IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 25 2000

Sprint to Deploy Lucent’s Technologies
Lucent reported that Sprint is planning to deploy its technology to expand its Internet access capacity and further develop its next gen Internet service offerings throughout the U.S. According to the terms of the approximately $200 million agreement, Lucent will provide Sprint with its Softswitch based Intenret Call Diversion (ICD) solution, APX 8000 Multiservice Access Switches, and NavisAccess Network Management and NetworkCare Professional Services applications. The technologies will enable Sprint to develop and manage an array of IP services including dial up Internet access, ISDN, VoIP, FoIP and VPN services.



IEC Release Carrier Market Report
The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) reported that it has just released a study entitled, Carrier IP Telephony 2000: A Comprehensive Report. The study examines a variety of issues and challenges that carriers will face in developing IP services and networks including network convergence, optical IP networks, DSL access alternatives and business models, ASP delivery models and networks, scaling VoIP to PSTN levels, delivering IP QoS, integrating IP with PBX systems, demand drivers and markets for eCommerce applications, as well as real-time OSS for next-generation service management. It indicates that due to lack of bandwidth constraints in the local loop, business to business eCommerce is expected to increase to $1.3 trillion by 2003, with business to consumer revenues forecast to increase to $150 billion during the same time frame. In addition, it goes on to project that data services (specifically ATM and IP based) are expected to account for 35 percent of total telecommunications revenues by 2003, with voice revenues expected to account about 50 percent, and the remaining 15 percent coming from various managed services.

For more information or to order the report, contact Julie Brandt at jbrandt@iec.org or 312-559-4609.

International Engineering Consortium

Mapletree Networks Introduces Network Access Module
Mapletree Networks has reported the introduction of the MTN1048, its network access module for OEMs developing telecommunications convergence applications. The 48 port product attaches as a daughter card to a carrier card via a PMC interface, and can acquire and process 64 kbps DS-0 channels from network interface devices such as T1/PRI cards. It dynamically configures each port to process any type of voice, data or fax (dial-up or packet based) on a call by call basis. The product can be used to develop support for a variety of services including modem, fax, VoIP, FoIP, wireless, and VoDSL/VTOA. It offers built in support for H.323 technologies including G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, and G.729B coders, G.165 and G.168 echo cancellation, voice activity detection, comfort noise generation, DTMF relay, jitter buffer management and playback, call status/progress monitoring, statistics/error collection, and system diagnostics. It also supports I.366.2 and I.363.2 loop emulation and trunking for VTOA gateways, and supports wireless technologies such as PIAFS and GSM, with support for TFO in progress. In addition, it includes data support for V.90, V.34, as well as lower modulations, and NP5, V.42bis compression, MNP 2-4 and V.42 error correction, and it provides fax technologies such as V.17, V.29, V.27ter, T-30, Class 2 and Class 2.0 fax modulations.

The product is currently available. It is priced at $25.00 per port, depending on functionality, in volume.

Mapletree Networks

VirtualCom Enters Latin American Market Via EasyMial Acquisition
VirtualCom announced that it has acquired EasyMail. The deal has an approximate value of $3.7 million, and will provide both the Hiller Group of Chile and AT&T with a minority stake in VirtualCom via each firms existing interests in EasyMail. VirtualCom intends to leverage EasyMail’s operations in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay to introduce an array of VoIP services in the markets later this winter.

VirtualCom is in the process of constructing an IP Network throughout Latin America to offer wholesale termination and retail origination VoIP based services. The provider currently has POPs deployed in Bogota, Caracas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Lima, with plans to expand the network into Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Paraguay. In addition, it recently integrated Portal Software’s customer care and billing technology, Infranet, into its web based, real time front-end platform, Internet Communications & E-Commerce, to developed a web based, proprietary software platform that will support its current and planned IP based services.

In a separate announcement, EasyMail has entered into an agreement with AT&T, in which it will resell value added AT&T/EasyMail services in select markets.

In other news, VirtualCom said that it has acquired a carrier route from Peru based 3N1, and entered into termination service agreements with the U.S. subsidiary of Compania Telefonica Andina S.A., Megacom, with plans to develop retail VoIP services.


UniData to Integrate RADVision’s H.323 Technology
UniData Communication Systems said that it is planning to license RADVision’s H.323 enabling software for integration into the IP-PBX solution that it is developing.

RADVision’s H.323 technology facilitates the creation of real time H.323 compliant voice and video calls over IP networks. It consists of H.225 RAS, RTP/RTCP and Q.931 call signaling, and features optional modules for H.235 security features as well as H.450 supplemental services. The technology is designed to run on operating systems including various UNIX flavors, real time OSs for embedded systems, and Windows NT and CE. When integrated into the IP-PBX solution, which is comprised of H.323 compliant IP Phones and an Internet based PBX call server, the solution will support VoIP connectivity.

UniData Communication Systems


WideOpenWest to Develop Variety of Service in Fort Worth
WideOpenWest has announced that it has secured a 15-year franchise agreement with the City of Fort Worth to build a fiber optic broadband network that it plans to use to offer CATV, high-speed Internet, video on demand and Internet based telephony services. The provider is in the process of developing a high capacity broadband fiber optic network throughout the U.S. to support the offerings. It has also been granted franchise opportunities in Boulder, Denver and Dallas and Tucson markets, and it is currently negotiating with several other communities in Dallas, Grand Prairie (TX), Irving (TX), Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, Portland and Houston.

The provider expects initial service offerings to be available in the Fort Worth market early next year.


Ecocom Deploys FastComm’s VoIP/ISDN/SS7 Technologies
Ecocom USA reported that it has deployed FastComm Communications’ SignalPath model 230 gateway in its IP telephony network to convert ISDN PRI based VoIP traffic into SS7 traffic for routing over the PSTN. Ecocom offers integrated communications solutions to both wholesale carriers and end users. It is in the process of developing a global network, and currently has operations in select markets throughout Eastern and Western Europe, and the U.S. (New York and Virginia).

FastComm Communications

Ecocom USA

Icitiro Teams With Hansung to Develop MDU/VoIP Solutions
Hansung Comtech Corporation said that it has entered into an MOU with Icitiro Corporation, in which the firms plan to develop and deploy VoIP gateway solutions at large apartment complexes in the Korean market. The solutions, which are expected to be based on Hansung’s technologies, will be initially deployed at the apartment complexes that Icitiro and its member companies are developing. The line of solutions are expected to support a variety of wire, wireless and VoIP connectivity technologies, with build in support for services such as VMS, UMS, IVR and VRS expected.

Hansung Comtech

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