IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 07 2000

Net2Phone & Rhythms Team for VoIP/DSL Offering
Net2Phone said that it is teaming with Rhythms NetConnections, a provider of broadband communication services, to develop DSL connectivity for its IP telephony services. According to the terms of the deal, Net2Phone will provide Rhythms with an IP voice solution including hardware, services, billing support and customer services, and Rhythms will bundle access to Net2Phone’s services and market the technologies to its distribution partners. The system will allow users to plug a traditional phone into a Net2Phone IP device, which will be plugged into a DSL modem, enabling the users to place VoIP calls over the DSL connection via a traditional phone.

The firms intend to conduct technical trials of the integrated offering this summer, with plans to launch it on a commercial basis later in the year.

Rhythms NetConnections


Junroo To Terminate Traffic Over NetVoice’s U.S. VoIP Network
Junroo NetCommunications reported that it has reached an agreement with NetVoice Technologies, in which it is planning to terminate traffic over NetVoice’s U.S. domestic Internet telephony network. According to the terms of the agreement, Junroo is planning to route U.S. destined voice and fax traffic from its international POPs to NetVoice’s U.S. VoIP network for termination.

Junroo leverages its IP based network, which has operations throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S. (a NOC in Los Angeles) to enable partner provider to offer next gen IP services such as voice, fax, video and data. The provider is also in the process of expanding the infrastructure to include additional POPs throughout select European markets as well as in Australia, Mexico and South America.

NetVoice’s U.S. domestic Internet telephony network has Cisco’s and/or Inter-Tel’s VoIP equipment deployed at more than 25 POPs in select markets throughout Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington DC and Wisconsin. It expands its network/services reach by collocating servers throughout both Level 3’s and Global Crossing’s backbones, and interconnecting the network with Inter-Tel’s U.S. domestic VoIP network. The provider is also planning to expand the network to include approximately 50 POPs throughout the U.S. by the end of the year.

Junroo NetCommunications


Phonecalls Teams With InterPacket & Nuera for Sat VoIP
Phonecalls.com, a Tianrong Internet Products and Services subsidiary, reported that it has launched a satellite based VoIP service in China. The service is based on InterPacket Networks’ satellite system combined with interoperability with its existing Nuera Communications’ equipment based VoIP network. The provider has configured the operation to support up to 6 million minutes of traffic per month. The service enables users to purchase prepaid Internet telephony phone cards from a network of web sites and begin placing calls as soon as the cards are registered and paid for at the web site. The company is also developing relations with other VoIP providers, in which the other providers will both originate and terminate traffic for the service. It began deploying Nuera’s VoIP technologies earlier this year to develop interconnectivity between its operations in China and the U.S. as well as its partner provider’s networks.

InterPacket Networks also recently began developing VoIP technologies/operations. It licensed telic.net’s PC to phone VoIP client, Softphone, for integration into its satellite based Internet services network to offer the VoIP capabilities, under its own brand, to the affiliated providers that offer its services. The Softphone technology enables users to place calls from any PC based web browser to any phone in the world via its satellite constellation, which consists of 11 GEO satellites linked to earth station facilities in London, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


InterPacket Networks

Nuera Communications

Tianrong Internet Products and Services

TIBCO to Integrate iCHATTERBOX’s VideoCalling Client
TIBCO Software, a provider of real time infrastructure software for ecorporations, has reported that is planning to integrate iCHATTERBOX’s PC to PC videophone technology, Vphone, into its corporate web site development tool, ActivePortal, to enable users to develop videophone calling capabilities.

The Java based Vphone client enables users to place and receive videophone calls from PC to PC at no charge using at least IE v4/Netscape v4.6 or higher. Users will need to have access to at least a Pentium 90 MHz Windows 95, 98 or NT PC, a mike or headset and/or speakers, and a digital video cam to support video communications.

The product is currently available for download at no charge.


TIBCO Software

Philippine Long Distance Interconnects With ITXC
The Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) announced that it has deployed ITXC’s SNARC V/FoIP enabling device to both terminate and originate traffic to and from ITXC’s global Internet telephony network. According to the terms of the agreement, PLDT has installed the device at its international gateway POP to connect directly with its international Internet backbone fiber cable, which links the Philippines with the U.S. PLDT intends to terminate traffic throughout the Philippines, and route select traffic over ITXC’s IP based network.

ITXC recently upgraded the SNARC device to support two way traffic. The unit can be attached to a traditional switch, via T1/E1 interfaces, to enable V/FoIP traffic to be routed to and from an IP network. It ships as a plug and play product that ITXC retains ownership of and maintains.

ITXC’s global Internet telephony network has 273 POPs in 155 cities and 63 countries. The network enables other providers to route traffic to any telephone in the world via the infrastructure, ITXC’s affiliate provider’s networks, the public Internet or the PSTN. The company implements its own patent pending BestValue Routing technology to control the quality of calls.

Earlier this year, PLDT also reported that it is planning to offer deltathree.com’s IP telephony services in the Philippines.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone


TRICOM Deploys Nortel’s Gear at Puerto Rico POP
TRICOM reported that it has deployed Nortel Networks’ Multimedia Carrier Switch (MMCS) at it POP in Puerto Rico to support inbound and outbound international traffic between its other POPs in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the U.S. The MMCS unit is an entry level carrier switch that can provide the capabilities of a VoIP gateway, an access switch, a tandem switch and enhanced services platform. In addition, it features support for single stage dialing, calling line identifier screening, least cost routing, number translation, VPNs, pre and post paid calling cards, in-switch CDRs and both domestic and international services.

Last month, TRICOM said that it is planning to interconnect its infrastructures in the U.S. and Dominican Republic with ITXC’s Internet telephony network to both originate and terminate V/FoIP traffic. In the U.S., it will connect its networks to ITXC’s on a switch to switch basis via ITXC’s SuperPOP in Jersey City, and in the Dominican Republic, it is planning to deploy ITXC’s SNARC VoIP enabling device to route traffic to the network.


Nortel Networks


Digital Network Services to Deploy Arelnet’s VoIP Equipment
Digital Network Services (DNS) said that it is planning to deploy Arelnet’s VoIP equipment to develop an IP telephony network. According to the terms of the deal, DNS initially plans to install Arelnet’s i-Tone Prime VoIP platform at its facility in Boca Raton to support services throughout the U.S. The provider has already placed a PO for three i-Tone Prime units as well as for gatekeeper and associated technologies.

The i-Tone platform is designed to support up to 24 T1s or E1s and handle up to 5,000 simultaneous calls. It offers support for an array of VoIP connectivity technologies including H.323 v2, MGCP and SIP, as well as SS7 and T.38 (real time fax). It features functionality with ArelNet’s i-Tone Gatekeeper, NMS, OA&M, web based customer care, and offers voice and fax to email connectivity as well as IVR support. It also includes QoS support, IN compatibility and dynamic routing algorithms. In addition, it provides open, Java and JINI technology based APIs that enable users to customize features and add addition network management capabilities and services.


Nuera & ACE Team to Develop VoIP Clearinghouse Service
Nuera Communications reported that it is teaming with Asia Capacity Exchange (ACE) to develop a global VoIP clearinghouse service. According to the terms of the deal, the firms intend to deploy Nuera’s ORCA line of IP telephony gateways at ACE’s existing POPs in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and at the to be launched POPs in London, Miami, New York, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. The gateway systems will interface directly with ACE’s Virtual Trading Floor application that will enable participating providers to buy and sell VoIP minutes and capacity on an online basis. In addition to offering services via the ORCA series of products, ACE also intends to resell the technologies.

The ORCA gateways can support from 120 to 2000 simultaneous voice or real time fax ports per chassis, on a Frame Relay or IP based network, with the capability to implement call transfer rates between 4.8 kbps to 64 kbps on a call by call basis. The system provides CAS, R2, FAS, SS7, CC7, ISDN, MGCP, SIP and H.323 (G.711, G.729, G.729A and G.165) signaling. The vendor’s embedded softswitch technology handles MGCP based call setup and tear down. Network and system control is offered via Hewlett Packard’s OpenView based management system.

Nuera Communications

Asia Capacity Exchange

Communications World to Distribute Nortel’s Technology
Communications World International (ComWorld) has announced that is planning to resell Nortel Network’s array of IP telephony products and technologies. ComWorld, which has just been authorized by Nortel to distribute the technologies, offers a variety of voice communications products and technical services in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver and Houston markets.

Communications World International

Nortel Networks

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