IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 21 2000

China Unicom to Deploy NetSpeak’s VoIP Technologies
China Unicom reported that it is planning to deploy NetSpeak’s VoIP technologies. According to the terms of the approximately $1.9 million deal, China Unicom intends to deploy NetSpeak’s VoIP VPN solution as part of its initial 311 market national network deployment. Datacraft Asia, a NetSpeak systems integrator, secured the contract and will provide network installation, systems integration and local support services.

The Voice VPN solution supports IP based communications including voice, fax and data between headquarters, and remote and branch offices. It can also be used to provide global long distance call termination services by routing traffic to remotely located Voice VPN POPs or by using a service provider’s infrastructure. One H.323 compliant Voice VPN unit can be deployed at a central office to support multiple enterprise locations, and/or private dialing plans across multiple domains. A Voice VPN POP can also be accessed using a calling card to enable remotely located workers to access the network to route calls. In addition, the unit enables users to route calls via a least cost method by offering the option of routing calls over the public Internet or the private VPN. The is also supported by NetSpeak’s core iTEL line of VoIP products.

The iTEL solution consists of gatekeeper and route server technologies, as well as value added solutions such as Voice VPN, Internet call waiting, call screening, PC to phone and eCommerce connectivity. Both the iTEL gatekeeper and route server support H.323 v2, SIP and MGCP technologies. The gatekeeper can handle more than 100 calls per second, with authentication, authorization and accounting functionality. The solution can be scaled to handle thousands of E1/T1 ports by adding additional equipment. It also has the failover capability to reroute traffic to another unit. The route server manages specific resources of a network. It offloads network control functions such as managing network resources and determining route priorities from the gatekeeper, and it provides least cost routing, percentage based routing, quality based routing and time of day routing capabilities.

Datacraft Asia


China Unicom

ComGates Introduces Two New Gateway Products
ComGates Communications has announced the introduction of two new IP telephony gateways branded CMGW-5000 and CSSW-4000. The CSSW unit is a softswitch designed to provide on the fly multi protocol capabilities that can automatically switch traffic between various H.323, SIP, MGCP technologies, with support for MEGACO technologies under development. It can also run various protocol technologies simultaneously including G.723.1 (at both 6.3 and 5.3 bit rates), G.711, G.729a, Q.931, H.225, H.245, SIP, SIP-BCP-T, SX7300P and MGCP. The CMGW product is designed as a media gateway that can support from 2 to 24 E1s. It offers interfaces for CCS – PRI, CAS – R1/R2, DTMF signaling and SS7 (ANSI, ISUP/TUP), and a 10/100BaseT LAN interface. It also supports H.323 and SIP technologies such as G.723.1, G.711, G.729, SX7300P, SX9600P, CAS and Q.931. The unit can be controlled via SNMP or a browser based interface that utilize dedicated applications to provide an array of management capabilities. In addition, both products support IVR and automated announcement functionality.

ComGates Communications

Ingram & Tech Data to Resell Siemens’ IP Phones & Adapters
Siemens Information and Communication Networks has reported that both Ingram Micro and Tech Data are reselling its optiPoint 300 line of IP telephones, and HiPath AP 1100 IP adapter products.

The H.323 compliant IP phone is a business telephone that offers a built in Ethernet network port to interface directly with a corporation’s LAN (including existing data LANs). It is designed to operate with Siemen’s HiPath 5000 line of IP based communications servers as well as an array of other H.323 compliant IP PBX systems. The product features capabilities including automatic redial, on-hook dialing, hands-free operation, 16 programmable speed dial numbers and date/time display. It can also store the details of the past 20 unanswered calls such as phone number and time of call. In addition, system administrators can use SNMP and DHCP technologies to manage a network of phones, and upgrade the units via TFTP software download.

The single port plug and play HiPath IP adapter product can be used to connect fax machines (Group 3), up to 33.6 Kbps modems, and analog or wireless telephones to an Ethernet LAN to enable to route traffic over IP networks. The H.323 (G.711 and G.723.1) compliant product also supports H.225 (signaling), H.245 (media control), TCP/IP, TFTP (file transfer for remote configuration), DHCP and SNMP management technologies.

Tech Data Corporation

Ingram Micro

Siemens Information and Communications Networks

Crys-Tel & Pedro Forne & CIA To Deploy VoIP POP in Uruguay
Crys-Tel Telecommunications.com announced that it is teaming with Pedro Forne & CIA (PFCIA) to form a Uruguayan based entity, Crys-Tel Uruguay, that will focus developing VoIP POPs in Montevideo, Uruguay. Initially, the entity intends to deploy 3 gateways to support voice, video, fax and other Internet based traffic to and from the Montevideo market, with plans to deploy an additional 7 gateways within the first six months of operations. The initial deployment is expected to begin by at least next week. In addition, Crys-Tel Uruguay is in the process of developing a prepaid phone card offering that will be available in various rates and denominations for single and multiple calls. The companies also intend to use the Uruguayan location to enter additional South American markets including Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Last month, when the firms initially reported the agreement, Crys-Tel was negotiating deals with exchange carriers in Europe (primarily Spain) to transport traffic to the Uruguayan market, and had already landed several contracts for approximately 2 million minutes of traffic per month. In addition, the provider has established similar partnerships with other providers (both private and government owned) in Albania (Crys-Tel Albania) and Italy (Crys-Tel Italia), and is negotiating contracts with other providers in select markets throughout France, Monaco, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

Crys-Tel Telecommunications.com

Colt Telecom & Genuity Deploy XACCT’s CC&B Technology
XACCT reported that both Colt Telecom and Genuity are planning to deploy its IP based customer care and billing solution, XACCTusage, to manage and bill for their respective IP based services. Colt initially plans to deploy the technology throughout its operations in nine European countries and in New York City to interconnect with its own billing systems. Genuity has deployed the technology throughout its Cisco equipment based U.S. domestic IP network to support a variety of pricing models for its VoIP services.

XACCTusage enables providers to define the exact IP session information that would like to be captured from IP services including WAP, file transfer, VoIP, video as well as any other service. It collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to CDRs. It can create usage-based bills via an array of parameters.

In other news, Genuity said that it is planning to further develop its VoIP network to support more than one billion minutes of traffic. Since the firm launched the service late last year, it has routed over 700 million minutes of traffic. The service utilizes the company’s U.S. domestic fiber network, which spans 17,500 miles and also offers select international market connectivity.

Colt Telecom



Intelligent Public Network to Deploy Interspeed’s VoDSL Technology
Intelligent Public Network (IPN), an Australian provider, announced that it has contracted with Interspeed to develop an array of high speed DSL based services throughout Australia. According to the terms of the 5 year, approximately $100 million agreement, Interspeed will supply its EdgeSpeed DSL access routes to IPN, and aid the provider in developing services such as Internet access, VoIP, online back-up and a variety of eCommerce services. The firms have already begun to deploy the technologies in three undisclosed markets covered by the national network that IPN is in the process of deploying.

Intelligent Public Network


UTStarcom Introduces IP Based Multiservice Platform
UTStarcom has reported the introduction of the WACOS, it IP based multiservice distributed switching solution. The system can support port capacities of up to 26,000 lines. It offers a variety of network access technologies including fixed and/or mobile, voice and data. Its softswitch technology allows it to interface with TDM and/or IP based infrastructures, and the vendor is further developing the solution to support additional capabilities such as V/FoIP, 3G WCDMA, and other wireless and high speed data applications.

In related news, UTStarcom said that the PTB, a provider in Qingyuan (Guangdong Province), China has deployed the WACOS platform to offer services. The system is expected to provide coverage over Qingyuan as well as in the nearby county of Qingxin.


Hilgraeve Receives Patent for Peer to Peer Communications
Hilgraeve reported that it has received U.S. patent number 6,094,676 for its Method and Apparatus for Peer to Peer Communications. The technology enables computer users to initiate Internet connections to modem users that are not online. The firm intends to license the technology to instant messaging, Internet telephony, unified messaging and conferencing technology developers.


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