IP Telephony news wrap-up for Aug 21 – 2006

Quintum Technologies has introduced Tenor AF, an 8-line device for SOHO and remote office implementations that can be configured to be used as a gateway station (2, 4, or 8 FXS ports) trunking (2, 4, or 8 FXO ports), or within an enterprise (4 or 6 FXS ports and 2 FXO ports) network. The gateway features support for 8 simultaneous calls, multilingual IVR and an integrated H.323 gatekeeper and SIP B2BUA.

Call management features include intelligent call routing, auto call detection, answer and disconnect supervision, trunk group support, public and private dial plan support, user programmable dial plan support, forced IP routing and IP port mapping, auto appending and stripping of digits to dialed numbers, CDRs, LCR, and type 1 caller ID/name support.

The gateway employs G.723.1a, G.729ab, and G.711 voice algorithms. It supports auto CODEC negotiation, fax and modem support, option of FXS or FXO configuration, RJ-11 connectors, and can handle up to 600 calls per hour.

Pricing for the Tenor AF begins at $330.

Survivability is a new feature for Quintum’s products. Known as Tenor S, the technology uses a local SIP proxy to maintain operation of local SIP endpoints and intelligent call routing in the case connectivity to the main proxy server is lost. This capability complements the already integrated PSTN failover.

Tenor S is available for $365 with gateways in the Tenor AF and AX product lines.

Quintum Technologies
Light Reading has released The VoIP Management Gap: Problems and Solutions, a 18-page study details and analyzes the key challenges that VOIP poses to managers of enterprise networks, including factors affecting service quality and issues arising from deployment of VOIP across converged IP networks.

The report identifies and profiles 18 different suppliers of VOIP management systems that target enterprise customers, including Brix Networks, Empirix, Fluke Networks, InfoVista, Network General, and Spirent. It discusses the differences between active and passive VOIP management tools and identifies the important features and functions required for enterprise VOIP management. It also evaluates different approaches that enterprises can use to assess VOIP management products prior to deployment.

The publication can be purchased as a stand alone report for $900 or for $1,295 you can subscribe to the firm’s Enterprise VoIP Insider service and get 6 reports that cover issues related to the enterprise VoIP market.

Light Reading
Enterprise VoIP Insider
Toshiba America Information Systems has introduced Strata CIX40 IP, a hybrid IP/TDM PBX that supports up to 16 station ports and 8 IP channels. The system runs off of a 32-bit RISC processor, DRAM working memory, and SRAM with lithium battery for back up memory.

Application support is offered separately through the Strata media application server. Even voicemail is an add-on.

Pricing varies wildly based on configuration, but Toshiba has estimated that the average per station price would be around $400.

Toshiba America Information Systems
GN Netcom has introduced GN 9330 USB, a Wi-Fi (1.9 GHz) headset designed for operation in IP networks. The peripheral features 6-hours of talk time with a roaming range up to 200 feet. The headset, which weighs less than one ounce, can be worn over the head or on the ear.

The GN 9330 USB features wideband audio, a noise canceling mic, and 64-bit digital encryption. It goes for $249.

GN Netcom
Synergy has released Enterprise VoIP Worldwide Market Shares, a 102-page quarterly report that tracks the worldwide market for enterprise VoIP equipment including IP phones, PBXs, KTS, and gateways. Market shares and forecasts are provided in units, ports/lines, and manufacturer sales. The data is also segmented geographically by worldwide, U.S., EMEA, UK, APAC, and LAM regions.

The publication features profiles of 3Com, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, Shoretel, Siemens, Sphere, Quintum, VegaStream and Vertical.

The study also includes coverage of IP-only LAN telephony systems, hybrid IP/TDM systems and traditional PBX and KTS systems.

Synergy find that the worldwide enterprise VoIP market grew 30.4% year over year and 13.7% sequentially, driven primarily by IP phone shipments, which grew 53% year over year and 2.38% sequentially.

Enterprise VoIP equipment sales were up 39% year over year in APAC compared with 31% growth in the U.S. and 25% growth in the EMEA.

Cisco and Avaya reported a strong Q2, with Cisco shipping more than one million IP phones and Avaya shipping more than one million Converged lines.

For the worldwide market, market share was led by Cisco (+29% quarterly growth), Avaya (+14.7%), Nortel (+20.6%), Alcatel (+9.3%), and Mitel (+2.7%). In APAC, market share differed, with Avaya leading the way (-6.3% quarterly decline), followed by Alcatel (+11.1%), Cisco (+40.6%), NEC (+226.3%), and Nortel (+78.1%).

The study is available for $2,495.

Synergy Research Group
Apparent Networks has introduced AppCritical, network performance software that provides pre-deployment assessments and on-going management of IP networks. The technology evaluates peformance capability, and identifies and isolates sources of degradation. The software is being marketed as a simple solution that can be used and understood without the need of an expert engineer.

AppCritical SME is available for $40,000.

Apparent Networks
VoiceCon published a list of announcements scheduled to roll out during the show, but many haven’t made the wire services yet. The following is a list of what is slated to emerge from the event this week:

— Aastra Intecom is introducing Aastra Intecom Strategic Alliance Program for CVCC, an Agency program to allow VARs and strategic partners to offer its Hosted Contact Center solution, Centergy Virtual Contact Center, to their customers as a value-added service with no capital investment. http://www.aastraintecom.com

— Alcatel is introducing new features for WLAN, multi-site SMBs, and a SIP network interface on the Alcatel OmniPCX Office IP communication server; plus MyTeamwork LMRCC solution enabling Land Mobile Radio networks to interoperate with any telephony device on any network. http://www.alcatel.com

— Aspen Networks — first announcement and display of 365-VOIP, a multi-link WAN switch that provides high availability and peak performance for VoIP and other mission-critical applications. The 365-VOIP is ideal for managed providers, enabling them to deliver more reliable, secure and cost- effective services. http://www.aspen-networks.com

— AVST will announce the V2000 server, an all-new server platform with a rack-mount form factor and the CallXpress Turnkey solution, offering CallXpress software pre-loaded on the T2000, V2000, I4000, I6000 model servers. http://www.avst.com

— Clarus Systems will announce its newest version of ClarusIPC Operations software, which features improved automated testing of large IP telephony deployments to maximize system performance and now delivers enhanced security reporting to prevent critical IP telephony security risks. http://www.clarussystems.com

— FaxCore will announce the award winning FaxCore fax server, built on Microsoft.NET, which allows organizations to fax enable applications and users without installing software on the desktop or the Exchange Server. http://www.faxcore.com

— Fluke Networks will be demonstrating new aspects of its VoIP Lifecycle Management solution, which include the Visual UpTime Select and its VoIP Planner module with Fluke’s NetTool Inline Tester, OptiView Link Analyzer and Protocol Expert, and the OptiView Integrated Network Analyzer. http://www.flukenetworks.com/fnet/en-us

— NEC Unified Solutions will launch its Managed IP Telephony Service offering; an integrated solution combining leased NEC equipment with maintenance services. NEC will also launch its eTHOS Contact Center offering, which provides users with an open development platform that delivers scalability, customization and investment protection for customers’ unique environments. http://www.necunified.com/main/

— NetQoS will demonstrate the newly available NetQoS Performance Center 2.0 providing a unified view into critical VoIP statistics. http://www.netqos.com/

— PacketBase will officially launch on August 21st, 2006 . The Services Oriented Provider will unveil the company’s PacketBase Client Evolution Program designed to help clients achieve market differentiation and competitive advantages as they create IP Communications strategies. http://www.packetbase.com

— Sagem Interstar will unveil the latest software release of its field- proven XMediusFAX SP, the world’s only multi-tenant, boardless T.38 FoIP server, targeting service providers and large enterprises. http://www.faxserver.com

— Sprint and Avaya will announce a joint agreement for development and delivery of hosted VoIP wireline and wireless services for the North American marketplace.

— SyncVoice Communications will be announcing release 4.2 of VXTracker and a channel partner program. http://www.syncvoice.com

— Unimax — 2nd Nature will be publicly demonstrated for the first time. 2nd Nature offers secure, unified administration of multi-vendor voice network systems, audit trails and data consistency between enterprise databases. http://www.unimax.com

— XRoads Networks is launching the EdgeVoIP product line, a product family that will provide assured VoIP reliability and QoS prioritization for branch office and central office environments by multihoming two or more WAN connections from diverse service providers. http://www.xroadsnetworks.com

In-Stat has released DSL IC Chipsets: The Emergence of VDSL2, a report that includes port shipment and revenue forecasts for the worldwide market of DSL IC chipsets. The study includes analysis of standards’ development and a discussion of the technology’s presence in major regional markets globally. Vendor market share data is provided for 2005 and Q1 of this year.

The firm finds that ports of DSL shipments (CO and CPE for ADSL, VDSL, and SHDSL) will increase from 153.1 million in 2005 to 185.5 million in 2010. Revenues are projected to decline over the next 4 years.

Data and VoIP are expected to account for the majority of port shipments through 2010, but IPTV is projected to impact the market greatly, as carriers worldwide begin to deploy the ADSL2+/VDSL2-based technology.

The report is available for $3,495.

Dell’Oro has released its quarterly report on the worldwide market for service provider edge routers, known simply as Routers Quarterly Report. The ongoing study tracks market revenue, average selling prices, unit and port shipments and price for router and WAN switch technologies.

The firm finds that the market grew 30% over the year, with Q2 revenues at $900 million. The market leaders are Cisco (+19% growth over the year), Juniper (-7%), Alcatel (+354%), and Redback (+114%).

Dell’Oro Group

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