IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 27 2001

Onse Teams With Articula For VoIP Over CATV System
Onse Telecom, a Korea based telecom carrier, said that it is teaming with Articula Corporation to develop an IP-based voice over cable service. According to the terms of the agreement, Articula will supply Onse with the necessary equipment and solutions required to deploy the services including Clarent’s Customer Premises Gateway, Call Manager hardware and software and a subscription to the Clarent care program. Onse will also use Articula for global termination of its voice over cable traffic, and Articula will provide Onse with a package of value-added services including Global Smart One, a single number that can be used to reach customers around the globe, and Intelligent Personalized Communications, a service designed to allow customers to control call forwarding, call blocking, call screening and personalized voice message services from an easy-to-use web interface. The firms intend to design the services to be available to Onse’s 200,000 cable subscribers and 4,000 leased-line enterprise customers allowing VoIP phone calls to be placed over Onse’s cable networks.

Onse Telecom

Articula Corporation


IDC Releases IP Telephony Market Report
IDC has announced that it has just released a market study entitled The Market Slowdown in IP Telephony: Which Areas Will Be Most Affected. The research evaluates nine separate application segments in which revenue-producing deployments of IP telephony equipment are currently taking place, providing quantitative rankings for each of the nine areas. It indicates that the current slowdown in telecommunications equipment spending will have a discernible impact on VoIP vendors, and it will not stall the overall technological shift toward next-generation solutions that is currently underway.

For more information, or to purchase the report, contact Demetra Georgakopoulos at demetra@idc.com or 1-800-343-4952, extension 4496.

The Market Slowdown in IP Telephony: Which Areas Will Be Most Affected


Cahners In-Stat Releases Voice Over Packet Study
Cahners In-Stat Group reported that it has just released a voice over packet (VoP) study entitled, The Silicon Racket for Voice over Packet. The report explores the market for VoP communications processors through 2005, segmenting between ICs used in packet phones, infrastructure VoP gateways, business VoP gateways, and residential VoP gateways. It projects that the number of VoP IC ports shipped will expand at a CAGR of 64.5 percent from 2000 to 2005, but it also indicates that the high investments already made in circuit-switched networks, the pullback in carrier spending on new technologies, and the relative lack of maturity of current VoP technologies for VoP will facilitate a gradual transition from PSTN to VoP technologies.

The report is currently available. It is priced at US$2,995. For more information, or to purchase the study, contact Courtney McEuen at cmceuen@instat.com or 480/609-4533.

The Silicon Racket for Voice over Packet

Cahners In-Stat Group

Forrester Research Releases Packet Voice Market Report
Forrester Research said that it has just released a packet voice market report entitled, Voice’s Next Evolution. The study indicates that the voice industry is ripe for reinvention, with firms moving voice from circuit-switched to packet-based networks (VoIP) unleashing new low-cost communications services for business customers and consumers, posing enormous challenges for telecom incumbents and gearmakers. It also details how competitive pressure and new revenue opportunities will force carriers to replace aging circuit-switched networks with packet equipment. In addition, it forecasts that once voice becomes an application on data networks, service providers will offer voice as a loss leader in a bundle of services, with voice riding the network alongside services such as web pages and corporate email.

Forrester Research

Frontier to Deploy Jetstream’s Voice over Broadband Solutions
Frontier, a Citizens Communications company, said that it is planning to deploy Jetstream Communications’ CPX-1000 Broadband Voice Services Platform to develop and offer bundled voice and data services based on VoDSL technologies in the Northeastern U.S. The voice over broadband solutions will enable Frontier to roll out bundled voice and high-speed data services, with up to 24 phone lines, as well as high-speed Internet access service over a single broadband connection. The provider has already conducted solution/service trials using live Class 5 switching facilities to test voice quality and throughput, with plans to roll out commercial services as soon as possible.


Jetstream Communications

Alcatel Introduces Convergence Starter Kit
Alcatel has announced the introduction of its Convergence Starter Kit solution, which provides medium to large enterprises with the technologies to trial voice/data convergence with options of in-building wireless capabilities and soft-phone functionality. The Kit consists of one OmniPCX 4400 IP-based PBX and one OmniStack 6024 stackable LAN, 4 IP phones, 4 digital phones, 2 in-building wireless phones and PC telephony software.

The system is currently available through Alcatel’s North America channel partners until December 31, 2001. It has a recommended end-user pricing of $19,995 inclusive of hardware, software and one-day installation.


IBM to Bundle Plantronics Headsets
Plantronics has announced that it has reached an agreement with IBM, in which IBM will bundle its digital DSP-300 and analog P-2000 speech recognition computer headsets, with IBMs recently released ViaVoice speech recognition software for Windows, Pro USB Edition, and ViaVoice for Windows, Personal Edition respectively.



Aravox Secures $14 Million in Second Round
Aravox Technologies reported that it has secured $14 million in a series B round of funding with Global Crossing Ventures, SAIC Venture Capital Corporation and St. Paul Venture Capital. The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the development of new product features and expand its sales and marketing efforts.

Aravox Technologies

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