IP Telephony news wrap-up for Apr 28 – 2006

As part of a strategic alliance established in 2001 and extended in 2004 to market and deliver Yahoo!s consumer telecom services, AT&T has announced that the latest voice enabled Yahoo! Messenger version will be named AT&T Yahoo! Messenger and that affiliates of AT&T and its affiliates will terminate the PC to phone traffic generated from the service.

The duo have previously worked together on dialup and high speed Internet access services, with plans to collaborate on other consumer offerings such as services delivered to the radio and television as well as mobile phones and other endpoints within wireless networks.

Yankee Group is seeking speakers for Mobilizing the Enterprise, a 2-day event to be held July 17-18 in Boston that will explore opportunities and industry best practices for deploying wireless enterprise networks. The firm is specifically looking for proposals that address one or more of the following topics: the mobile technology road map, SOA, voice XML, FMC, VoIP, VoWLAN, sales force efficiency and CRM.

Submit topic proposal along with credentials to Angeline Alexakos at aalexakos@yankeegroup.com by Friday, May 12. For sponsorship opportunities or to discuss other ways your company can participate in the event contact Erica Colonero at ecolonero@yankeegroup.com

Yankee Group
CompUSA, a major retailer in the U.S. with 226 stores, is now offering 8×8’s Virtual Office IP PBX starter kit. The kit, consisting of 3 phones and TAs, is $390 less a $150 mail in rebate. Additional single phones and TA combinations are $130 less a $50 mail in rebate. Service plans are offered separately including flat fee packages such as unlimited North American calling for $40 a month.

The agreement follows a recent announcement that CompUSA would be carrying an IP PBX solution that matched Sylantro’s infrastructure with Covad’s service.

JDSU has enhanced its DA-3400 and DA-3600A troubleshooting and data analysis platforms to support VoIP call quality monitoring. The platforms provide real-time and historical analysis of IP traffic for identifying the root cause of problems in multi-application data networks. Both products include a graphical display that captures signal/packet setup and tear-down during a VoIP call exchange as well as timing and response code details, and the generation of prompts to end-users when a VoIP signal doesn’t go through.

The DA-3400 supports 8,000 simultaneous calls and the DA-3600A supports 64,000 calls. The latter product can analyze wire speed performance up to 2.4 Gbps, as well as serve as a hardware filtering mechanism.

Both platforms have been widely deployed for analyzing other types of networks such as Ethernet, WAN, ATM, Frame, and POS.

UPC Broadband (Chello), a MSO passing more than 11 million homes in Western Europe, has been in the process of switching its telephony customers to a SIP based service, employing the switching equipment of multiple vendors. In Austria, France and the Netherlands, the cable operator is deploying Nortel’s Communication Server 2000 softswitch and AudioCodes’ Median 5000 Cable Access gateways. In other geographic regions, the operator is deploying Arris’ technology, including both headend and CPE equipment.

Currently, UPC has more than 1 million telephony subscribers.

UPC Broadband
Sears has agreed to carry a line of phones supplied by American Telecom Services that will be bundled with a prepaid long distance calling service driven by IDT. Sears will initially carry 220,000 of ATS’ phones and promote the products through in store displays and a national ad campaign.

Sears operates more than 1,000 department stores in the U.S. ATS’ long distance service will be marketed under the name Pay N’ Talk.

Vonage has submitted a filing to the SEC to issue an IPO that estimates the value of the company at $2.6 billion. Under the symbol VG, the company plans to offer up to 31 million shares at $16 to $18, raising about $494 million. Investors will own approximately 20% of the company, Jeffrey Citron will own 31%, and venture investors will own 45%. A small portion of less than 5% will be set aside for Vonage’s customers.

The service provider has long been seeking buyers willing to pay in excess of $2 billion. However, it has been a hard sell considering the company posted a loss of $334 million, and claimed it wouldn’t become profitable in the foreseeable future.

Verso Technologies will resell Acme Packet’s Net Net family of session border controllers to provide a more complete IMS solution. In addition to acting as a SBCs at a network’s border, the products will also be used for proxy call session control function (P-CSCF), as specified within IMS.

Verso Technologies
Acme Packet
Narus has released version 5 of NarusInsight, a platform for packet processing, managing, and securing VoIP networks. The system provides deep packet inspection from Layer 2 to Layer 7 and correlation across every link and element on the network. In the latest release, the platform processes full packet Layer 7 traffic at speeds up to OC-48 and layer 4 traffic at speeds up to OC-192.

The company has also introduced extensible application modules including a suite of new security solutions driven by behavior based algorithms. The technology can detest low volume and polymorphic worms, Layer 7 protocol attacks, and application attacks. The Secure Suite also contains CALEA and ETSI compliant modules for lawful intercept.

In addition to Secure Suite, Narus also offers a Discovery Suite, which provides the protocols for supporting billing, QoS, planning and provisioning for VoIP, Skype, streaming media, peer to peer, web, messaging, and push to talk. Discovery can also detect and block these services and applications.

NarusInsight has been deployed by multiple Tier 1 carriers worldwide including AT&T, KDDI, Voadafone, and Korea Telecom.


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