IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 17 2000

Nuera Secures $10 Million Investment from AT&T
Nuera Communications has secured $10 million in financing from AT&T’s Strategic Ventures division. According to the terms of the deal, AT&T’s Broadband and Wireless divisions will now have access to Nuera’s Orca line of IP telephony technologies.

The ORCA gateways can support from 120 to 2000 simultaneous voice or real time fax ports per chassis, on a Frame Relay or IP based network, with the capability to implement call transfer rates between 4.8 kbps to 64 kbps on a call by call basis. The system provides CAS, R2, FAS, SS7, CC7, ISDN, MGCP, SIP and H.323 (G.711, G.729, G.729A and G.165) signaling. The vendor’s embedded softswitch technology handles MGCP based call setup and tear down. Network and system control is offered via Hewlett Packard’s OpenView based management system.

Nuera Communications


Qualcomm & multimate.net to Integrate HearMe’s VoIP Technology
HearMe has announced that both Qualcomm and multimate.net are planning to integrate its real time IP telephony voice communications technology into their respective products. Qualcomm intends to combine the technology with its email client, Eudora, to enable users to invite others to join a real time voice chat by sending an email. The email will feature a hyperlink that when clicked will automatically join the user into a voice chat with the other user. multimate.net plans to integrate the technology into its wireless instant messaging product to add real time voice chat capabilities to the existing features of the application, which include text chat, file sharing and web browsing.

HearMe’s VoIP technology can be integrated into a web site to enable users to initiate VoIP based voice chats by clicking a button. It is based on the vendor’s proprietary live presence technology, a client/server software that operates as a pop up addition to Netscape or IE browsers, enabling users to communicate from PC to PC in a group setting or one on one. It includes capabilities for text chat and whiteboarding. The product handles all compression/decompression and playback of audio streams. The vendor also recently released an upgraded version of the technology, which includes a contact list that enables users to see whether or not other specific users are online, and a technology that enables users to invite others (including non users) to join a VoIP chat by sending an email containing a hyperlink that can be clicked to automatically join a voice or text chat.




RC Network & TollBridge Team for MTU Broadband/Voice Solutions
RC Networks reported that it is teaming with TollBridge Technologies to develop converged multi tenant unit based voice and high speed data solutions. According to the terms of the agreement, the firms will develop interoperability between RC Networks’ RC8000Plus line of SDSL based access concentrator technologies and TollBridge’s array of voice over broadband solutions. The company’s will also team for marketing and sales activities.

The RC8000Plus technology is a line of next generation SDSL access concentrators that enable users to offer services such as Internet access, VoDSL, VoIP, video and VPN. It can support services over any copper pairs installed (in use) in a location, and can route traffic over Frame Relay and ATM infrastructures, with built in support for Layer 2 switching and Layer 3/4 QoS technologies.

TollBridge’s voice over broadband solution consists of the TB50 IAD and the TB200 local exchange gateway. The gateway connects to a CLASS 5 switch via GR-303 technologies over DS1s, and to the broadband data network via ATM over a DS3. Traffic that is handed off to the gateway is automatically packetized and routed directly to the TB50 unit, which is located at the customer’s premises. It can support CLASS services such as call waiting or caller ID. Its voice module performs performs ATM segmentation and reassembly, IP encapsulation and de-encapsulation, sub-frame multiplexing and demultiplexing, and signal processing to provide voice compressions from 64 kbps G.711 mu-law PCM to 32 kbps G.726 ADPCM. It also offers echo cancellation technologies including G.165 and G.168. In addition, earlier this year, the vendor said that it is further developing the product to support lower bit-rate algorithms such as G.728 (16kbps), G.729 and G.729A (8kbps), and G.723.1 (5.6/6.3kbps).

TollBridge Technologies

RC Networks

PhoneFree.com Launches Global PC to Phone Service
PhoneFree.com reported that it has launched a PC to phone service that enables users to place call to 238 countries and territories outside of the U.S.

The company also offers an unlimited no charge PC to PC VoIP service. Both services are based on its own VoIP client. The proprietary VoIP software enables users to place and receive calls between PCs located anywhere in the world, or from any PC in the world to any traditional phone in 238 countries including the U.S. It features capabilities such as conference, whiteboard, text chat, personal phone book, caller ID, file transfer, voicemail and full duplex support. In addition, the vendor offers a white pages section on its web site that enables users to locate other users by searching for name, location and/or interests. Users can also go unlisted. Users will need at least a 486 100Mhz PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0, a 14.4 Internet connection and a Windows compatible sound system.


Nexbell Deploys Cisco’s VoIP Technologies
Nexbell Communications said that it is has deployed Cisco’s VoIP based hardware and software technologies to build its network. The firm’s network has operations in Atlanta, Arlington, Austin, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit (Southfield), Durham, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa. It also plans to further expand the offering to include 30 additional markets by the end of the year, and another 70 markets by 2002.

The company also recently reported that it is offering an affiliate provider program, Multi-Exchange Transport Services (METS), that enables participating providers to offer a flat rate U.S. domestic VoIP services. The program is designed to allow firms that offer services on a local basis to integrate VoIP services into the local offering, and interconnect with Nexbell’s VoIP infrastructure to provide connectivity throughout the U.S.

Nexbell Communications

iDial Networks Acquires Whoofnet.com for $8.1 Million
iDial Networks announced that it has acquired Whoofnet.com for approximately $8.1 million in stock. The company intends to integrate Whoofnet’s marketing capabilities and technologies into its own to develop and market additional VoIP and wireless application telephony solutions on a global basis.

iDial Networks recently deployed SynapSys’ NUCLEUS enhanced platform over a Cisco based infrastructure to build a VoIP/TDM based network to offer domestic and international calling services. Initially, the provider expects to launch multi-lingual pre and post paid services in four U.S. markets, with plans to expand the network and services into an additional 22 markets by fall. It also recently launched a flat rate calling program that allows service users to place phone to phone calls in and between select markets throughout Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and the U.S. for 8.9 CPM. In addition, it has developed a wireless technology that enables Palm users to access its VoIP network to place calls.

iDial Networks


Yupi Internet Teams With Ursus Telecom For Services
Yupi Internet, a line of Spanish-language compliant web sites, announced that it has teamed with Ursus Telecom to develop Yupi-Telefono (Yupi-Telephone), three VoIP products/services that use Ursus’ IP telephony networks for connectivity. The three services are branded PC-A-Telefono (PC to telephone), Retorno de Llamada (Call Back) and Tarjetas Telefonicas (Calling Cards). PC-A-Telefono enables users to place a call from any PC in the world to any traditional phone in over 160 countries. Retorno de Llamada is a pre paid call back service that provides connectivity throughout the world. Tarjetas Telefonicas is an international calling card service that allows users to place calls to and from over 160 countries.

Ursus Telecom provides international telecommunications services including long distance, direct-dial and Internet telephony in over 45 countries throughout Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the U.S. The company has switching facilities and POPs in Sunrise (Florida), Frankfurt, Lima, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg and Tokyo. Its subsidiary, theStream.com, offers phone to phone and PC to phone VoIP services.

Yupi Internet

Ursus Telcom


North County Teams With InformationPages to Bring Directory Online
The North County Access Yellow Pages, the local phone book for North San Luis Obispo County, reported that it has teamed with InformationPages.com to develop an online version of the directory listing publication. The online listing will include email contact information, web addresses and iPhoneline.com’s web based VoIP technology, e-one-800. The e-one-800 technology will enable visitors to initiate IP telephony communications with the business listed in the directory by clicking a call icon.

e-one-800 enables a web site visitor to click a call icon to automatically downloaded a PC client, , an H.323 compliant product, that initiates the call set up and connection. It features applications that allow users to track and monitor calls, providing call details including source, destination, time, and charges. It also includes an application that can track the origination of calls and calculate related commissions due to the origination provider.

InformationPages recently teamed with iPhoneline.com to integrate the VoIP into its own online directory listings.

North County Access Yellow Pages



Telco Systems to Acquire Ezenia!
Telco Systems, a BATM Company, said that it has signed a LOI to acquire Ezenia!’s network access technologies. Financial details were not disclosed. Telco Systems intends to integrate Ezenia!’s products and the employees associated with the Series I, Series II, BRICK and Smart-ISDN product families, as well as the new StreamSpan products into its own operations to further develop solutions for on demand, broadband streaming video.

Telco Systems

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