IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 27 1999

Vovida Launches Open Source VoIP Consortium

Vovida Networks has announced that it is attempting to form a consortium
that will focus on developing open source H.323 and MGCP protocol stacks.
The consortium will enable software developers from around the world to
contribute to the enhancement and development of the protocol stacks. All
members will have direct access to source codes during development.

Interested parties need to contact Vovida at opensource@vovida.com


Consortium Registration

Ursus Telecom Unveils 10,000 VoIP Ports in Florida Based NOC

Ursus Telecom has announced that its Florida based network operations
center has been expanded to house nearly 10,000 ports of digital switches,
V/FoIP gateways, Internet fax servers and conference bridges to offer
services such as V/FoIP, international conference calling, web-based
telephony, and enhanced international telephony. Ursus Telecom is a
facilities-based telecommunications company that provides international
services to more than 95,000 users. The provider operates switching
facilities in Paris, Moscow, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lima, Buenos Aires,
Johannesburg and Tokyo.

Ursus Telecom

NetVoice to Use Cisco’s VoIP Gear to Expand Network

NetVoice Technologies has announced that it has committed to lease and/or
purchase at least $2 million worth of Cisco’s IP telephony gear. The
provider is currently utilizing Cisco’s VoIP equipment to build POPs in
Albuquerque, Amarillo, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, El Paso, and Little Rock. The
company has 18 established POPs throughout Arkansas, Colorado, Florida,
Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. To further
expand its network’s reach, NetVoice interconnects its network with
Inter-Tel’s U.S. based VoIP network.



Tridon to Route Traffic for IUSACELL PHILIPPINES

Tridon Communications, the facilities-based international carrier unit of
Tridon Enterprises, announced that it has negotiated a deal with IUSACELL
PHILIPPINES, in which it will become the principal carrier of
telecommunications services, including circuit switched and Internet
telephony, for traffic routed to and from IUSACELL’s POPs in the
Philippines. Tridon is currently in the process of building/purchasing
facilities in Los Angeles and New York to manage global communications

Sipro Lab to Provide Full Licensing of G.729

Sipro Lab Telecom has announced that AT&T, France Telecom, NTT, and the
University of Sherbrooke, Canada have authorized it to serve as a central
licensing point for the intellectual property associated with the G.729
voice compression technology.

G.729 can be used to support applications such as teleconferencing, VoIP,
and cellular phone communications. It compresses analog (64 kbps)
transmissions to 8 kbps. It also includes a subset technology, Annex A,
which enables the simultaneous transmission of digitized voice and data
signals over a single analog phone line.

Sipro Lab Telecom

Mockingbird Introduces New Gateway Product

Mockingbird Networks has announced the introduction of its latest IP
telephony switch, the Nuvo 500. The Solaris based unit can operate as both
a TDM/circuit-switch or a subscriber side VoIP gateway. On the VoIP side,
it supports from 48 to 600 simultaneous ports of H.323 compliant
communications from PC to phone, PC to PC and phone to H.323 compliant
device. Multiple units can also be clustered via SS7 technologies to
support over 10,000 simultaneous channels. Its SS7 capabilities enable it
to provide IN services such as alternative billing, messaging, number
portability, single-stage dialing, instant call setup and circuit management.

It is currently available for market trials, with commercial availability
slated for May. Pricing begins at $50,000.

In a related announcement, CommSource International is planning to use the
Nuvo 500 gateways to trial an integrated voice, fax and data service in
Venezuela. The trial is expected to begin sometime this quarter.

Mockingbird Networks

WebSurfer Integrates VoIP Into Its TV-based Internet Access Product

WebSurfer has announced that it has integrated its Internet telephony
application, dubbed SurfPhone, into its WebSurfer Pro reference design. The
WebSurfer product is an Internet appliance that enables users to utilize a
standard TV to access Internet applications. In addition to the VoIP
application, it features web browsing, web-based email (SurfMail), word
processing (SurfWriter), parental access control (SurfGuardian), web page
zoom/magnifier and Zip drive storage support.


Microsoft & Nortel Team to Market Solutions to Providers in India

Microsoft has announced that it is teaming with Nortel Networks to market
optical Internet and intranet services, wireless Internet, and Internet
telephony solutions to providers in India.

Nortel Networks


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