IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 16 2001

Russian Ministries to Deploy Clarent’s Enterprise Voice Solutions
Clarent announced that the Russian Ministries of both Defense and Internal Affairs are planning to deploy its IP-based communications hardware and software technologies in existing PBXs to connect the administrations’ respective offices throughout Russia. The Ministries’ intend to deploy both the hardware and software elements of Clarent’s VoIP solution, specifically Clarent’s softswitches and gateways.

In other news, Clarent has also reported that other Russia-based firms have deployed its technologies including Zond Holding, an alternative telecommunications provider that offers more than 5 million minutes of long-distance phone traffic, and Diona Holding, which offers a Russia based telecom clearinghouse service.


Transbeam Deploys Paradyne Networks’ VoDSL Equipment
Transbeam, a DSL provider, said that it has deployed Paradyne Networks’ technology to build a VoDSL network in Manhattan. The provider has installed Paradyne’s Hotwire GranDSLAM chassis and ATM based SDSL line cards, as well as various third party vendors’ gateways and IADs in CO configurations to offer the services, which include VPNs, voice (local and long distance), data, videoconferecing and broadband Internet services to small and medium sized businesses. The firms have deployed the end-to-end ATM based systems in a configuration that is designed to support voice and data while ensuring QoS traffic prioritization.


Paradyne Networks

Shomiti To Integrate Telchemy’s QoS/Management Technology
Shomiti Systems reported that it is planning to integrate Telchemy’s VQmon/SA line of VoIP call quality monitoring technologies into its Multi-QoS network and analysis software to offer real-time VoIP call quality monitoring and measurement capabilities. The VQmon solution is a line of lightweight embedded voice quality monitor that can monitor all calls made over VoIP networks in real-time. It is written in C, and can be integrated into a variety of VoIP systems including VoIP gateways and platforms, communications servers, IP phones, testers, analyzers, probes and other VoIP-related equipment.

The Windows based VoIP and 10/100/1Gb Ethernet Analysis technology can be used to evaluate voice traffic routed over Ethernet IP networks. It captures and decodes the complete line of H.323 (with full ASN.1 detail), SIP, MGCP and SGCP protocols and provides detail and accuracy analysis for measuring and metering voice, video and data streams. In addition, the solutions can be used to decode Cisco’s SSP and SCCP protocols and provide call and channel summaries (CDRs) of H.323, SSP and SCCP based phone calls.

Shomiti Systems


Yipes To Provide Shorenstein With Communications Services
Yipes Communications said that it has reached an agreement with Shorenstein Company, a nationwide real estate organization, in which it will provide Shorenstein with communications services to connect Shorenstein’s commercial office properties. Shorenstein operates more than 25 million square feet of office space at an array of properties throughout the U.S.

Yipes provides scalable bandwidth on demand, ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps in 1 Mbps increments. It offers services in 21 markets throughout the U.S.

Yipes Communications

Cirilium to Integrate RADVision’s H.323 Technologies
Cirilium Corporation has announced that it is planning to integrate RADVision’s H.323 toolkit technologies into its Power~Suite IP telephony product line. Cirilium intends to deploy the toolkit solution in its Call Manager, Gatekeeper and IVR solutions as well as two products that it is planning to develop to support CLASS feature service creation. The H.323 technology facilitates the creation of real time H.323 compliant voice and video calls over IP networks. It consists of H.225 RAS, RTP/RTCP and Q.931 call signaling, with optional modules for Annex G for gatekeeper to gatekeeper communications, H.235 security features and H.450 supplemental services. It is designed to run on operating systems including various UNIX flavors, real time OSs for embedded systems, and Windows NT and CE.

Cirilium Corporation


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