IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 23 2004

1. SysMaster Adds GR-303 & SS7/C7 Stacks to VoIP & PSTN Gear
SysMaster has added GR-303 and SS7/C7 protocol stacks to its VoIP and PSTN equipment to facilitate the integration of its VoIP gateways and softswitches with the Class 4 and 5 infrastructures used by major telecom providers. Typical applications for GR-303 include VoDSL, VoCable, and VoWireless. The SS7/C7 stack supports multiple implementations including SS7 media and signaling gateway, SS7 signal softswitch, and SS7 signal converter.


3. Orbit to Use Signal’s Terminal Adapter with VoIP Service
Orbit will deploy Signal Communications’ SP100x and SP200 VoIP gateways in conjunction with its recently launched primary line residential VoIP service, SmartVoice.

The SP200 is an analog telephone adaptor with one WAN port and two phone ports. The device supports VPN pass-through as well as TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP, SIP, G.711, G.729, G.723, G.726, and IPsec. The SP100X is a media router with one WAN port, one LAN port, and one phone port. It supports the same protocols and functionality as the SP200 as well as supporting NAT.

Signal primarily supplies China-based telecom providers.


Signal Communications

5. Cisco Using Radcom’s Tech to Conduct QoS Audits
Cisco Systems’ Advanced Service Group is using Radcom’s Omni-Q Lite, a voice quality performance monitoring software solution, to conduct QoS audits of its customer production networks. Omni-Q Lite includes a management server, an Oracle database and a web application server. The solution uses portable probes to collect QoS metrics, which are used to provide graphical network performance analysis and reporting.

Cisco Systems


7. Telecom Cost Management Unveils VoIP Audit Software
Telecom Cost Management has introduced a VoIP module to its Telecom Bill Cost Transparency Program, a software solution for auditing consumer bills. The technology checks the accuracy of bills by reviewing it against 114 different angles, such as from taxes, prolific fees of the tariff, and service guide rate tables. In addition, the software can measure how much broadband service you need.

Once mistakes are uncovered, Telecom Cost Management staff can file for refund checks and credits on behalf of the consumer.

Telecom Cost Management

9. Qualcomm Conducts VoAirplane Test
On July 15, Qualcomm conducted a wireless VoIP test on an American Airlines commercial airplane, enabling passengers with commercially available CDMA mobile phones to place and receive calls and text messages in-flight. The technology employed Qualcomm’s 3G picocell network and UTStarcom’s Moving Media 2000 softswitch to support a VoIP connection between an in-cabin CDMA cellular base station and an air-to -ground Globalstar satellite link.

Boeing conducted a similar VoAirplane test last month, supporting in-flight PC to phone connectivity on a Lufthansa aircraft using Xten’s softphone.



CORRECTION: Cisco has Shipped More Than 3 Million IP Phones
Last week, the IP Pulse misreported that Cisco had shipped its one millionth IP phone worldwide. Instead, Cisco had shipped its one millionth IP phone to Europe. Globally, Cisco has shipped more than 3 million IP phones, surpassing the 3 million mark in May of this year with a shipment to Adobe.

Cisco Systems

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