IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 27 2005

1. CableLabs Certifies and Qualifies More PacketCable Gear
CableLabs has certified and qualified a new set of PacketCable equipment in Testing Wave 34 including 5 policy servers, 6 eMTAs, 2 CMTS units, 2 media gateways, 1 call management server and 1 cable modem.

Policy servers were qualified for CableMatrix, Telcordia, Tazz Networks, Camiant, and C-Cor. eMTAs were certified for Cisco (2), Thomson, Terayon, Netgear, and Ambit. Media gateways were certified for Cisco and Nuera. Cable modem termination systems were qualified for Motorola and Bigband. A call management server was certified for Sonus, and a cable modem was certified in the 35th wave for Arris. A complete list of certifications and qualifications detailing models and other information is accessible at http://www.cablelabs.com/certqual/lists/certqual_net.html


3. Signate Introduces Hybrid IP/TDM Switching Platform
Signate has introuduced Telephony Server 5000, a hybrid IP/TDM switching platform that provides the functionality of a softswitch, gateway or IP PBX. The system supports an I/O capacity of 51 Gbps, allowing the platform to handle more than 5,000 SIP call streams per module or up to 40,000 call streams using 8 modules.

The server comes with customized versions of Linux and Asterisk, as well as Signate’s own PBX monitoring software.

Telephony Server 5,000 is available for $17,995 per module. Configuration services are charged separately.


5. TI Licenses Telchemy’s Voice Quality Management Technology
Texas Instruments has licensed Telchemy’s VQmon/EP-DS, a voice quality management tool that detects, monitors, and resolves call quality and network problems in video and VoIP, IP Centrex, 3G cellular, VoWAN and in streaming audio and video applications. The technology provides listening and conversational call quality metrics in both R factor and MOS formats as well as detailed diagnostics information. VQmon works with SIP, H.323, MGCP, and MEGACO.

Texas Instruments


7. NeuStar Introduces Automated VoIP Number Porting Solution
NeuStar has introduced Enhanced Service Request (ESR), an automated provisioning service that enables VoIP service providers to process a consumer request such as number porting within 7 days as well as monitor the status of orders.


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