IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 24 2002

1. BredBandsbolaget to Launch Residential VoIP in Sweden
Bredbandsbolaget will launch a residential VoIP service to the 220,000 homes in 40 cities in Sweden that it passes with its Ethernet over fiber broadband network. The SIP service will be driven by Cisco’s equipment. The network includes Catalyst 6500 switches, 12000 series Internet routers, a SIP proxy server, PGW2200 PSTN gateway call control, and AS5000 series gateways.

The PGW2200 provides the SS7 interface to Telia’s PSTN network and interworks the SS7 signaling to the VoIP SIP signaling. The SIP proxy provides the central call control, routing and location services for users on the network. Customers will deploy Cisco’s analogue telephone adapters to enable existing phones to access the service.


Cisco Systems

3. I-Link Awarded Patent for VoIP Technology
I-Link has received a patent for VoIP technology that it filed with the U.S. Patent Office in 1996. The patent, no. 6,438,124, reflects foundational thinking, application, and practice, and is based on the company’s Voice Internet Transmission System, an approach that makes Internet telephony possible via Internet access nodes and VoIP gateways.

I-link develops VoIP technology and through its subsidiary, WorldxChange, provides domestic and international long distance service.


5. iBasis Receives NASDAQ Delisting Notice; FT to Depart AMEX
iBasis has received a NASDAQ Staff Determination letter notifying the company that it does not comply with the minimum bid price requirement of $1 per share and does not meet the continued inclusion requirements for the SmallCap market. As a result, the company is scheduled to be delisted. iBasis will request a hearing before a NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel to argue that it should not be delisted.

iBasis holds a 13% share of all international VoIP traffic. Its network spans more than 85 on-net countries and is the world’s largest international Cisco-based VoIP network.

Franklin Telecom will be delisted from AMEX on August 26. The company will return to OTC:BB trading. AMEX booted the Franklin for its (1) steep decline in reveneues over the past two years, (2) failing to file a Listing of Additional Shares Application with the Exchange, (3) failing to hold a shareholder’s meeting in a timely fashion, and, (4) a very low share price.


Franklin Telecom

7. Infonetics Releases Quarterly VoIP Product Market Study
Infonetics Research has released its quarterly study of VoIP equipment, Next Gen Voice Products. The report includes worldwide forecasts as well as regional forecasts for North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and ROW for VoB gateways, broadband loop carriers, RAC VoIP gateways, voice/data switches, media servers, softswitches, and voice application servers. Companies tracked include Alcatel, Broadsoft, Cirpack, Cisco, ComMatch, CommWorks, Convedia, Convergent, General Bandwidth, Integral Access, IP Unity, Italtel, LongBoard, Lucent, MetaSwitch, Nexverse, Nortel, Nuera, Occam, Santera, Siemens, Snowshore, Sonus, Sylantro, tdSoft, Tekelec, Telcordia, Telica, Terayon, UTStarcom, Vocaldata, and Zhone.

The firm finds that worldwide revenue for VoIP products totaled $233.6 million in Q’2 of this year, down 18% from Q’1. Revenues for CY02 are projected to be $1.1 billion. In Asia Pacific, revenues for VoIP products totaled $40 million in Q’2. Revenue projects for this area are expected to reach $237 million for CY02.

Infonetics finds the softswitch market grew 14% in Q’2, with notable increases in EMEA and Asia Pacific. Worldwide revenues for media servers, a new product area tracked by the firm, totaled $6.7 million in Q’2, an 83% increase over the previous quarter.

Infonetics Research

9. WavePower.Net to Buy Better Call Home, a VoIP Marketer
WavePower.Net will acquire Better Call Home, owners of global marketing rights to a VoIP service that provides calling from the U.S. to a few traffic destinations. The PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, and phone-to-phone service, known as TelcoBlue offers rates 40% to 50% lower than most telcos. WavePower.Net intends to change its company name to TelcoBlue.

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