IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 26 2003

1. Agere Introduces VoWireless Chip Set
Agere Systems has introduced a new chipset that enables IP voice communications over Wi-Fi/802.11. The company’s complete wireless VoIP solution consists of the T8307 SoC, the WL60010 802.11b MAC chip, the WL1141 PHY module, and the CSP2200 chip.

The SoC provides VoIP call control and voice process by integrating Agere’s DSP 16000 capabilities with an ARM946E-S microcontroller and advanced I/O capabilities. The MAC provides programmable host interface support, 1 MB of on- chip memory, and a glueless interface to Agere’s 802.11b radio chipsets and modules. The chip is certified for Wi- Fi Protected Access for security. The CSP2200 chip integrates audio CODECs, power management tools, battery charger, and ringer control drivers.

With the VoWireless solution, Agere will supply software drivers for the uClinux OS, the SIP stack, voice compression CODECs, and sample demonstration applications.

The VoWireless system will include NTT’s Universal Plug and Play software development kit. Agere plans to offer a development platform and reference design for handset manufacturers that will enable phones to be built that are interoperable with NTT’s residential and enterprise VoIP services.

Sample quantities of the new chipset and development platform will be available next month. Volume production is scheduled for Q1 2004. Unit pricing for complete chipsets will begin at $30 in sample quantities.

Agere Systems

3. Infonetics Releases Quarterly Report on VoIP Product Sales
Infonetics Research has released Next Gen Voice Products, a quarterly study that tracks ATM switch voice gateways, Class 5 packet switches, convergence switches RAC VoIP gateways, media servers, session border controllers, circuit switch based softswitches, VoIP softswitches, and voice application servers. Forecasts are broken down geographically as worldwide, North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and CALA.

The firm finds:

  • worldwide revenue for next generation voice products will rise to $1.35 billion in CY03, up 31% from CY02
  • worldwide revenue for Q2 reached $312 million, down 3% from Q1
  • annual revenue is projected to grow at a CAGR of 25% to reach $4.3 billion by CY06
  • the session border controller market totaled 6 million in CY02 worldwide
  • the session border controller market is projected to grow 369% to $30 million this year
  • the voice application server and media server market grew 30% in Q2 and is expected to grow 68% this year
  • total media gateways grew 6% from Q1 to $212 million
  • softswitches dropped 27% in Q2, generating $76 million
  • the North American next generation voice market increased 1%, but all other regions declined in Q2
  • the Class 5 packet switch market grew 40% in North America to $9.3 million

Companies tracked in the study include Acme Packet, Alcatel, AudioCodes, bayPackets, BroadSoft, CirPack, Cisco, Convedia, Ericsson, IP Unity, Italtel, Jasomi, Kagoor, LongBoard, Lucent, Marconi, MediaRing, MetaSwitch, Netrake, NexTone, Nortel, Nuera, Pactolus, Santera, Siemens, SnowShore, Sonus, Sylantro, Taqua, Telica, Ubiquity, UTStarcom, Veraz, and VocalData.

Infonetics Research

5. Minnesota Commission Makes Vonage Subject to Telco Regulations
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has ordered Vonage to apply for certification as a phone company and submit a list of its prices and a 911 emergency plan, in order to provide services in the state. Vonage will appeal the ruling to state and federal courts.

Vonage provides flat rate residential VoIP services to more than 40,000 customers throughout the U.S.


Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

7. PingTone Enhances Service with Call Quality Monitoring
PingTone has added Call Assurance Design Integrated User Support (CADIUS), a call quality monitoring system to its managed enterprise VoIP service. CADIUS pulls information from the RTP information packet of a call and applies it to an algorithmic process that generates a score for a call. If the call’s score is considered low, measures can be taken to improve call quality before any loss of performance is detected by a listener.


9. Network Associates Awarded Patent for Voice Protocol Filtering
Network Associates has been awarded U.S. Patent 6,604,139 for its voice protocol filtering system and method. The technology allows a user to selectively filter protocols among VoIP to troubleshoot or optimize a network handling VoIP calls. The technology enables protocols to be filtered, network parameters to be analyzed, and calls to be monitored based upon the selections.

Network Associates

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