IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 05 2003

1. Cisco Announces New Customer Installations
Cisco Systems has named a set of new customers that will be installing its VoIP technology. The customers include Asia Netcom, a network services provider that will offer IP VPN services to enterprises in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, and Singapore; Katy Independent School District; Dah Sing Financial Holdings, a Hong Kong based firm that will link 43 of its banks and subsidiaries; and Gong Verlag, a Munich based publisher.

This week Cisco reported that it had shipped its 2 millionth IP phone. The phone was shipped to SouthTrust Bank.

Cisco Systems

Asia Netcom

Katy Independent School District

Dah Sing Financial Holdings

Gong Verlag

3. Citel Unveils Analog IP Handset Gateway for 3Com Network
Citel Technologies has introduced Citelink, an analog IP handset gateway designed to work with 3Com’s NBX 100 Communications system and the SuperStack 3 NBX system. The gateway is a 16-port slide in card that supports all models of analog phones in the market, G3 fax machines, door telephones, and paging.

Citelink is available in the U.S., UK, and Canada for $2800 per port or $175 per user.

Citel Technologies


5. Radcom Adds TCP Security Testing to SIP Simulation Tool
Radcom has added multi-mode TCP security support to its SIP simulation solution. The new element in the SIP solution provides simulation of thousands of calls over the TCP transport layer, giving vendors the ability to validate security, performance, and functionality of SIP based devices. TCP is supported through three modes including Persistent, Re-Use, and Non-Persistent.


7. Time Warner Deploys Primal’s IP Mediation for VoCable
Time Warner has deployed Primal’s Connect IXC, an IP mediation and rating solution as part of its VoIP over cable service being offered in Portland, Maine.

Connect IXC collects data from TW’s cable network and turns the network data into CDRs. The solution summarizes the CDRs and sends them to the existing billing system so that phone charges appear on customers’ regular monthly statement. Primal’s system also enables TW’s phone customers to see the detail of their calls online on a secure web site.

Time Warner will use LogicaCMG’s IP based voicemail solution.

Time Warner

Primal Solutions


9. Ecocarrier Introduces Server for Reducing Gateway Bandwidth
Ecocarrier has introduced Q-UPS+, a standalone server that reduces 40%-48% of the bandwidth requirements for any H323 VoIP gateway. The server, which sits between a VoIP gateway and the router provided by the ISP or satellite ISP, includes gatekeeper, H323 proxy, VPN, and firewall functions.


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