IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 28 2003

1. IDT Makes Unsuccessful Bid to Takeover of ITXC
ITXC snubbed an offer presented by IDT last week to acquire the company for $60 million. IDT launched its effort by directly offering shareholders $1.40 a share for their holdings. In response to the proposal, ITXC set a shareholder rights plan if any entity acquired 15% or more of its shares. ITXC suggested the offer did not adequately value its proprietary technology and network. Further, under IDT’s plan, shareholders would receive shares that had only one tenth or one thirtieth the voting rights of other types of IDT shares. Despite ITXC’s adamant rejection, IDT has suggested that it will continue to pursue the acquisition.

Shares of ITXC surged 34 cents, or 28 percent, to $1.56 following the news.

IDT’s takeover bid appeared on the heels of news that Tom Evslin, the company’s CEO, chairman, and co-founder, would be resigning his posts this year, taking a position as non-executive chairman.

In other news, ITXC has said that it has signed interconnection agreements with Bezeq International in Israeal and with two Brazilian carriers including AT&T Latin America and Global Village Telecom.

ITXC’s network has delivered more that 6.5 billion minutes of voice service to carrier customers in more than 175 countries. It is carrying an additional billion minutes of traffic approximately every 100 days.



AT&T Latin America

Global Village Telecom

Bezeq International

3. IMTC & Wainhouse Organize IP Conferencing Show in Geneva
The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) is teaming with Wainhouse Research to organize the IMTC/Wainhouse Research European Forum at the International Conference Center in Geneva from May 6 to 8, 2003.

The event will offer a variety of sessions on IP conferencing and VoIP covering reviews of networks, services and deployments, as well as exploring application opportunities.


Wainhouse Research

5. Intelco Deploys MIND CTIís VoIP Billing System
Belize based, Intelco International Telecommunications, has deployed MIND CTIís iPhonEX, a single billing and customer care solution. Intelco will use the technology to bill for pre-and post- paid GSM/GPRS and IP services that include Internet access and VoIP.

The iPhonEX system includes mediation and service provisioning to the network elements, and features support for multi-dimensional rating plans, unlimited customer hierarchy, advanced partner management and revenue sharing schemes. The vendor also provides a complete voucher management and online card recharge solution for both GSM and IP prepaid services including voice, data and content.

Intelco International Telecommunications


7. HiTech and OneNet to Deploy Sentito’s VoIP Solution
HiTech Networks, an ASP based in North Carolina, and OneNet, a network service provider with headquarters in Barcelona, have each recently deployed Sentito Networks’ New End Office. New End Office is a IP based local loop solution that provides access, switching, and service creation in a single platform.

HiTec has deployed multiple switches and SIP/SS7 proxies to deliver hosted telephony to hotels and businesses and broadband voice and data to businesses and condos.

Sentito Networks

HiTech Networks


9. Yukon Telephone To Deploy MetaSwitchís Switch
Yukon Telephone, the incumbent provider for the rural Alaskan communities of Whittier, Tanana and Ruby, will replace its TDM Class 5 switches with MetaSwitch’s VP3500 Next Generation Class 5 Switch, as part of its project to build an all IP based network. The switch will be deployed at Yukon’s Whittier central office.


Yukon Telephone

11. Xten Networks Releases SIP User Agent For Windows
Xten Networks has introduced X-Pro, a SIP User Agent softphone application for Windows PCs and Wireless PocketPC/CE devices. The technology, available as a stand-alone product or packaged with a SIP Proxy Server, is designed to enable users to place free IP-to- IP calls using a service such as Pulver.com’s Free World Dialup, or to place IP-to-phone calls using a pre-paid calling service such as deltathree’s iConnectHere.

X-Pro features conferencing and multi-proxy, and it can be used to replace a traditional PBX. It has been designed to be compatible with other vendorsí SIP User Agents including Ciscoís 7900 Series IP phones and ATA 186 analog telephone adapters.

Xten offers the softphone application branded and/or customized for distribution. It is priced at $49.

Xten Networks

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