IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 17 1998

Sprint Trials Internet Telephony in Select US Markets

Sprint has announced that it will trial its phone to phone IP telephony service,
Sprint Callternatives, in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
Subscribers in those markets will be able to place calls to anywhere in the US,
Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, India, Japan, Mexico City, South Korea and
Taiwan. The calls will be routed over Sprint’s IP backbone.

Sprint has not disclosed the cost of calls per minute. The company does plan to
bill the service in prepaid increments of $10 or $25. To use the service, subs
will need to dial a local access number, a PIN, and then the destination number.

The Callternatives trial is expected to begin operation this week.

Sprint has indicated that it is also planning to offer other IP communications services over
its IP network including fax and unified messaging.



ADT Plans to Launch Internet Telephony Service This Fall

American Digital Telecommunications (ADT) has announced that it will launch an IP
telephony service, ADTnet, using its iGate Internet telephony gateways this fall.
ADT is expecting to install the iGate gateways at local host premises in the five
most heavily accessed international long distance markets. ADT will provide
settlement services for the local host companies that originate and terminate
call traffic.

The iGate gateway series have port capacities that range from 24 to 1008
(simultaneous calls) per system. The Windows NT based products support VoIP
communications from phone to phone, PC to phone, and PC to PC.

American Digital Telecommunications


Global Access Pagers to Offer Internet Telephony

Global Access Pagers has announced that it is planning to offer an Internet
telephony service through its MICRO-NETip Internet telephony gateway in Los
Angeles. The company will lease a gateway to a business, and allow call traffic
to be routed over the Internet to its LA gateway, where it will complete the call
to any phone in the world via the PSTN.

Global Access currently has MICRO-NETip Internet telephony gateways installed and
operating in Hong Kong and Los Angeles

Global Access Pagers


Telstra to Trial IP Telephony Using Equipment from Siemens, Netspeak and 3Com

Telstra has announced that it will trial an IP telephony service using a VoIP
platform based on Siemens’ InterXpress product with components from NetSpeak
and 3Com. The phone to phone trial will be limited to 250 users and it will
only enable users in Sydney to make calls to London.

Limitations on the service will allow Telstra to focus on improving QoS before
launching the service commercially.









Communications Authority of Thailand to Offer Internet Telephony

The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) has announced that it has teamed
with Chungwa Telecom of Taiwan to trial PC to phone and Internet to phone IP
telephony services. CAT is currently prepared to invest 6 million baht (US $141,176)
in Internet telephony equipment.

Communication Authority of Thailand


Miller Freeman Announces Conference that will Address VoIP Among Other Topics

Miller Freeman has announced that it will produce the Communication Design Engineering
conference (CDEC) to address a plethora of topics including ADSL, VoIP, ATM and
Modulation Techniques. CDEC is scheduled to be held in San Jose on October 29
and 30. It will offer 24 technical classes covering techniques and methodologies
for network hardware design. It will also feature hands-on training and education
resources for professionals that are designing next generation network communications

More information regarding the conference is available at

Communication Systems Design


Communication Design Engineering Conference


Whistle Integrates .comfax’s Internet Fax Service Into its Office Server

.comfax has announced that it will design a version of its .comfax Internet
fax software to enable users of Whistle Communication’s InterJet product, an
Internet office server, to send facsimiles over the Internet. Users of the
.comfax/Whistle software will be able to compose a document in any application
on a PC and send it directly to a fax machine via the .comfax global network of
Internet fax servers.

Whistle’s InterJet product provides e-mail, web access and web publishing
capabilities to a network of computers in an office of up to 100 users.



Whistle Communications


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