IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 20 2001

Titan Wireless To Deploy Nuera Communications’ Technologies
Titan Wireless announced that it has signed an agreement with Nuera Communications to purchase network infrastructure equipment. Initially the firms plan to integrate Nuera’s ORCA GX product line into Titan’s gateways, which will be used to backhaul GSM and wireline traffic between remote urban sites and a main hub in Calavi, in the West African Republic of Benin. Nuera’s equipment will be used to create voice packets, handling compression and multiplexing at both ends of the network.

Titan provides global voice, data, and Internet telecommunications via VSATs, WLLs, and fiber-optic networks that have a presence in more than 20 countries throughout Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Titan Wireless

Nuera Communications

VoicePump Introduces Voiceband Processing Engines
VoicePump, a DSP Group subsidiary, announced the introduction of integrated silicon/software solutions for voice-over-broadband CPE. The vendor has expanded its VP100 series of voiceband-processing engines for low-density VoIP gateways and VoDSL IADs to include models VP110 and VP120, which are optimized for one- and two-port applications, respectively, and are pin-to-pin compatible with the company’s four-port VP140. The devices support technologies including G.168 echo cancellation, G.722 and G.722.1, G.726 ADPCM, G.728 low-delay CELP and G.729A/B 8kbps CS-ACELP with speech coding and telephony applications configurable on a per-channel basis, and integrate DSP Group’s TeakLite programmable DSP core with sigma-delta analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. In addition, the chips’ host ports are compatible with various packet-based host processors including PowerPC, ARM and MIPS.

The products are currently in limited production, available for sampling in 128-pin plastic, quad-flat packages. The VP110 starts at $11 and the VP120 at $16, in volumes of 10,000.


Suntech Systems Teams With Telia to Develop and Offer Services
Suntech Systems, a national systems integrator, said that it has signed an agreement with Telia Internet, a subsidiary of Telia International Carrier, in which the firms intend to provide an array of Internet related services to the MDU marketplace under the brand Noment Networks. According to the terms of the deal, Noment will provide high-speed Internet access services as well as other IP transport services such as VPNs, VLANs, VoIP provisioning, nationwide dial-up access, and streaming video services.

Suntech Systems

Telia Internet

NetNumber and VocalData Team For Interoperable VoIP Solution
VocalData said that it is planning to integrate support for NetNumber’s ENUM IP directory services technology into its VOISS (Voice Over Internet Solution). The integrated solution will enable users to offer an array of IP based voice/data services with service address discovery and IP interconnection between VocalData’s customers.

The ENUM service/technology translates telephone numbers into alternative addressing information in the form of URIs, which can include IP application addresses such as SIP proxy or enhanced services applications, enabling a variety of communications services such as voice calls, to be delivered via public or private IP communications links.

The VOISS solution is a service delivery softswitch that enables service providers to offer carrier-grade voice services and enhanced applications on an open architecture. It offers support for SIP, MGCP and SCCP (Signaling Connection Control Port), and is designed to interoperate with Cisco’s 7910 and 7960, as well as Polycom’s SoundPoint IP, and IADs from Vpacket, Copper Mountain and Integral Access.



Hollybridge to Distribute VocalTec’s VoIP eCommerce Technology
Beijing Hollybridge System Integration, a China based call center system integrator, has reported that it is planning to distribute VocalTec’s VoIP VoIP-based, web-enabled call center technologies, Surf&Call, throughout China. The Surf&Call Solutions enable consumers to communicate with businesses through interactive multimedia and telecommunications services, offering support for: web to phone buttons that allow instant voice connection via the Internet to traditional call center-based agents; sharing of pages and forms including guided web browsing, assisted form completion with text chat; and web-initiated callback processing.

Beijing Hollybridge System Integration


Paramax and MHL Reach Retail/Development Alliance
Paramax, a small/medium corporate telephony hardware vendor, reported that it has reached an agreement with MHL Communications, in which it will market MHL’s VoIP enabling device, PhoneBridge, and the firms will also co-develop and market additional VoIP products and technologies. In addition to telephony hardware, Paramax also offers no-charge PC to PC VoIP long distance services.

The PhoneBridge unit, which connects between a PC’s or MAC’s speakers/microphone and full duplex soundcard, enables a user to plug in a traditional telephone, including cordless models, to place calls over the Internet. It is also interoperable with several other provider’s PC to PC, PC to phone, phone to phone and web based VoIP offerings.


MHL Communications

ePhone Telecom Launches Unlimited Domestic Pre-Paid Calling Card
ePhone Telecom has reported that it has launched a pre-paid calling card program, which enables participants to place unlimited domestic calls within 48 contiguous U.S. states for the $54.95 per month. The carrier intends to initially market the program to pre-qualified customers who have interest in saving money on long distance telephone bills.

ePhone Telecom

ADIR Technologies Finalizes NetSpeak Acquisition
ADIR Technologies that it has completed the acquisition of NetSpeak Corporation. According to the terms of the merger agreement, ADIR paid $3.10 in cash for each outstanding share of NetSpeak’s common stock, a value of approximately $48 million.

ADIR Technologies


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