IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 10 1999

pulver, IG, ITXC and Teltran To Host Upcoming V/FoIP Events

pulver.com, Information Gatekeepers, Phillips, ITXC and Teltran will be hosting V/FoIP related events
over the next few months.

pulver.com’s Fall VON 1999 event will be held at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, between September 27 and
30. The show will focus on the technologies used to converge communications between the Internet and
wireless networks, and the Internet and the PSTN.

The registration fee for the entire three day show plus a side workshop is priced at U.S. $1895. Several
other conference formats and pricing schedules are available. To get the early bird discount, you need to
register by August 12th (this Thursday). Register from Pulver’s web site.

Information Gatekeepers will host a conference, China Telecom 2000 — Conference on Chinese Internet
and Broadband Markets, at the Fisherman’s Wharf Hyatt in San Francisco, on November 2 and 3. The
conference will feature telecom officials from both the central (The Ministry of Information Industry,
China Telecom, China Unicom and Ji Tong) and provincial governments. The conference will cover a wide
array of topics regarding the Chinese market including the telecommunication market structure and its
current development status, VoIP trials and opportunities, CATV, broadband network operators, high speed
access technologies and products, the markets for ISPs and ICPs, and China’s new telecom regulations and

The show plus a two night stay at the Hyatt is priced at $1785.

Phillips Tarifica is teaming with ITXC to host a telecommunications conference at the Oberoi Hotel in New
Delhi, India on August 25 – 26, 1999. The seminar, called New Challenges for Telecommunications in
India, will cover all aspects of the global telecommunications industry including the challenges posed by
the Internet and new telecommunications markets. The convention will also feature a workshop specifically
dedicated to Internet telephony technologies and services.

The event is priced at £545 per person.

Teltran is teaming with 3Com, TelephonyWorld.com and LANSource to hold a live Internet chat entitled,
Fax Over IP – Where do we go in the next millennium? The chat, which is expected to last approximately
20 minutes, will feature executives from Davidson Consulting, The Kauffman Group and 3Com to field
questions about the past, present and future of the FoIP market.

The program is scheduled be held on August 18, 1999 at 3:00 PM EDT within the web integrated chat area
on Teltran’s web site.

Fall VON ’99


China Telecom 2000

Information Gatekeepers

New Challenges for Telecommunications in India


Phillips Tarifica



The Kauffman Group

Davidson Consulting

Access Power Expands VoIP Service Into Puerto Rico

Access Power said that it has expanded its flat rate PC to phone IP telephony service, Net.Caller, into
European and Puerto Rican markets. The service now enables subs to place an unlimited amount of calls
from any PC in the world to a traditional phone located in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany,
Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland the UK or the U.S.

With the addition of the new markets, the provider has also introduced three new flat rate unlimited call
pricing plans: For $10 a month, calls can be placed to Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S.; for $15 a month,
users can place calls to all pan-European countries; and for $20 a month calls can be placed to any of the

Access Power

MetroPlus to Offer IPVoice’s Services in U.S. & Canada

IPVoice.com said that it has signed a contract with MetroPlus Communications Technology, in which
MetroPlus will be able to deploy IPVoice’s TrueConnect IP telephony gateways, on an exclusive basis,
in select markets in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax),
Washington (Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, the Tri Cities and Vancouver), and Oregon (Albany, Beaverton,
Eugene and Portland). According to the terms of the deal, MetroPlus will be granted exclusive gateway
location rights in return for generating at least $250,000 in traffic per month, per gateway, or $3 million per
year, per gateway.

By deploying the TrueConnect gateways, MetroPlus will be able to offer IPVoice’s $25 per month
unlimited phone to phone VoIP services. The provider will also gain access to IPVoice’s existing VoIP
network, which has POPs in Los Angeles, New York, Panama, Nicaragua, the Honduras, Hong Kong and

The TrueConnect VoIP gateway utilizes Natural MicroSystems’ Fusion technology to provide up to 96-
ports per gateway with T1, E1, ISDN, PBX, and analog connectivity. The product, which supports H.323
protocols including G.723, features order entry, billing, reporting, and customer service applications. Its
data-management capabilities include debit card support, invoicing functions, credit card authorization
(single or batches), customer A/R module, a suite of management reporting, PIN generation, DNIS/DID/IP
configuration modules, and multi-lingual support.



I-MEDIA Integrates NMSS’ Fax Boards into Fax Servers

Paris based I-MEDIA has announced that will use Natural MicroSystems’ NaturalFax/Alliance Generation
(AG) 4000 boards in its Chronofax facsimile broadcasting servers. The provider uses the Chronofax
products to offer a fax broadcasting service, which currently broadcasts more than 14 million pages per
month on a global basis via its POPs in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and the U.S.

Chronofax is a real-time fax broadcasting system that can send up to three million documents per day. It
offers an array of routing options, automatic graphic enhancements and document personalization

The AG 4000 line embodies T1/E1 boards that support up to 120 ports. The product provides MH, MR, and
MMR compression to provide better throughput and an increase in the number of pages sent per minute
with a decrease in call time. The product uses Texas Instruments’ 320C549 DSP chips, with 100 MIPS of
performance, and 486 CPU controller chips. The board can support telephony signaling protocols such as
ISDN, digital channel associated signaling (CAS), IVR and IP telephony/fax on each port. In addition, it
supports the T.30 protocol to provide interoperability with other fax devices.

Natural MicroSystems


Fax4Free Offers No Ad FoIP Service to Non-Profit Groups

Fax4Free.com said that U.S. based non-profit organizations, associations, educational institutions and
governmental agencies that use its its no charge web based Internet fax service, will be able to send and
receive documents with no advertisements placed on them. The no ad service is currently available to tax-
exempt groups with at least 25 members.


Image Power Launches Free Fax To Email Service

Image Power said that it has launched a free fax to email service named FaxPC. The service enables users
to receive an unlimited amount of facsimiles via an existing email address. In addition to receiving the
documents via email, users can also access the faxes via the provider’s web site, where it will also provide
document storage space for free.

The service is currently available.

Image Power


FastComm Receives $1 Million from Private Placement

FastComm Communications has announced that it raised $1 million in revenues from a private stock
placement. The funding will be used to expand its marketing activities and to further develop its products.

The company designs, developers and manufacturers networking products including Inter/Intranet access
devices, mainframe network channel controllers, Unisys environment processors, and voice over IP and
frame relay devices. Its VoIP and VoFR products include the MetroLan SOHO router and the GlobalStack-
EX. The MetroLan is configured with 3 voice/fax ports and 4 data ports to integrate communications over a
single digital line. It provides interfaces for analog PBXs, FXS/FXO, E & M, and has a 10BaseT Ethernet
interface for LAN/router connections. The GlobalStack-EX can support up to 120 channels of H.323
compliant (G.729a) voice, video and data communications over IP or frame relay networks.


Trillium Receives $10 Million from Rader Reinfrank

Trillium Digital Systems announced that it has received a $10 million investment from Rader Reinfrank &
Company. The company will use the funding to further develop and market its voice, VoIP, wireless, high-
speed data and multimedia communications software sets.

Earlier this year, the vendor introduced its H.323 compliant gateway and gatekeeper software. The products
incorporate H.225 call signaling, H.225.0 RAS, H.245 control signaling and a H.323 call manager. The
vendor plans to integrate support for RTP and RTCP protocols into the products as well.

Trillium Digital Systems

Thomsom & Alcatel Team to Develop High Speed Telephony

Thomson Multimedia has announced that it is teaming with Alcatel to form a new entity that will focus on
developing home telephony solutions, Internet screenphones, digital cable and ADSL modems. According
to the terms of the proposed deal, each company will hold a 50 percent share in the venture, which will be
managed by Thomsom.


Thomsom Multimedia

XTML & Global One Release Results of Internet Usage Survey

XTML, a UK based ISP, and Global One, a telecom venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and
Sprint, have just released the results of an Internet usage survey that indicates that 64 percent of
respondents expect that Internet communications will improve businesses and customers relations. Of the
64 percent, 32 percent expect that VoIP will have a significant impact on the telecom market, 6 percent
expect that VoIP will have little, if any, impact, and 26 percent felt that the technology would require
another 6 to 24 months to become an established market.

The survey is based on opinions from 100 British companies that attended the Internet World show in May.

Global One


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