IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 10 1998

Level3’s TAC Develops New IP Telephony Protocol

Level 3’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC) has developed a new protocol
suite to interconnect the PSTN and IP networks. The protocols cover four major
component areas including signaling transport within an IP network, device
management of media gateways, media control functionality to allow for detection
and generation of specific in-band events and connection control within the media
gateways. The IPDC specifications have been submitted to both the IETF and ITU
standards bodies. A copy of the specification is available at

Members of the TAC include 3Com, Alcatel Telecom, Ascend, Cisco, Ericsson, Level 3
Communications, Lucent, Nortel, Selsius, Stratus Computer, Tekelec, and
Vertical Networks. Carrier-class products developed by members of the TAC,
and based on the agreed protocol, are expected to be available by the end of 1998.

Level 3


Dialogic Unveils New Version of DM3 IPLink Platform

Dialogic has announced the availability of its DM3 IPLink 2.0 platform, an
H.323-based IP telephony development platform. The platform will provide port
capacities of up to 150 channels per PC chassis. The Windows NT based product
will support G.723.1, G.711, or GSM voice codecs. It is software upgradeable to
include support for the G.729a voice coder and the T.38 coder for real-time fax
over IP. It will also provide an integrated high-speed Ethernet network interface
controller and support for a H.323 protocol stack.



Lucent Loans $25 Million to ART for Network Construction

Lucent has announced that it will loan Advanced Radio Telecom (ART) up to
$25 million to begin construction on metropolitan area networks in Seattle,
Portland, and Phoenix. Lucent will be the exclusive integrator for networks.
When the $25 million loan matures in June of 99, Lucent will be issued warrants
to purchase up to 3.3% of ART’s common stock. A price of .01 per share will
apply to the first 1% of the warrants with the remaining 2.3% to be purchased
at market price.

Advanced Radio Telecom (ART) plans to implement a suite of communications
services (Internet access, intranets, extranets, and Internet telephony) in
more than 100 US metropolitan markets over the next five years. ART will
build high-speed metropolitan networks based on IP and ATM to offer the services.
The company has received licenses for operations in 210 US markets, and nationwide
licenses in the UK, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Advanced Radio Telecom




STS to Use Ascend Equipment for Internet Telephony Service

SouthNet TeleComm Services (STS) has announced that it will use Ascend’s
MultiVoice for the MAX products for an IP-based voice service. The company
expects to have the Acsend equipment installed in 100 US and international
POPs by the end of ’98, with ultimate plans for 250 operational US and
international POPs by the end of ’99.

The service is expected to support phone to phone and PC to phone VoIP communications.



Netxchange and FaxSav Team to Provide Global Fax to Fax Connectivity

NetXchange has announced that it will provide FaxSav’s Internet fax service
partners with its Internet Xchange for Fax (IXF), enabling the partners to
offer Internet-based fax to fax services. Using a special software module designed
jointly by FaxSav and NetXchange, the IXF product will transmit facsimiles over
FaxSav’s global Internet fax network.

The beta version of the NetXchange/FaxSav access module is expected to be available
this month.

In a separate announcement, FaxSav’s Internet FaxLauncher Pro software will be
bundled with the software for Hewlett-Packard’s HP ScanJet 62OOC Series of
desktop scanners. The 6200C will now enable users to fax documents and graphics
over FaxSav’s Global Internet Fax Network.





Open Port and Optus to Co-Market Internet Fax Solutions

Open Port has announced a co-marketing and licensing agreement with Optus Software,
in which Open Port will license certain Optus’ FACSys fax-messaging server products,
and Optus Software will develop products using Open Port’s Internet gateway technology.
Further details will be released as products become available.

Open Port


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