IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 26 2004

1. Covad Launches IP PBX Service in 42 U.S. Markets
Covad Communications Group has launched IP PBX services in 42 U.S. markets including PBXi, a service designed to work with legacy PBX gear and vPBX, a service that uses all IP-based devices. The new services are available in Allentown, PA; Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; Camden, NJ; Chicago, IL; Chico, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; Danbury, CT; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Fresno, CA; Gary, IN; Los Angeles, CA; Manchester, NH; Nashua, NH; Newark and Northern, NJ; New York, NY; Oakland, CA; Olympia, WA; Orange County, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Providence, RI; Riverside, CA; Sacramento, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; San Diego, CA; San Jose, CA; San Luis Obispo, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Stamford, CT; Stockton, CA; Tacoma, WA; Trenton, NJ; Ventura, CA; Washington, D.C.; Wilmington, DE, and Worchester, MA. The provider plans to extend services to all the 113 major metro markets its network covers by the end of the year.

Covad’s services support local and long distance voice, voice prioritization, automated provisioning, find me/ follow me, unified visual voice and fax mail, voice and web conferencing, automated attendant, call logs, and a web user interface for managing features.

Covad Communications Group

3. SBE Unveils T1/E1 PTMC Solution for VoIP Applications
SBE has introduced a 12 and 24 port, fully channelized, T1/E1 PTMC and RTM board set (wanPTMC-C12TE1 and wanPTMC-C24T1E1) designed for the development of high density VoIP applications. The technology operates on a PICMG 2.3 compliant board in Configuration 2 carrier platforms.

The PTMC module provides full local CT Bus access to all 672 timeslots of a T3 stream, combining a 256-channel HDLC controller with a timeslot interchanger/assigner to create a platform for terminating data traffic. The RTM component consists of DSX connectivity of 12 or 24 T1/E1/J1 streams via 2 RJ48H connectors. Both the PTMC card and RTM are configurable from the host computer.

Full Linux driver support is provided with the solution.


5. InfiniRoute Launches VoIP Peering Service
InfiniRoute has launched MVP, a VoIP peering service that provides route management; route provisioning using web-based forms; intelligent IP routing that monitors traffic and when necessary, re-routes traffic; and a 24/7 NOC. The provider has the ability to route multiple VoIP protocols including but not limited to SIP and H.323. Provider partners can either specify a termination partner or InfiniRoute can use one of its affiliates to terminate traffic.

Fees are based on either a per minute basis or an unlimited usage model.


7. Skype’s VoIP Service to Use GIPS’ Voice Processing
Skype will use Global IP Sound’s embedded voice processing technology known as VoiceEngine to improve the performance of its Skype 1.0 VoIP service. VoiceEngine will be implemented into soft clients including PCs and PDAs, operating on multiple OSS platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Pocket PC.

Global IP Sound


9. AT&T Extends VoIP Service to 21 More U.S. Markets
AT&T has extended its CallVantage primary line residential VoIP service to 21 additional U.S. markets, bringing its total service coverage to a total of 121 major markets in 39 states. The new markets include New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA; Albuquerque, NM; Las Vegas, NV; Oklahoma City, OK; Greenville and Columbia, SC; Huntsville, AL; Tuscon, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; Dayton Beach, FL; Grand Rapids, MI; Akron and Dayton, OH; Harrisburg, PA; El Paso, TX; Norfolk, VA; Madison, WI; and Memphis, TN and neighboring communities in Arkansas and Mississippi.

CallVantage’s unlimited calling plan has been extended from anywhere in the U.S. to include anywhere in North America. Other changes to the service include the launch of an inside wiring service that will allow users to more easily connect multiple home phones to the service.

CallVantage is being offered for the first 6 months at $19.95 per month. After, the service will be $34.99 per month. The special introductory rate is currently being offered to consumers that join before September 30th, but the provider has extended the deadline multiple times and will likely continue to extend it as the service is launched into more markets.


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