IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 24 1998

MediaCom Unveils Least Cost Routing Product for Telephony

MediaCom has announced the release of its MegaMiser Intelligent Telephony
Router, a least cost telephony and fax routing product. The software runs
on a PC attached to a user’s LAN to perform LCR for outbound calls. Each
time a call is placed, MegaMiser searches its database of national and
international carriers to find the lowest rates for that particular call
via traditional or IP based networks. The product updates its LCR tables
on a monthly basis.



Packet Engines to Distribute Netrix’s Voice Over Data Equipment

Packet Engines has announced that it will market and sell Netrix’s full
range of voice over data products. Netrix’s array of products include the
Network Exchange 2201 for branch/remote offices, the mid-range Network
Exchange 2210 which scales up to several thousand ports, and the
multi-service Network Exchange 2550 ATM switch which provides central
office solutions. The non-exclusive contract covers a term of three years.

Packet Engines has already placed the first order with Netrix for a
contract in Washington State.



Packet Engines


RightFAX Adds Branch Office Connectivity to its Fax Server

RightFAX has announced the release of its RightFAX Satellite Server. The
product is a fax server and e-mail gateway product for branch offices of up
to 15 users. It enables the branch offices to leverage the connectivity
and resources of the main office’s RightFAX Enterprise fax server to send
and receive facsimiles or email.

RightFAX offers additional add on modules for its enterprise server
including the Web Client, the e-mail Gateway, the TeleConnect, the Docs on
Demand, the PDF/PScript and the Enhanced OCR.



Natural MicroSystems Unveils Four Port Fax Board

Natural MicroSystems has announced the availability of its NaturalFax/QX
fax boards. The four-port fax boards are optimized for PCI based
microcomputer platforms. The board utilizes a Texas Instruments’ C549 100
MIPS DSP chip, on board call control and voice and fax processing software
to enable each port to answer a call, provide IVR, or send and receive a

The board supports the T.30 facsimile protocol for compatibility with group
3 fax machines.

The NaturalFax/QX fax board is priced at $1595. It is expected to be
available by October.

Natural MicroSystems


The Rayes Group to Use Netrue Products for IP Telephony in China

Rayes Technology Group has announced that it will purchase Netrue’s IP
telephony equipment to develop China Online, its IP telephony network in
China. The group plans to invest $5 million into the development of the
network. It will utilize NeTrue’s full line of IP telephony equipment
(including IP telephony gateways, IP voice/fax messaging gateways,
client/server IP fax solutions and gatekeeper and network control
applications) to develop the network.



Rayes Group


Bell Canada Uses Nortel Equipment to Offer IP Telephony to Businesses

Bell Canada has announced that it is offering a voice/fax over IP (V/FoIP)
Enterprise Gateway service to enable medium and large business customers
with multiple locations to use existing IP data networks to transmit voice
and fax. The service will utilize equipment from Nortel’s IPConnect
portfolio of VoIP products including a family of gateways with port
densities ranging from 24 to 100,000, and gatekeeper solutions.

Bell Canada will install the equipment directly in an existing data network
or design and implement a new IP data network based on a customer’s
specific needs.

Bell Canada




PhoneXchange to Offer Traditional Telephony With Plans for VoIP

PhoneXchange has announced that it is building a long distance switching
network to offer a wide array of wholesale and retail long distance
services. The provider plans to initially operate switches in Los Angeles,
New York, and Miami. The company has indicated that it plans to enable the
network to support communications technologies such as VoIP.



The Centre for EuroTelecomms Announces IP Telephony Seminars in London

The Centre for EuroTelecomms has announced that it will host Marketing and
Making Money from
IP-TELEPHONY on October 27-28, 1998 at the Hilton on Park Lake in London.
The two day event will focus on the profitability of public IP telephony
services. The seminar will also offer information on what services to
offer, how the market will develop, what the marketing strategies of
existing players are and how traditional telcos are responding to the

In conjunction with the event, Delta Three will host a one day workshop
dubbed Building an International ITSP. The workshop will be held on
October 29, in the same hotel in London.

For more information on the events, visit



Delta Three


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