IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Aug, 30 2004

1. Netcordia Introduces Enterprise VoIP Diagnostic Tool
Netcordia has added a VoIP module to its NetMRI appliance- based diagnostic tool, enabling automated evaluation of QoS within enterprise VoIP applications as well as assessing an IP network’s ability to support VoIP.

The technology evaluates MIB data from multiple infrastructure components such as routers, switches and VoIP enabled devices and identifies elements that might affect QoS. Call quality is evaluated via CDRs for delay, jitter, and dropped packets. The data is provided to network engineers via a series of reports. NetMRI works with products from multiple vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel.

In addition to VoIP, NetMRI also provides diagnostics capabilities for wireless, VPN, VLAN, and other IP-based networking.

The VoIP module is scheduled for availability in Q4.


3. Yap Acquires FoneFriend to Propel New VoIP Service
Yap International, a VoIP product and services provider, has acquired the patented technology rights of FoneFriend through an all stock transaction with an estimated value of $3.8 million. FoneFriend’s technology will be used to rollout a CPE device that allows consumers to access Yap’s VoIP service through standard phone with a standard dial up Internet connection.

Yap’s service offering will be based on a prepaid model that provides local calling for $12.95 per month and long distance and international calling on either a per minute or per second fee basis.

Yap International


5. Primus’ Service Now Allows Subs to Have Intl Numbers
Primus Telecommunications has announced that subscribers to its Lingo primary line residential VoIP service will have the option to choose a phone number from select areas in Australia, Brazil, France, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, and the U.K. The number can be associated with a single line or an optional second line. Subscribers already had a local number portability option or the ability to choose from 220 U.S. area codes.

Subscribers that choose an international number will be able to place calls to the area associated and have that call recognized as a local call. For instance, a subscriber that selects a phone number in Paris will be able to call a Paris phone number without being charged international calling fees.

Among the dozens of major primary line residential VoIP services available in the U.S., the IP Pulse recognizes Primus’ VoIP service (the U.S. service, not the Canadian service) to be one of the best value propositions for consumers, based on features and rates.

Primus Telecommunications

7. StanaPhone Adds Calling Features to PC to Phone Service
StanaPhone, a PC or PDA to phone VoIP service has added voicemail and call forwarding support to its service. Voice messages are emailed to subscribers as attached audio files.

The service provides free calling between StanaPhone subscribers and fee based calling for PC or PDA to phone calls. Subscribers receive $2 credit each month towards PC to phone calling. After the credit consumed, subscribers must pre-pay for additional calling time. All incoming calls are free, regardless of the origin.

Since its launch 3 months ago, StanaPhone has been downloaded by more than 134,000 Internet users and has served up more than a million minutes of voice traffic.

StanaPhone Communications

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