IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Apr, 29 2003

1. CableLabs Reports More DOCSIS/PacketCable Certifications
At the completion of its latest testing wave, CableLabs qualified call management servers from Cisco and syndeo and DOCSIS headends submitted by Arris, Cisco, Motorola, and Terayon. E-MTAs were certified for Arris and Motorola. DOCSIS 2.0 modems from Ambit, Arris, Castlenet, Com21, Hitron, LinkSys, Motorola, Scientific- Atlanta, Terayon, Thomson, and Toshiba were certified. The companies achieving certified status for residential gateways were Ambit, LinkSys and Thomson.

Receiving DOCSIS 1.0 certification in Wave 25 were DX Antenna, Thomson and Toshiba. Fourteen modems received DOCSIS 1.1 certification in Wave 25 from Arris, Correlant, D-Link, Hitron, Kinpo, LinkSys, Motorola, Netgear, SMC Networks, Terayon, and Thomson; and one CMTS from Cisco.

As of Certification Wave 25, a total of 326 DOCSIS modems have received certification, including 78 1.1 modems; 54 headends have gained qualified status, including 24 1.1 headends.

As part of Certification Wave 25, CableLabs performed three parallel practice certification runs for equipment built to support CableHome 1.0, DOCSIS 2.0, and PacketCable 1.0.

http://www.cablelabs.com http://www.packetcable.com

3. iDial Networks Launches Inbound Communication Via SIP Network
iDial Networks has enabled SIP-based clients to receive inbound VoIP calls using a traditional phone number, and is offering a service package based on the technology that routes calls placed to a userís traditional US phone number to any location in the world that the user would like. The service also allows international customers to have a U.S. based phone number that will be routed to any phone in the world, and all users will be able to place an unlimited amount of calls to other customers anywhere in the world as part of the base monthly fee. In addition, the provider is also in the process of implementing various other network/service enhancements/capabilities as well as developing a new rate programs including a worldwide unlimited calling plan.

The new enhancements are expected to be fully operational in more than 600 metropolitan markets throughout 24 US states by the end of this month.

iDial Networks

5. NMS to Integrate TIís Silicon Into VoIP Solution
NMS Communications is planning to integrate Texas Instrumentís TNET3010 line of silicon and software technologies into the next-generation carrier-grade VoIP platform it is developing. The TNETV3010 processor, which incorporates six parallel processing DSP engines, provides 1.8GHz of processing power and over 24MBit of integrated memory to support 192 channels of full duplex voice in a 16 x 16 mm package that consumes less than 6.5 mW of power per channel. NMSí platform will also integrate TI’s on-chip Telogy Software, which is designed specifically for VoIP applications.

NMS Communications

Texas Instruments

7. Kane Computing Introduces Two Development Platforms
Kane Computing has introduced two design platforms developed by Spirit, including the RealDuplex hands-free full duplex device development system, and the Voice + Fax over IP development application.

The RealDuplex solution is designed to provide core functionality for the development of hands-free speakerphone devices. It provides the building blocks necessary to enable users to design full-duplex devices, and ships with a control software module for the management/ control of the building blocks. The technology offers support for echo cancellation capabilities for various environments, as well as providing support for acoustic echo and line echo cancelling, telephony signalling and interpolator functionality, which provides seamless synchronization between codecs.

The V/FoIP solution is designed as a configurable system that enables users to develop a variety of VoIP applications such as media gateways, IP PBXs, IP Phones, IP-enabled fax machines and IP fax servers. It is designed to shorten time-to- market and development costs by providing the configurable building blocks necessary to design a VoIP solution, integrating technologies including G.723.1, G.729AB, G.711, and G.726 technologies as well as T.38 fax relay, echo cancellation (G.168-2000), UMTD, Jitter Buffer, VAD/CNG, and tone rejection technologies.


Kane Computing

9. Castille/Leon Government Deploys Nortelís IP Equipment
The Regional Government of Castille and Leon has deployed Nortel’s IP network solutions to improve its communications infrastructure and to interconnect government buildings across nine provinces. The government entity has deployed Nortelís Passport 8600 Routing Switches to develop a Gigabit Ethernet network that connects all the official buildings in Valladolid (the capital city), and Nortelís Passport 7000 Multiservice Switches to develop an ATM-based multiservice WAN that interconnects all government buildings. The combined infrastructure is designed to support voice and data, as well as multimedia applications such as video, video conferencing, and IP telephony.

Nortel Networks

11. Contactel Deploys Nortelís VoIP Equipment in Czech
Contactel, a Czech Republic based ISP, has deployed Nortel’s Succession Communication Server 2000 softswitch and Passport Packet Voice Gateways to handle increasing network traffic demands, and develop support for a variety of IP based hosted multimedia, voice and broadband services. The provider recently conducted interconnection tests with Cesky Telecom using Nortel’s technology to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Nortel Networks


13. VocalData Teams With SS8 For CALEA Capabilities
VocalData has teamed with SS8 Networks to develop interoperability between its VOISS voice application server and SS8ís Xcipio SSDF system to enhance the VOISS platformís CALEA capabilities. Xcipio will enable the solution to comply with CALEA by interfacing with the PSTN via a Class 5 switch to allow law enforcement officials to intercept calls in real-time based on various criteria such as number dialed and incoming call number.

SS8 Networks


15. Atlas Telecom Deploys Verazí Softswitch
Atlas Telecom Network Romania, a Romanian fixed telephony provider, is planning to deploy Veraz Networksí ControlSwitch and I-Gate 4000 media gateway to develop next generation service capabilities for its nationwide network. The solution will support 31 regional switches and enable Class 4 packet tandem applications. The system offers enhanced routing features that will allow the provider to manage its multi-city distributed network of media gateways, which also connects WLL s ubscribers to the packet backbone. The solution will provide Atlas with the ability to interconnect with legacy SS7 switches in Romania, providing a seamless transition between existing and next-generation equipment enabling the provider to simultaneously support existing network capabilities and new and enhanced next gen services.

Veraz Networks

Atlas Telecom Network Romania

17. Sentient to Use Edgewaterís Technology for VoIP Service
Sentient Group, a provider and integrator of hosted, managed voice and data services, is planning to use Edgewater Networksí model E-30 and E-300 VoIP network products to support the delivery of its nationwide managed communications service, VoIPpro.

The E-30 and E-300 VoIP network appliances replace multiple standalone systems typically installed at the customer premise through the integration of VoIP, network security and remote diagnostic functions. Each appliance provides a SIP, MGCP and H.323 compatible VoIP proxy, a VoIP-aware Firewall, DHCP server, NAT and QoS functions, advanced call control and diagnostic features.

VoIPpro enables geographically dispersed companies to interconnect offices and remote workers via a centrally managed voice/data IP based communications. It features a user-friendly web-based interface for service management, end-user control and access to a variety of communications services through any WAP-enabled device.

Edgewater Networks

Sentient Group

19. Fujitsu Offers TABLETmediaís VoIP System With iPAD Handheld
Fujitsu Transaction Solutions is offering TABLETmediaís iFon VoIP software as an option with its IPAD handheld retail computer. The iFon software, which is based on H.323, plugs directly into existing corporate IP-PBX environments and video communications systems to facilitate VoIP and video communications on wireless Windows CE and Pocket PC PDAs.

The Windows CE. NET based iPAD system is a wireless appliance that combines the capabilities of devices used throughout a store such as scanners, magnetic- and smart-card readers, keypad with encryption capabilities, enabling users to access applications such as inventory management, debit transactions, price verifications, line busting, mobile POS, gift registry, loss prevention, etc. With the addition of the iFon application, the system can provide telephony and video over IP capabilities.


Fujitsu Transaction Solutions

21. Korean TTA to Use RADCOM for SIP Testing
The Korean Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), a non-governmental IT standards setting body responsible for testing Korean based manufacturesí and providersí solutions, is planning to use Radcomís MegaSIP Simulator. The technology will be used to test the performance of various SIP based vendor/provider VoIP products. The simulator will provide the TTA with dual testing capabilities: MegaStress and MediaStress. MegaStress is designed to generate peak load conditions of up to 3 million BHCA and 500,000 simultaneous calls, at a setup rate of 2,000 calls per second. It enables users to determine the speed at which the equipment being tested can accept new calls and the reliability with which the equipment processes high volume traffic. MediaStress is designed to generates 2,000 outgoing RTP channels in various codecs for SIP calls created by SIP signaling. It provides predictive and real-time performance testing of routers, switches, load balance mechanisms, mediators and gateways in high- volume production environments.

Korean TTA


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