IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 27 2002

1. VCON Enhances Videoconferencing Solution
VCON has released Media Xchange Manager 3.0, a media server for enterprise videoconferencing that includes an IP video PBX, IP video network management and media applications. The technology supports SIP and H.323. The new release includes vPoint, a software only videoconferencing client, and IPNexus, an instant messaging/data sharing tool that allows users to control network accessibility.

vPoint, the new videoconferencing client operates in three modes including (1) hardware accelerated with VCon’s Vigo portable videoconferencing appliance, (2) software only mode with a USB camera providing full videoconferencing ability, and (3) viewer+ mode with no camera, allowing for 2-way audio and one-way video communication. vPoint detects the attached hardware and automatically operates in the appropriate mode.

Due to its integration with the media server, vPoint supports telephony features such as call transfer, call forwarding, ad-hoc conferencing, built-in echo cancellation, noise suppression, remote software upgrades, data rates up to 1.5 Mbps at 30 fps, and a full range of audio and video algorithms.

The instant messaging and collaboration application features an instant messaging mode that allows 2 or more people conduct a chat session as well as an electronic sticky note feature. The IPNexus server resides on the corporate IP network, and can be placed either inside or outside a firewall. Licenses are available for a maximum of 1000 simultaneous logins per server.

Other new features to the media server include least cost gateway routing and remote software upgrade/reinstall for Falcon IP and vPoint endpoints.

VCon’s conference bridge module of the media server has been upgraded with the addition of Firewall Port Synchronization. The technology allows the admin to configure a smaller range of ports for H.323 support and allows gateway connected users to join a continuous presence multipoint conference and receive a voice switched image.

The Media Xchange Manager is priced at $100-$500 per port. The IPNexus client/server application is $60-$160 per user login. vPoint is $50 per client seat with site licenses also available. The conferencing bridge is $500 per port.


3. DeltaThree’s SIP Client Can Now Receive Inbound Calls
DeltaThree has enabled its SIP based software client known as PCPhone 5.1 to receive inbound VoIP calls using a regular phone number. Calls can be received from anywhere in the world. If the customer is not online when a call is received, the call is automatically sent to voicemail. Messages can be retrieved worldwide from any telephone or from the web.

DeltaThree’s consumer service, iConnectHere, offers receipt of an unlimited number of calls, as well as voicemail, for a flat monthly fee. Customers can choose from multiple area codes or get a toll-free numbers.

Other SIP based phones and IADs can utilize the service such as Cisco’s ATA and IP phone, and Pingtel’s xpressa IP phone.


5. Sentient Group to host VoIP Seminar
Sentient Group, a VoIP VAR and systems integrator, will host a free, 2-hour seminar on VoIP technology on September 19 at the company’s offices in Pleasanton, California. GoBeam, a provider of managed communications services, will participate in the demonstration and discussions.

Sentient Group


7. Frost & Sullivan Releases Centrex Service Market Study
Frost & Sullivan has released U.S. Traditional and Next Generation Centrex Services Markets. The firm projects the IP Centrex market will grow from 13,000 lines in 2001 to 10 million lines by 2008. Traditional Centrex markets are projected to decline from 16.5 million lines in 2001 to 10.9 million lines by 2008. The success of IP Centrex is expected to help increase penetration of network based business voice services from 15.4% in 2001 to 17.4% in 2008.

Frost & Sullivan

9. Empirix Introduces VoIP Testing Solution
Empirix has introduced Hammer ST, a signaling tester that provides functional and load testing capabilities for SIP, H.323, MGCP, MEGACO, SIP-T, Sigtran, and TDM protocols such as ISUP, TUP, TCAP, and ISDN.


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