic per month to Mainland China from various overseas locations, and expects that the new agreement combined with its existing agreements with China Unicom and China Telecom, will enable the companies to increase the amount of traffic routed over the VIPC/Jiabin network from 48 million minutes in 2000 to approximately 304 million minutes in 2003. The firms are also in the process of securing financing for VIPC’s international expansion and the integration and expansion of Jiabin’s Mainland China network.

VIPC Communications

Chengdu Jiabin Electronics

MasterMind Introduces VoIP Enabled IVR Platform
MasterMind Technologies has announced the introduction of the AOS 100 IP-IVR Media Server platform, its VoIP enabled IVR system. The platform, which is available with optional automated speech recognition and text-to-speech functionality, responds to commands issued by media gateway controllers, softswitches, or gatekeepers via H.323 or SIP technologies, delivering virtually any IP IVR solution or enhanced service. It accepts accept touch-tone keypad selections or voice input over a telephone operating on the IP networks and responds with the appropriate call routing or recorded announcements, and it can also collect digits and invoke prompts to obtain user data such as passwords or account identification. In addition, it can also extract and parse web-based content and transmit the data to customers over any telephone, facilitating the delivery of web-maintained information to users.

MasterMind Technologies

Clarent Integrates Oracle Service Delivery Platform Into VoIP System
Clarent announced that it has teamed with Oracle to integrate Oracle’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) software into its software-driven VoIP communications platform to develop a system that supports subscriber management capabilities such as service and account creation, activation and self provisioning via a web interface. In addition, the combined platform will also enable providers to integrate Oracle’s E-Business suite into networks, providing a solution for customer management, supply chain and internal operations.



Cultura Inglesa Online Integrates Lipstream’s VoIP Technologies
Cultura Inglesa Online, a Latin American based language teaching portal, reported that it has integrated Lipstream Network’s PC to PC VoIP technologies into its web site to enable instructors and students to communicate in real time over the Internet, holding group discussions, one on one conversation and/or text messaging sessions.

Cultura Inglesa Online

Lipstream Networks

eYak Acquires Brooktrout Software
eYak announced that it has acquired Brooktrout Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. Terms were not disclosed. eYak intends to combine Brooktrout’s application development environments, Show N Tel and ActiveCall, as well as consulting services, with its own SoftTelephony systems to develop and offer an array of voice technologies, products and service solutions.

Brooktrout Software


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