IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 28 2000

Comlink to Deploy Nx Networks’ VoIP Technology
Nx Networks, a joint venture between Netrix and Open Route, announced that Comlink Switching is planning to deploy its IP telephony technology to provide VoIP services. According to the $2 million agreement, Comlink will initially deploy Nx’s Network Exchange 2210 model gateway in the Los Angeles/Mexico City link of its network, with plans to deploy addition equipment and technology to expand its network throughout the U.S.

The 2210 can provide VoIP or VoFR capabilities. It supports from two analog ports to 180 simultaneous voice calls over T1/E1 digital interfaces. The H.323 v2 compliant product can individually assign compression rates from 4.8 kbps to 12 kbps to each call, on a call by call basis, and it features call prioritization technology on an individual channel basis. In addition, it can detect fax modem tones at any stage of a call, on any port and route the traffic to its destination.

Comlink Switching offers international long distance services in Asia, Latin America and the U.S.

Nx Networks

Visitalk to Offer MediaRing’s & deltathree’s PC to Phone
visitalk.com reported that it is planning to offer both deltathree.com’s and MediaRing.com’s PC to phone VoIP communication services to its members. visitalk will feature the technology on the member section of its web site, where members will need to click a call icon, choose which PC to phone provider to use, then an applet will automatically launch, enabling the call to be placed. The person called will not need to be a member.

visitalk expects to launch the PC to phone service this June. In addition to the PC to phone services, the provider offers an array of other communications capabilities including PC to PC calling, voice messaging, video conferencing, data collaboration and a directory service that enables its over 800,000 members to look up other members.

deltathree’s communications services include VoIP connectivity between phones, PCs and web sites or any combination thereof, as well as eCommerce, unified messaging, global roaming and calling cards. The provider uses the PSTN to both terminate and originate call traffic, which is routed over a private, managed IP telephony network that has 64 POPs in 37 countries. The network combined with affiliate provider’s networks, enable the company’s over 2 million users to place calls to 160 countries.

MediaRing.com provides Internet based voice communication software and services that enable its more than 3 million users in 140 countries to communicate from PC to PC, PC to phone or from web to phone. The company offers free long distance calling to and within the U.S., and fee based connectivity to the rest of the world.




iOnosphere to Build International VoIP Network
iOnosphere reported that it is in the process of establishing a facilities based Internet telephony infrastructure based on Lucent’s gear deployed in ten countries throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. The provider plans to expand the network’s coverage by developing service interconnect agreements with legacy network operators to provide last mile connectivity for the service. In addition, to promote the service, it intends to offer Internet connections to end users that do no have an Internet connection in the markets that it serves.


American Internet & WowRing to Deploy ITXC’s Technology
ITXC reported that both American Internet Communications, a provider of Internet based data and voice services in Latin America, and WowRing.Com, a web community that is being developed to offer PC to phone calling services, are planning deploy its webtalkNOW! technology to offer PC to phone web based VoIP services. American Internet plans to deploy the technology to offer a service named AmigoPhone, which will enable its Latin American web site community users to place calls from a PC to any phone in the U.S. WowRing intends to integrate the technology into its infrastructure and web site to enable users to place calls from any PC in the world to any phone in the domestic U.S.

webtalkNOW! is a turnkey web based PC to phone IP telephony offering that enables web site owners to integrate private branded VoIP calling technologies into web sites. The service includes licensing a voice enabled web client or standalone PC application, wholesale traffic routing, network management and call accounting services. All traffic is routed over ITXC’s global Internet telephony network, which has 225 POPs in over 135 cities and 57 countries, and enables providers to terminate VoIP calls to any telephone in the world via the network, ITXC’s affiliate providers, the public Internet or the PSTN. The company also implements its own patent pending BestValue Routing technology to control the quality of calls.



American Internet Communications


LightNetworks Gearing Up to Provide VoDSL in SE U.S.
LightNetworks, a next gen firm offering VoDSL services, reported that it is gearing up to provide VoDSL services. The company is in the process of deploying DSL/IP packet switching technologies throughout the Southeastern U.S. to support services such as local and long distance telecommunications, Internet access, data services and other ASP services. It has recently been granted CLEC status in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee, which will allow it to offer local and long distance services.


TotalAxcess & Forbes Telecom Team to Provide IP Telephony
TotalAxcess.com announced that it signed a LOI with Forbes Telecom Nigeria Limited (FTNL), in which the firms will team to offer traditional telephony and VoIP between the U.S., and Nigeria and Columbia. According to the terms of the LOI, FTNL will install VoIP equipment at up to three of TotalAxcess’ POP locations (including Los Angeles), and will terminate calling traffic in its Nigerian and Columbian markets. In return, TotalAxcess will provide FTNL with the telecom infrastructure, and billing and support system to support the prepaid calling services.

Forbes Telecom Nigeria Limited is focused on providing telecommunications to underdeveloped and emerging markets. TotalAxcess.com is an Oakland-based telecommunications and Internet marketing company focused on offering switchless, wireless, IP telephony and prepaid telecommunications.


Siemens to Integrate RADVision’s H.323 Technology
Siemens AG reported that it has signed an agreement with RADVision, in which its Information and Communication Networks Group division will license RADVision’s H.323 enabling software to develop IP compliant products based on its existing product lines. According to the terms of the deal, Siemens will integrate RADVision’s H.323 core protocol technologies (including add-on modules for H.450 supplementary services and H.235 security) and gatekeeper technology into its SURPASS line of carrier grade products to develop VoIP functionality. Siemens has also purchased 1.6 million of RADVision’s shares.

RADVision’s H.323 enabling technology enables the creation of real time H.323 compliant voice and video calls over IP networks. The toolkit consists of H.225 RAS, RTP/RTCP and Q.931 call signaling, and features optional modules for H.235 security features as well as H.450 supplemental services. The technology is designed to run on operating systems including various UNIX flavors, real time OSs for embedded systems, and Windows NT and CE.

Siemens Information and Communication Networks Group


Mpower to Trial Lucent’s Products For Data/Voice Services
Mpower Communications, a provider of broadband data, Internet and telephony services, reported that it has deployed Lucent’s PathStar Access Server to trial an integrated voice and data over DSL service in Las Vegas. The provider expects the trial to consist of approximately 1,000 users, with plans to launch the services on a commercial basis when it has completed deploying an IP network throughout the U.S.

The PathStar Access Server combines a digital loop carrier, a Class 5 telephony system, a VoIP gateway, a remote access server, a DSL access multiplexor and an edge router into a single system. The H.323 v2 compliant system can support from 512 to over 7,000 lines per system. It can also features capabilities such as caller ID, call waiting, three way calling, voice messaging and E911, while simultaneously providing IP services such as Internet access, DSL and VPN.

Mpower Communications (MGC Communications) is a facilities-based broadband communications provider that offers data, telephony, Internet access and web hosting services to small and medium-size corporate users. The company offers services in California, Chicago, Atlanta, Southern Florida and Las Vegas.

In other news, Mpower Communications said it is planning to acquire Primary Network Holdings for approximately $63 million. According to the terms of the all stock deal, Mpower will issue approximately 1.4 million shares to Primary Network Holdings shareholders, and assume approximately $76 million in debt, to bring the actual total value of the deal to approximately $139 million. Mpower plans to use Primary’s infrastructure to enter several Midwest U.S. markets as Primary offers data, Internet and voice services in Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas), St. Louis and Springfield.

Mpower Communications

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