IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 23 2003

1. Motorola Unveils RAS & IP PBX Reference Platform
Motorola has introduced Smart Packet Telephony 8101, a VoIP reference platform for the development of remote access servers and IP PBXs that would utilize the company’s MSC8100 DSPs.

The development platform incorporates Motorola’s MPC8260 PowerQUICC(TM) II processor, supporting Fast Ethernet interfaces to the packet network and a DSP daughter-card featuring six MSC8101 DSPs in a PTMC form factor. The full IP-PBX reference design includes schematics. Its modular design supports future expansion via StarCore DSP-based PTMC form factor daughter cards. The platform includes support for voice compression and echo cancellation. Other VoIP functions include dual-tone multiple frequency (DTMF) detection, voice activity detection, and silence suppression, as well as modem and fax data modulation and demodulation.

Support for the platform is provided through software developed by Metrowerks, a subsidiary of Motorola.

Hardware features of the platform include:

  • DSP daughter card with six MSC8101 DSPs
  • MPC8260 baseboard
  • 4 E1/T1 interfaces-terminate up to 128 PSTN or PBX DS-0s
  • 4 POTS ports-terminate up to 4 analog POTS lines or trunks
  • H.100 connection
  • Two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports
  • One Utopia level-2 interface capable of bit rates of up to 155 Mb/s
  • One RS-232 craft or management port
  • JTAG debug port

Software features of the platform include:

  • Driver libraries for MPC8260 and MSC8101
  • Board-level diagnostics
  • MPC8260 U-Boot bootloader
  • MPC8260 Linux(R) OS support through Metrowerks
  • Multiple third party packet telephony solutions available
  • Motorola component-level demonstrator available
  • Multiple third parties supply media gateway and remote access server software

The Smart Packet Telephony 8101 Development Kit is expected to be available from Metrowerks in June.



3. IPCB.net Launches Outsourced Softswitch Service
IPCB.net, a VoIP clearinghouse, has launched an outsourced softswitch service that provides integrated routing, billing, and monitoring systems via a web interface. Users will pay a per minute fee for the service.


5. Net Care Launches IP Telephony Systems Integration Service
Net Care, a subsidiary of IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan), has launched an enterprise IP telephony systems integration service offering consulting, equipment selection, system construction and implementation, supervision, operation, and maintenance.


Net Care

7. Marconi to Resell Mediatrix’s VoIP Products
Marconi has chosen Mediatrix as an OEM supplier of access devices, gateways, management software, and other IP telephony equipment. London-based Marconi will incorporate the products into its IP Service Provider Networks line.



9. Maher Terminals Deploys Cisco’s AVVID
Maher Terminals, a New Jersey based operator of container terminals, has deployed Cisco’s AVVID. Predictive Systems designed and installed the network.

Maher Terminals

Cisco Systems

Predictive Systems

11. Gartner Releases Study of NGN Marketplace
Gartner has released State of the Next Generation Network, a study that evaluates the evolution of the NGN, identifies key trends, and profiles 141 NGN companies. The research includes 12 main topics, with options for obtaining extended research in each area. Gartner finds the NGN marketplace to be currently weak due to limited CAPEX budgets, which have fallen below the network maintenance level. The firm expects the market to recover by 2005, driven by converging trends such as technology maturity, service provider readiness, and robust CAPEX budgets.


State of the Next Generation Network

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