IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 05 1999

Consortium Formed to Promote Usage Billing Standard

ATandT and Narus have formed a working group, the Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR), to develop
and promote an Internet usage billing standard that will enable providers to bill for multiple IP based
services. The group expects to submit a workable implementation of the technology to standards bodies by
the end of the year.

Founding members include AsiaInfo, Amdocs, Andersen Consulting, ATandT, Comptel, Convergys, CSG
Systems, ECI Telecom, Hewlett-Packard, Kenan, MetaPath, Narus, Oracle, Portal Software,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Severa, Solect, Sun Microsystems and Telution.

IPDR Working Group


ePhone to Launch VoIP Service

ePhone Telecom announced that it is planning to launched a SOHO IP telephony service based on Tek
DigiTel’s gateway, the V-Server iGate. The provider intends to allow subscribers to place an unlimited
amount of voice or fax over IP calls to their 25 most frequently called numbers at no charge in return for
using ePhone as their long distance carrier for all other telecommunications needs. In addition, the
company plans to bundle the iGate product with subscriptions to its services.

The iGATE gateway is a SOHO VoIP platform that can use traditional phones, fax machines or PCs for
voice, data and Internet communications. It features a WAN router with an Ethernet port, a serial port, an
ISDN BRI, and two V/FoIP ports. It features Telogy Network’s H.323 Golden Gateway V/FoIP embedded
software to enable it to interoperate with various other vendor’s equipment.

The provider expects to begin offering the service next month. It is currently setting up distribution
channels in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

ePhone Telecom


TEK DigiTel


Samsung to Deploy Clarent’s Technology

Samsung SDS said that it is planning to use Clarent’s VoIP equipment to launch an IP telephony service,
Uniway Family, in South Korea. SDS will initially provide the service to its Internet access service subs,
with plans to eventually offer the service to its wireline subscribers.

In a related announcement, Samsung SDS said it is actively pursuing VoIP network interconnection
partners to expand the reach of its VoIP service. Anyone interested in exchanging traffic with the provider
can contact Mr. Young Sun Song at yssong@samsung.co.kr

Samsung SDS




Hello Direct to Offer Access Power’s VoIP Services

Hello Direct said that it has joined Access Power’s partnership program and will begin marketing the
company’s Net.Caller software and service from its web site for a percentage of revenues collected from
referred customers. The software and service enables subs to make an unlimited amount of calls from any
PC in the world to a traditional phone located in Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S. for $10 per month.

Hello Direct


Hello Direct VoIP Offering


Access Power


bcmfax.net to Integrate CMR’s FoIP Technology

bcmfax.net announced that it is planning to integrate CMR Communication’s real time Internet fax
technology into its global Internet fax service to enable users to send real time facsimiles (fax to fax, fax to
e-mail, e-mail to fax and web to fax) with broadcast capabilities. In addition, bcmfax.net will also acquire
CMR’s existing Internet fax service customer base.

bcmfax.net offers a store and forward Internet fax service via 63 POPs in 43 countries.



CMR Communications


Ursus Telecom to Launch Web Based V/FoIP Service

Ursus Telecom has announced that it plans to launch a web based voice and fax over IP service,
theSTREAM.com. The service will be based on Netscape or Internet Explorer plug-ins that will enable
users to initiate calls. The company is also planning to develop a real time, web based billing and
accounting module for the service that will enable users to view and manage calling account details
(balance, status, services, calls made, user guides, FAQs, etc.).

The provider has indicated that it will charge 4.9 CPM for calls placed within the U.S. and 9.9 CPM for
calls to and within European and Australian markets, with the CPM not yet set for other international

The service is expected to be available this month.

Ursus provides international telecommunications to more than 95,000 users worldwide. It operates
switching facilities in Paris, Moscow, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lima, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg and Tokyo.
Earlier this year, the provider expanded its Florida based NOC to house 10,000 ports of digital switches,
V/FoIP gateways, Internet fax servers and conference bridges.

Ursus Telecom




3Com and NeTrue to Integrate VoIP Solutions

3Com said that it is planning to integrate NeTrue’s IPT BackOffice VoIP solution into its Total Control
multiservice access VoIP platform. The integrated solution will consist of scaleable gateway and
gatekeeper applications that can provide QoS, management, billing and settlement, customer care, LCR,
provisioning, and pre-paid service capabilities via open APIs.

The IPT BackOffice solution consists of five modules including gatekeeper, billing system, customer care,
network management and clearing house. The gatekeeper application provides admission and
authentication functions for service users. It also handles call setup, teardown, control and routing. The
billing system supports real-time account management, and multiple applications that require separate
billing mechanisms and formats. The customer care module supports account provisioning, billing inquiry,
call reservation, and the delivery of technical support information via online or IVR based systems. The
network management system is a SNMP based software application that enables administrators to manage
QoS, network configuration and fault management. The clearing house application supplies settlement and
networking technologies that enable providers to interconnect and organize service networks.

The Total Control platform supports a range of applications including dial-in Internet access, VoIP gateway
services, managed remote access, dial-out services and cellular access. The unit can support up to 672
ports. The product integrates channel banks, DSUs, CSUs, PRI signaling, ISDN, routers and terminal
servers to support analog and digital modem PC to phone or phone to phone VoIP connectivity. It features
SNMP management, Ethernet and Token Ring support and high-performance access concentration with
dial-up and dial-out services. The product’s modular architecture allows for its cards to be software
upgraded or swapped to support new technologies or remote access needs.

In a separate announcement, 3Com said that it is planning to integrate Sonus Networks’ Open Services
Architecture (OSA) technology into its Total Control multi-service access platform. The integrated product
will enable Totoal Control users to offer value added services such as remote access, IP centrex, Internet
call waiting, unified messaging and Internet fax.





Sonus Networks


Franklin Completes 1st Phase of Star Network Deployment

Franklin Telecom has announced that a VoIP equipment purchasing agreement with Star Network and
Telecommunications has been extended to include turnkey network design, manufacturing, installation,
maintenance and management. Franklin has just completed the initial phase of the turnkey installation of its
Tempest Data Voice Gateway system for Star Network at its Westlake, California NOC facility. The
companies are currently deploying the tempest solution in Sā€žo Paulo, and plan to extend the network to
include select markets in Azerbaijan, China, the Ivory Coast, Lebanon and Paraguay.

Star’s entire VoIP network will be interconnected with the IP telephony network of Franklin Telecom’s
provider subsidiary, FNet.

The Tempest Data Voice Gateway system utilizes Franklin’s ICT-1 MVIP card and ICDSP-8 card(s) to
support data, fax or voice packets via T-1 or FXO/FXS interfaces. The G.711/G.729 compliant system can
support up to 96 ports of simultaneous communications. The gateway ships with Franklin’s proprietary
authentication and billing server to provide a centralized, managed invoicing facility that will track and
manage a database of subscribers. The server supports credit, debit, pre-paid and various other account
types. When a call is placed, the BandA server authenticates the user code and verifies that the account has
sufficient credit, then routes the call on to a terminating gateway. When the call is completed, the
terminating gateway sends CDR type information back to the BandA server to facilitate account balance
changes. In addition, the system enables network administrators and subscribers to view account
information online.

Franklin Telecom




Go Think to Offer LMCI’s VoIP Products and Services

Go Think.com said that it has signed a distribution agreement with LMCI Communications, in which it will
market LMCI’s Internet, video VoIP and VoDSL services throughout the U.S. In addition, Go Think.com’s
educational subsidiary, Go Think Tech, will offer courses on how to use the technologies.

Landmark Communications


Go Think.com


Go Think Tech


WorldRes Uses NetMoves FoIP Service For Reservations

WorldRes, a provider of online hotel reservations, has announced that it is utilizing NetMoves’ Internet fax
service to update hotels on the status of reservations it receives from its web site. When web site visitors
request a reservation at a property, WorldRes sends the information to the property via the NetMoves FoIP

WorldRes offers real time information and reservation capabilities for over 8,000 vacation properties in
over 60 countries.





EarthLink to Offer .comfax’s Voice and Fax Services

EarthLink said that it will offer .comfax’s MessageClick unified messaging services free of charge to its 1.3
million members. The MessageClick service enables users to receive voice mail and facsimile
transmissions as email attachments via existing email accounts. For a fee, service users can also send fax
and voice messages.

Both .comfax and Juno also provide the service free of charge.







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